Lie Witness News – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Edition

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  1. You can clearly tell these people are confused, realizing somethings not right but I feel like they didn’t want to seem dumb even if that’s what they did do.

  2. Americans seems pretty chill in front of the camera and they play along with anything just for the sake of being on camera. I'm pretty sure most of them know about THAT Martin Luther King but think this is another one or maybe Americans are just that privileged that they don't need to learn stuff to have a good job/ life. Not saying there aren't stupid people in other countries as well, just saying America has more privileges.

  3. Well, Trump is the now President, Martin Luther King jr has passed away for several decades, so there's no complaints or any word between these two

  4. Smh……to every black person watching this……..some ignorance is just not funny. It says a lot about this country!!

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