Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

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  1. Graham is a rino he and Obama prolly fudgepack. People wake up we do not need fossil fuels we have had free energy tech since 1954 along with anti gravity tech source Dr Steven Greer. Wake up PLANET EARTH! if we do not know we have it we will never get it. Talk about smoke and mirrors. WE DO NOT NEED FOSSIL FUELS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lindsay has been looking nervous to me lately. Do you think it has anything to do with him and McCain and some (I'll call them) terrorists.

  3. What stupid narrative is this?? WHO is "leaving Syria"?? It's like saying if I move chair in living room, I moved out of house. Circus show for degenerates.

  4. LG is a DS hack you and your warmongering pal's take your guns and you,s go over to Syria and protect your kurdish pal's

  5. What he's saying, Maria, is he may not have been entirely right and President Trump's plan may actually be a good move. Can you fathom that?
    Congrats Sen Graham. You continue to impress.


  7. Why are so many people so upset, we voted Trump as president because it's what American needs, the criminals that have run this country never cared about US !!!!!

  8. There Was A delegation that left last Night To Jordan On A So Called Peace Delegation Polosi And 8 dems And 1 Republican Rooney From Texas And They Cal It A bipartisan Calling All Freedom Fighters (Wink Wink) In And Around Jordan Pleases Do Not Attack That Delegation It Will Hurt The US So Pleases Don't

  9. Back in a days every one respect USA ,,
    Now is different
    USA lost their respect
    Right now in turkey is missing body on turkey land, and god nows how much trump pay ardogn to keep silent

  10. Thank you President Trump for getting our boys out of Syria and moving them to western Iraq. In conjunction with sending 3000 to Saudi Arabia.

  11. My dear American friends,
    Donald Trump and his gang are Experts, in saying something and then withdrawing it, which Donald Trump has done already during the 2015-2016 election campaign, where Donald Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his wall and then they would not.
    Or when Donald Trump 24 times, publicly promised to show his taxable information and then he wouldn't anyway.
    Or when Donald Trump stood on scenes, all around the United States and loudly and clearly stated, that he certainly had no financial interests in Russia and then he had anyway.
    Or when Donald Trump stood on scenes, all around the United States and loudly told, that he certainly hadn't paid $ 130,000 to a porn star and then he had anyway.
    And My dear American friends, here in Europe, we call a man as Donald Trump, who boasts, lies and cheats, for a Charlatan and somehowe, you Americans, call the same man, who boasts, lies and cheats, your President ? ? ?

  12. Lindsey, with all due respect…the Bible says Damascus will become a ruinous heap and be uninhabitable, outlines what the surrounding countries will face. It's coming together exactly as written. You'd do well to bet on God's word. Just sayin'.

  13. Imagine how much more Productive Americans will become if the Dems and Republicans worked with their Great Commander and Chief ,President Donald J TRUMP.

  14. President Trump is a lot smarter than the average genius and makes the Democrats look even stupider than they are and that is saying a lot.

  15. Hmmmm… Guess REP GRAHAM is changing his tune. Perhaps he knows that the ties he has in the Middle East maybe be coming out into the light very soon.
    Those who lie with dogs get fleas.🤔🤔🤔

  16. Enough with the Wars in the Middle East you Morons our infrastructures falling apart more and more Americans are becoming homeless Healthcare is a disaster and student debt is imploding America First !

  17. So the plan is not protect the Kurds or fighting what’s remaining from ISIS, the plan is to steal our oil the Syrian oil? Is that your goal from the beginning? Did you asked your self will this bring a long forgotten peace to Middle East? Because i will assure you that it won’t, and the Syrian people will never accept such step, this is not Iraq or Afghanistan, bring your troops home, and stop lying to the American people that you’re fighting terrorism, you’re there just to steal more and more oil.

  18. Yeah, it seems a lot of stuff changed really quick when the president was done and ready to financially reflect our sentiments to Erdowan.

  19. Graham is a Rino!!! Not subpoenaing anyone when he can show the other side of Schifty Schiffs bias political hate against our president! Graham please step down if you are TOO scared to call any witnesses!!!! Your helping Schiff by NOT doing nothing!!!

  20. I hate these politicians talk more about solutions for other countries instead of our own. Thank GOD President Trump is here protecting us and putting us first!

  21. Syria is a cluster fu##. We need to stay out of it. In a perfect world, the United Nations would've gave the Kurds their own country in the areas they occupy in Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

  22. Lindsey wants the US engaged around the world bringing democracy and 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' to the whole planet. That's the classic American position and always has been. So his position, and Newt's also, among others, is not strange or extreme at all like the left always claims — it's foundational Americanism. However, I like Trump's idea better: these idiots have been fighting for centuries … if they want to fight, let them fight. It's none of our business and no reason to sacrifice American lives in ancient animosities that exist and have existed between people the world over since we stood upright in Africa and charged off into Asia, pointed sticks in hand. We're not going to solve the problems of the world. Two hundred years ago, we thought we could. It was the dawn of the new era of democracy and America would lead it. It looked at the time like anything was possible. We had just defeated the mightiest empire in history, and we were basically full of ourselves at the time. Then we entered the Age of Jackson, which only reinforced our delusions.

    It was not fully appreciated at that time, nor could it have been, that the American Revolution was totally a product of the European Enlightenment AND that that 'enlightenment' was not shared by any other countries outside of Europe and the Western Hemisphere. It was completely alien to Africa and Asia. Lindsey and Newt want to bring democracy to China and the Middle East — don't we all? Those people have no history of it, and, if given the chance to vote, will always vote in a strongman (usually a religious figure) that will rule over them and suppress their 'enemies' (as in "Vote for Saddam so he can protect us from the enemies that surround us and want us dead.") If they don't have the right to 'vote', they will just accept whoever takes control and promises them what they want. Makes sense from their standpoint, eh? Yes, it does … I would feel the same if I was in their shoes.

    Trump's plan .. get the hell out because we can't deal with the historical forces and realities that are at work in these areas and we might as well admit it. There are limits to American power. The left wants to soldier on and bring their particular agenda to the world a la Revolutionary France. Napoleon gave that a shot, and look what happened to France — the king was returned to power and Napoleon was shipped off to Elba to rot. Napoleon did not appreciate the forces that could be brought to bear against him. So much for the leftist ideology of French Revolution. And, yes, we on the right have our own ideology we want to bring to the world. And those such as Newt and Lindsay haven't as yet given up on trying to make that happen. Reminds me of Anwar Sadat's quip: the Palestinians want us to fight Israel until the last Egyptian. The neocons in America want us, in their own way, to try to do the same: bring democracy and Pax Americana to the whole planet as long as there is one American left standing who can hold a gun. It's not a bad idea as such, but it's NOT WORKABLE.

    Trump is different. That's the reason I voted for him. And that's the reason he's hated by the leaders and pundits of both parties. Trump's ONLY friend right now is the people who voted for him, the people who will actually have to fight to the last one standing for these envisioned wars the left and right will insist on to achieve their goals. So will that be enough to keep him in office? We'll see, won't we? The left wants endless wars to bring feminism and political correctness to the whole planet. Elect a Democrat and that person will do their best to make it happen — as long as there is one American left able to shoulder a gun.

  23. time to rid the communist terriorist OUT of Congress NOW – to hell with waiting on somebody else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lindsay Graham they lost 10,000 fighters fighting for their own country not ours, I would expect to do nothing less from Americans if the United States was attacked

  25. Oh yeah? What does Graham think about his beloved PKK/YPG AKA "Kurds," spending their five days ceasefire to booby trap civilian apartments and leave their car bombs laying around in Ras Al Ayn? Also I would love to hear Lindsey's condemnation of Russia's pounding Idlib with thermobaric bombs for the past 24 hours. He should also put in a good word for Rukban who are starving under Centcom's watch.

  26. Mr Graham > Where is Your Action to Defend President ?

    Syria and Turkey are Side Show Diversions that you have Chosen Vs Your True Responsibility > Eye on the Ball > Move USA Forward not let Slip into Socialism

  27. Lindsey just let the corrupt democrats in the house go on with fake investigation and you don’t do a thing in the senate to help the President

  28. You have to agree with Lindsey Graham about not allowing the oil to file find its way into the Iranians hands or other factions makes sense but that does prolong War

  29. BS Graham you want investigations on UK you are over looking going after the demacrats that is your place, to go after them now, not after years of bs into UK .Your still a dem puppet. You need to go to. We need someone that will get the job done.And put these crooks and killers in jail.

  30. I could be wrong but Turkey's involvement in a war could impact their role in China's Belt and Road Initiative or New Silk road.. I don't think that we should get involved. Turkey is also in NATO and Kurds are our allies Trump will be attacked for doing anything.

  31. Hey Lindsey…let the President handle Syria. You should be busy in the Senate Judiciary holding hearings on the criminal coup plotters in Washington DC! DO YOUR JOB !!

  32. Neocons and warmongers like en. Lindsey Graham and idiotic Marco Rubio stay away from Syria and do not push for new wars.

  33. Vampire Trump is bathing in the clotting blood of America's Brave Allies.
    No one is more Un Patriotic than Evil Trump is.
    Except, perhaps, his uneducated supporters.

  34. So still talking about Oil. Syria need 100 bln USD to be rebuild the country after 9 y war and sen. Lindsey Graham talk about oil.

  35. mr. president! With G7 nearing, while you can not held it at your resort, you still can talk about bullsh** impeachment or kissing Obama's a**, to show other leaders how you MAGA.

  36. Every decision made by Trump benefits Russia's Putin. Elevating Russia and China doesn't "Make America Great Again"

    Republicans support and defend a man. Democrats support and defend The Constitution. Who are the real PATRIOTS.?

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