Lie Witness News – North Korea Edition

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  1. is anyone actually honest? does anyone hear the fake news & say "whoa, really? is that really a thing??" . gets me wondering sometimes whether this is real or not.. the 'randoms' on the street could be actors.. who knows.

  2. There is no way people are this stupid. Even in Los Angeles, I dont believe people are THIS retarded.

  3. people that have this little knowledge about whats going on shouldn't be voting. they would probably believe it if a squirrel was running for presidency.

  4. You stole this bit from Rick Mercer, Talking To Americans. But it's funny and he retired so keep it up.

  5. Sooo.. is it that americans sometimes say it is 50, sometimes 51 states? I've always thought it is 51, but.. :/

  6. 1/3rd of America is not very intelligent, but for some reason, talk shows since Leno want to dumb down and especially dumb down women and act as if everyone is this way…. just another reason why the entire world hates america.

  7. So do these people just go home and live believing the lie that North Korea is now a state. Imagine them going to their friends like, "Did you hear about NK becoming a state?" hahahahaha

  8. I don't get people. Dumbest thing ever. They're being agreeable about everything in order to be on TV as long as possible? What's the point? UGH…smh…

  9. …you need to be humble to laugh at yourself. You guys are the kind of citizens that made America great before Orange. Love you guys. Greatest talk show ever.

  10. omfg burn them all !!!!!!! my brain is trying to make sense of this … i caaaaant waaaatchh my eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss

  11. isn't great that two big Country are trying to work together to have Peace in this World instead War?  Its just so sad that STUPID AMERICANS does not like that.

  12. This just show,s how stupid and how brainwashed the U.s. People is .! Im so embarresed .it is Unbeliveble____:!

  13. People amaze me with all the lying. None of this happened so why do they pretend it did? People can't be this dumb

    I mean there has to be at least one smart person and say " well I didn't hear about this or see it on tv but I'm pretty sure this isn't true or will never happen

  14. I find it hard to believe that those people are not set up. Well, I actually don't believe this was genuine. A stand up comedy by paid off "pedestrians" 🙂

  15. I hate some people in LA. All of the liberal snowflakes and feminists who think they are soooo important

  16. They are either just acting or the American education system has truly failed. They should maybe start following the Canadian system or Finish system. They could also just make ppl have to pass a test to be able to vote just like driving lol.

  17. South Korea is not that great?
    Guess you mixed up the North and South.

    South Korea is doing great (westernization and corruption of traditional values including respecting elders excluded).
    Some major companies are South Korean, including Samsung/LG/Hyundai/etc

  18. It doesn't seem possible that people are really that dumb. She doesn't like South Korea, Korea is on the other side of the country? How is this possible? I almost don't believe that this is real. I wish they'd throw in people who were correct or normal.

  19. It's one thing when people are told something that would never happen and they derp on with an opinion, it's another level of human fail when they straight out lie about seeing specific coverage that never happened. Would it be so hard to say, hey that sounds X but no I didn't see the coverage.

    In 2020 the US should just decide on a president based on a farcical aquatic ceremony. Some moistened bint tossing swords can't be any worse.

  20. This shows the pure ignorance that people suffer with… It also proves how people bullshit when they think they're educated about something

  21. “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” — Winston Churchill

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