Live: Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff hold news conference

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  1. Nothing like a hypocrite, like Nancy… Remember Nancy's role in Obamacare? When asked what's in the bill, when it became clear it would RAISE healthcare cost, she said, "We have to pass it to see what's in it."


  3. Nancy-out-of-her-mind-Pelosi. 🤪



  4. These two are some of the sleaziest politicians in American history. Get a good look at them because their game is almost over.

  5. When will house members and Congress understand they ARE NOT international law makers? They represent their districts ONLY!!!! They think they are ALL President and have presidential powers. TRUMP 2020!!! LANDSLIDE COMING BEWARE!!!!

  6. Oh how convenient Nancy! Let pitch low prescription cost now and blame it on Trump why it will not happen. I dont know who else is down, but I am fed up with this BS FROM THE FAKE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. IT'S TIME THAT WE AS AMERICANS NEED TO STAND BY PRESIDENT TRUMP AND EXILE THE CRIMINALS IN OUR GOVERNMENT AND THE MEDIA. THIS IS TREASON SIMPLE AS THAT AND ITS TIME PEOPLE ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  7. Adam Schiff and the others are Domestic Anti American Terrorists. They are only hiding behind Democrats! These are treasonous people who work for other countries! NOT FOR AMERICA. Time to lock up these members of the American Communist Party!

  8. Nancy Pelosi's obious overt and covert violations of the most basic due process laws is manifest for all to see. This country, for what ever reason, has shown it simply cannot hold women in power accountable for ANY violation of the law, especially sedition and treason. It's not just Nancy and Hillary, there are a plethora of other women who worked with and for both in one capacity or another to commit fraud, sedition, treason and other crimes social media will not permit in print (yet more very basic violations our Freedom of Speech!). The list is long and getting longer. It includes Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Linda Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice and many, many more. "The Squad", especially Ilhan Omar, is just icing on this treasonous corruption cake. I will not vote for another woman until this nation demonstrates it can hold women in politics and leadership positions to account. Men are. Why not women? If enough of us do the same (it is our only alternative as voters) then things will change in time,
    by necessity. If US law enforcement and the legal system will not hold politicians to account, then voter must at the ballot box.

  9. Thank you Mr. President for defending our borders, defending the U.S. Constitution, standing up to china and preventing them from stealing our property, our jobs, our patents, etc, thank you for making us great again, thank you for working for minorities, thank you for working for women and for prison reform, thank you for donating your Presidential salary to worthy causes, thank you for putting pressure on terroristic nations and thank you for being an American Patriot.

  10. Hey Adam, Nancy, if your so sure you have grounds for impeachment, why haven't you take a vote to see if the House and Senate want to move forward with impeachment? It is always done this way. I already know the answer, it's because you won't get the votes and you'll look like the jackasses you are. Dems always bending the rules, making them up as they go. Wish we could abolish the Democratic party, it's corrupt and un-American.

  11. Nancy is a professional criminal. Look up her family drug dealings. She should never be a house speaker her family have destroyed California for decades.

  12. Nancy, your all done. You should just resign. You just make a fool of yourself every time you talk. Give it up grandma.

  13. Pelosi…haven't you been listening ? I have heard more from President Trump about prescription drugs than anyone on your crazy team ! Everything out of your mouth is so convoluted…unbelievable. QUIET….you babble and confabulate…..go away.

  14. These two along with many others are committing treason and we need to start about citizens arresting these traitors

  15. 1. Repo Markets = bailing out BANKS
    2. Liquidity issues w/ US (2007 again negative yield curve)
    3. Quantitative Easing = 75 billion daily till Oct 10
    4. Russia buying Chinese bonds
    5. Over 2000+ stores closing
    6. Homelessness throughout US

    Watch what they do not what they say!

    The hunters will become the hunted

  16. Schiff is twisted. How he can stand up there and LIE flat out and twist facts, when he has such dirty little secrets. Can't wait to see him go down.

  17. The President using words like perfect in that context is a bit strange, He had a good chat that's all he needs to say not that it was a perfect phonecall. President Trump came into Politics as an outsider, an ex Democrat supporter who came into office as a Republican stating that he would work on the corruption issue which is widespread problem, If we could see everything the senators etc do we'd see that the vast majority of senators etc have done under the table deals, that's why we are seeing a constant wave of attacks on him, not because he's actually done anything wrong but because he betrayed the Democrats in their eyes which he did & because people are scared of what he might dig up on them.

  18. I recently listened : the Speaker (ironic title) spoke something to the effect that she "saw" a voice over the phone… . Why is she Speaker?

  19. Hey Nancy,where did you get that $100 million in your bank account while you were in office, a former President says only a crook gets rich in office…

  20. A sick society. A pharisee church religion society. Wishing harm toward the Trump family. Pointing fingers. God will not pat evil on the back.
    A sick pharisee society with no value for any life. Wishing harm to people . Dont waste your time playing pharisee church, or pharisee politics. God will never pat those evils on the back . God has the final Word. He wont argue nor pat on the back, any goody goody Judas crowd.

  21. I got news from an anonymous source that said he heard that Trump diverted funds from Fema for safe spaces and participation trophies for all the Democrats in 2020.

  22. Land of the Free doesn't mean you get everything you want or need free. My kids mother is on dialysis and is a legal immigrant. But thanks to Trump administration my kids mother realizes she just can't depend on the government benefits, free welfare, medicare. She's working hard now to get her life together. We need the changes that have been made to USCIS policies by the Trump administration. Only the lazy leaches who want to just take an easy ride, abuse the system, and suck the government dry want President Trump out. Work hard for a better life. Everyone has the power to better their life. The government is there to assist, not to support the lazy freeloaders for years and years. GO TRUMP.

  23. Nancy Pelosi’s Son Also Board Member of Energy Company, Traveled to Ukraine and Nancy Featured Prominently in Company’s Ad

  24. This B. She is the one that doesnt want to work with the President. What a damn liar. And what's wrong with her? Old age? She can't even speak properly. Better tighten those dentures down & lay off the alcohol Pelosi. Btw whats up with her son Paul Jr. ?????

  25. demorats are done….Nancy never wanted to work with Trump on infrastructure….what a liar!! Democrats have wasted millions of taxpayer money on their impeachment B.S. Impeach Loser Pelosi, Trump 2020!!

  26. how can she talk about how china does their people when here in her own country blacks are literally being murdered. china was here looooooooooooong before america , mind your own danm business


  28. Oh, so now Pelosi would have us believe that drugs are too costly because Trump won’t help? LMAO! What have the Dems done to help? Oh, ya, Obamacare, such a success.

  29. Quid pro joe is accused of unlawful enrichment while he was vice president. He must be held acccountable for his actions. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  30. There was no shred of evidence against creepy joe and son because quid pro joe shot the messenger before the message could even come out. It’s in the american people’s best interest to know the truth because double face joe’s brand of politics and public service is posing a clear and present danger on our country.

  31. Unlawful enrichment in government is a crime especially if your the vice president. If left unchecked it will pose a clear and present danger on government.

  32. Unlawful enrichment in government is a crime especially if your the vice president. If left unchecked it will pose a clear and present danger on government. Doesn’t that account for anything ?

  33. Democrats are corrupt to the core. Every word is a lie they’re desperate to hide the depth of their corruption at any cost. DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICA.

  34. Dodge needs to be cut out of the government like a cancer along with Schiff… Oh and let's not forget the criminal candidates running against Trump what losers…
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. ’America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln. JAIL THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE THE CANCER CRIPPLING YOUR GREAT NATION AND THAT IS THEIR PLAN.


  37. If Suppression is not there Administrative regulations are head above.. Might honourable pelosi and house might seek a high anti treason act of DJT. I cant find pelosi and House or any other is responsible for impeachment of DJT.. Its him and his history is responsible.. As history cant be hide

  38. US Mexico is invaders made border relation no. Need for alligator or snakes on wall either
    Mexico runs dangerous groups as everyone is aware but wall and alligator is not solution in sceintific valued state

  39. Every country has its own constitution where peoples rights are on high priority as a matter of fact on America trump winning tickets are basically of Natives thats the reason he run slogan MAGA.. But as a businessesman he forgot the value and effect on America on developing and underdeveloped countries

  40. Adam "piece of" Schiff deserves to be removed from his position. Clearly, he would be okay with it, because he can pursue a career in parody comedy.

  41. I uh would ah uh like to uh ahhh say uh ah that I am ah oh not happy eh ah at all about uh going through ah the a impeachment a process. Speaker uh uh of uh ah the house?

  42. She sea speaks like she’s like she know what’s she taking about. But most of us know better. They are corrupt. God will give them judgement.

  43. This is the party who said from the the first day of his election they would resist.the would not go to his speeches or turn their backs on him . They are corrupt and so is the mainstream media. I pray for people to see the truth. Nancy you know that you don’t believe in the Constitution!!🇺🇸

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