Lost in the Captions Episode 64 – Dania

Kurian ends of the temple and this pranks
my mom after welcome to a program within to experience act explained
that the best of the week ratio ago I stood up with the document the young Google
Hart left of the current position another Dania right now being pushed out
you can talk to computer for faculty now the field I’ve felt here
he was a then you to already has ultimately captured me
and it’s a really terrible order with the joke about someone Twitter can give more weight to the I go fast
idea and we repeat with the Google Translate you would happen if you try to get going to
Japanese week in fact when you’re back we’ll see how to
store some changes over time to try to experiment with you every weekend we are going to be in your video once a writer
some games and the displaying forever unless set on the best service to the right
would be the same in this message every week we will be reading whatever left
you sorry what saying last week over time we’ll see how all
the messages from the president’s event of the left
to get in the mighty to get 64 up this can become the living so I hope you’ll join me on this journey
that will take the next step next week involving more information about the effect it’s really coming
shoot as always thank you for watching this later
like balance let’s see you next video yes
PC you wrote cakes
hi you q2 you

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