Lilly Singh On Women In Late-Night: ‘I Am One Piece Of This Puzzle’ | NBC News Now

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  1. Carol Burnett and Samantha Bee are two (although very white) comedian women, who have done quite well. Yeah, sure, there is now another woman comedian on TV, but I think what makes her different from the others that came before, is that she's not white, and not straight. So, let's not just focus on just her gender, and forget the female comedians before her. Oh, and go watch some SCTV.

  2. Triggered white snowflakes in the comments, ya’ll just keep proving me right when you can dish it out but can’t take it yourselves lol

  3. Wahmenz have already been left free to become narcissistic vindictive and selfish kunts. And add to that SHE IS a PERSON OF COLOR a sexual deviant which the global Billionaire companies and US military/government have made privileged false gods above the law and u have this new late show. Whats the over under on how many anti-white jokes or comments per episode I'd say more than 10

  4. what I want to know, is not why Lilly Singh is on this show because frankly in my opinion Lilly Singh is a wonderful person, but what I want to know is why this video is getting so much hate BECAUSE she's in it. Maybe there is a better comedian than her, frankly I don't think there is but maybe. and even if there is a better comedian that doesn't matter what matters is they picked her to do it not anyone else. So I'm not saying you should be a huge fan of Lilly but can you please just be nice to her. she doesn't deserve any of this hate, yet everyone is giving it to her.

  5. I can see it now, she talks about things on her show like orange man bad, how women are unequal, people of color being oppressed, straight white men are oppressors, constant LGBTQ talking pionts, it's gonna be Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel all over again but worse.

  6. She’s horrible not funny and race baits. People don’t like you because you’re not funny not because they aren’t a minority. Also why is it ok that she appropriates black culture so much and no one says anything. YOURE NOT BLACK

  7. More evidence women aren't funny. And I know some fat blue hair will respond with a list of every random female comic as if they are funny. "what about Amy Schumer! She's obese and unfunny which mean's she's like me so I love her so you have to love her!"

  8. I was just watching her late nite show and it's hard to watch. She jumps all over the place so fast. Maybe she'll eventually find her groove.

  9. omg0sh im brown and look like a typical beautiful woman barely different than a white woman but omg poor me im so oppressed even though I am a millionaire its been so hard for me though celebrate my accomplishments

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