Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

It’s all the way, the whole length. What is? Where they live. Inside the bridge, goes all the way. Inside the structure here? Yeah, right inside. FAINT VOICES This is extraordinary. There are voices coming from inside
it. Hello. So, erm… They’re friends from Great Britain
and they’re doing a video on the way some folks are living
here. Thank you so much. Shall we follow you in? Sure. Hey, Amy. Hi. Thank you for letting us in.
No problem. TRAIN RUMBLES OVERHEAD Well, these guys are. I’m like a
sort of really cheap, shoddy version. Yeah. You just haven’t gotten old yet. I know! I think I think it’s a bit
more than that, but thank you. Are you a big fan of David
Attenborough? I’m a huge fan of David
Attenborough. Do you get to see his documentaries
here? I don’t get to watch a lot
of video here. But power’s a problem. But I do listen to a lot
of podcasts here, so… Do you? Trying to take in the artwork, and I thought
it was a freeway, but actually, it’s the train above. The trains aren’t 24 hours, are
they? They stop for about three hours between midnight and four. TRAIN RUMBLING CONTINUES Are you a light sleeper? No! Ah, right. That’s probably, probably
for the best. Is it you who’s done much
of the painting here? I’ve done all of the paintings. I even call it the mansion. Just this place is giant and it gets
taller as you go back, so… There’s a couple rooms that, you
know, I think of as the ballroom and the room
where the pool will be in. That sort of thing. But, yeah,
that’s my joke with myself. TRAIN RUMBLING OVERHEAD Do you feel safe here? Yeah. You know, there’s really only
one way in. The dog scares people quite quickly. Would you want somewhere
conventional? If someone dropped in my hands the money to pay the
deposit in the first month when I found a place, the rent would still
be so very expensive and it’s not worth it to just work to be able to be alive. What the hell is going on, Amy? There’s tens of thousands of people
in Los Angeles living homelessly. Welfare is really not something
Americans understand any more. It’s a weird thing. There’s so much moral judgment
about people. I think it’s mostly fear, though,
like the closer they get, the more they want to distance
themselves from it. Somehow relating makes them
susceptible to it. Thanks for letting us in, Amy.
It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve seen a lot of stuff
around the world. I would never have thought
in the United States, I would see… ..I would see this.

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  1. Nice spot. No rent, no mortgage to worry about. Just continue to collect Social Security Benefits and save up every month and you could have at least $6k by the end of each year for as long as nobody snitches on you with building inspectors who could deem your conditions uninhabitable and force you out.

  2. Let me guess. You got someone on the bus and had him brag Trump up then slowly switched the conversation sexually. That’s pretty crazy.

  3. She's got it nice, safe. We only have interstate overpasses here because I'm in the country in the state of Georgia. A 4 X 8 sheet of plywood laid between the I beams of the overpass is not nearly as quiet and solid, but it's the only place for us to go where they don't run you off. She's real lucky to have that much safe space. It's like a mansion. I hope she continues to be blessed.

  4. I was homeless for 21 years. I honestly don't know how I survived. I've been off the streets for about 7 weeks now. But I'm still homeless, I don't feel right here, I just don't belong. Im still in catastrophe mode, and I don't know if I'll ever get around it. And I understand that thing about perpetual labor just as a means to survive. The problem with being homeless is lack of stable income, now I have income but I'm still broke and chained to a thankless job. If I could, I would take the money and stay in a cave, or in my car. Better to be homeless and have kinda sorta some money than to be earning more than a thousand dollars a month and struggling to pay rent and bills and still not being able to afford food. Something is broken. We love you Amy ❤ and your dog is awesome.

  5. First, this lady is wonderful, hope she stay safe and get out of that dark place. Second, i am so grateful that I was born and live in Norway, no one have to live like this if they don’t want to, the state will help if you get sick or loose your job until you can take care of yourself . To me The USA seems like a very egotistical place where people who fall out of the system must fend for themselves, that’s cold and in humane in a modern western society. I want my neighbors to have the same rights and opportunity as me. Also, here people are paid well no matter what job.

  6. Cost of living is so high there. You may have a good job,and all it takes is one small mishap and everything is gone.
    This is happening all over. Not just California.

  7. Who cares as long as the Republicans, the wealthy, Trump gets their tax breaks. As long as we're at it, we must hate all people of color. Only the wealthy and white people deserves lives. Trump30.06

  8. They shouldn't have showed the outside someone from rail or city will kick her out because of her openness & the thoughtless way they have left her exposed.

  9. To me, as a naive outsider if US, I am shocked. Would I be a US citizen, no matter my income or social status, I would be ashamed and consider change my passport to anywhere not close to US. Or maybe Canada?

  10. Intelligent woman but unwise to expose her situation. I know this first hand as a 70 y/o bum who sends this out from my long-term lair on gorgeous land. Cold last night and coming., low 20s but set up and pretty comfy. F U, beaten dogs.

  11. Oh man 🤦🏻….seeing this made me feel so sad for them and made me grateful to God for what I have. God bless that lady, Amy and her little dog. May they get the help they need to get out of there some day soon and have a proper bed to sleep in and a proper roof over their head with a nice little garden for them to sit out in. She said so much that made sense. 💕🙍🏼💕🐕

  12. The reality is: Society advanced fast and raised the bar fast. In only a few generations people went from shacks with a woodstove and no need to pay for living to fully equipped homes costing a lifetime of work. If inflation wasn't so bad it would have been ok, but the reality is modern society just isn't worth the sacrifice.

  13. Is it safe? People, keep in mind that each state has its own policy. That’s why some states has high rockets homeless, while other states are not. It’s not the entire America. Federal can’t really do much as it handles by local and state. When/If federal gets involve, they would get sue. Homeless is also a manufacture crisis from the state. It’s another method for the state to get money from federal. But, once they get the money, they only spend 1% on homeless issue and 99% in their salary and pension. And FYI: I live in San Jose, California.

  14. Pretty much the usual BBC leftist nonsense. If you are "homeless" get out of San Francisco, LA, New York, etc. They live in major cities because they are drug addicted panhandlers.

    Move to an affordable location.

  15. Someone needs to show Amy some of the videos on cheaprvliving channel and take her money and get a van like thousands of people are doing and take her dog and hit the road to Quartzsite AZ for the coming RTR and learn all about the nomadic life!!

  16. Here is a news flash Simon, there are homeless people in the UK also, maybe you've noticed??? It's everywhere! Take a look around the world for a wee bit, this isn't a Los Angeles or a Manchester England problem, it's a HUMAN Problem!!! People need to act not video or complain just do one small good deed!!

  17. Homeless doesn't discriminate this can happen to anyone. True Real Americans homeless while foreigners draining America's resources they not americans just foreigners on american soil.

  18. At 3:20…lets clarify…american citizens do NOT get as much welfare as illegals do!! If illegal in calif the assistance is close to double then for an american citizen.illegals can get ssi ,welfare ,wic etc.where i live an illegal male his wife and 2 kids got in 2017 $2200,it has since gone up to just under $2500 and i have taljed and he laughs at americans for doing this.he disagrees but if its there and he doesnt have pay taxes on it why not take it!!! He also works for LA county….so his untaxed income is in the neighborhood of 50 grand p.yr.he thinks jerry brown was a fool and says gavin newsone will be even worse us but better fir illegals.he said he is saving money to move back to Mexico and buy a ranch/home.

  19. This is what happens when individualism replaces community… mine mine mine and no one else!!! pendulum will swing to the other side…one day!

  20. The United States of America, the most rich powerful country in the world. Huge international influence politically/militarily/humanitarian/medical aid donor to name a few reaching all 4 corners of the globe. Yet there is so much wide spread problems within this great country of every possible dimension. Why doesn't the federal & State governments step up & take care of this crisis? Many cases its surreal/apocalyptic/frightening & terribly sad. I travelled to the States on holidays, was blown away by huge numbers destitute/beggars was really upsetting. 😓😓😓👋🇦🇺

  21. Amy is so smart, sweet and artistic. Nobody deserves this. America has lost it way but we can come back stronger. Bernie 2020! 🇺🇸⚖️🗽

  22. There are 18 million people here and one lone soul living in the concrete piling and he’s shocked. Shocked I tell you. So sick of the Brits coming here and making these fake ass docs.

  23. Get a job you hippie, "it's not worth it to work just to be able to live" the people that do it and understand that nothing is free in this world and she just wants handouts from welfare so she doesn't have to work.

  24. I know you didn't just invade Amie's sanctuary with cameras and leave her with a cold silver shoulder spooned shrug. I know you have every intention of returning back to her with a pair of helping hands brave enough to face the truth. Are you really hero enough to conceptualize the privileged persona you're hiding behind is no less dark and hollow then the walls Amie is now hiding behind. We are all Amie, and as long as she's detached from us. The whole united cover up game we all were taught to play will only continue to deepen. The emptiness our feelings are missing will only grow the more we continue to ignore the misfits of our generation. The Amie's of our connected consciousness. Please do what's right for all of us and give Amie the light she needs to spread her art!🤧👀

  25. Sometimes, getting off the grid is much better. I actually kinda envy her freedom from the capitalistic society.

  26. The crisis is a crisis in consciousness. I have passed by this bridge and never knew people were living inside.
    Beyond Belief!
    The city has a program called "A Bridge Home" to confront this crisis. The irony is not lost in this tragic story.
    Simon Reeve: What the Hell is going on!?
    Amy: "Not worth it to just work to be able to be alive…Welfare is really not something that Americans understand any more…there is so much moral judgement about people… i think its mostly fear, the closer they get the more they want to distance themselves from it, somehow relating makes then susceptible to it."

  27. I'm pleading please please please🙏🙏🙏 help this homeless woman & her pet dog. Pray she'll find a good-paying job & a warm home both her & beloved dog

  28. And here in dallas I deliver grub hub to 20,000 sq foot mcmansions with gas lanterns burning day in & day out. This country is going up in flames.

  29. It's Time to Get Off the Grid and away from the population I wish I could homeless in San Diego not looking good

  30. Doesn't want to work to stay alive.
    But rather struggle to stay alive.
    What a weird and sad point of view.
    Move to a city where the rent isn't so insanely high.
    Typical LA lefties waiting for other to give them money while they do nothing.

  31. I was homeless for 5 yrs & it was mostly bcuz I didn't want to work. I had a great Apt in the LBC a block from the water but I was hit with a huge shock by my girlfriend and I went down a Rabbit hole of Depression & Anger that saw me living in my car. I got to a point where I was extremely exhausted being homeless so I found a gig as a Private Chef and was given a place to live in lieu of a huge salary & 6 & 1/2 yrs latr I'm still here & not homeless. Good luck to anyone in that situation & Be Safe

  32. It's not as hard as U think
    But U HAVE to make up Ur mind that U don't want it for U anymore & MEAN IT & U will get off the street.
    Unless U Use Illicit Drugs or are Mentally Ill
    It is in the POWER OF UR MIND
    & I thought that was a BS statement but it is not BS
    Metal Toughness

  33. It is so sad to see there are people living like this while US stock market is making historic highs! We need Andrew Yang to be the president !!! Yang2020!

  34. Interestingly, so cal college towns like Santa Barbara have 6-12 people living in a single dwelling paying 800 to split a Room .. and share a bathroom and kitchen amount many others. Pay $4 a gallon, and the wages are not going up.

    The system has hit peak mode, the stock market is currently at All time highs, the inflation rate is low, and flirting with negative rates. Bond market is high,

    Bitcoin , gold, silver etc are currently at lows. Global conflict, civil unrest. Massive crop failures. Grand solar minimum (liberals think it’s global warming/ climate change)

    Massive tech tonic wealth transfer from west to east is taking place.

    Homelessness will only get 10,000x worse when digital “smart cities”, are the norm.

    Think hunger games.

  35. There are 2 bridges like this literally 5 minutes away from where I live and there's people that live in both of them but I would never stick my head and there to find out how they were living or what they were doing!!!

    And they're both on either side of a Scientology compound !!!!!

    So who knows what lurks inside these dark voids of inhumanity.

    It makes me very sad to think that this lady's going to get removed from where she calls her home because this documentary exposed where she was at……

    It happens all the time.🙄😔😒

  36. The trouble is prices on everything keeps going up , how can homeless people afford a decent place to live. By the time i pay all my bills i have hardly anything left to buy meat or produce. I get comodities every month but it's mostly dry or canned goods. Sometimes there is some meat products and i appreciate that. I have my own place , but i pay lot rent and it cheaper than renting an apartment. I own my trailer so that helps. My heart goes out to the homeless. They need shelter from the elements. I hope this lady finds something more suitable before the city comes along and kicks her out !

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