Louis Tomlinson – Breaking Down Walls: Chapter 2 A Weekend In Southend

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  1. I love this conversation between Lou and the interviewer.. He really listens and is asking the right questions.. it goes a bit deep. And those lyrics from Walls.. just wow.. that’s emotional.. keep on going Lou. I love to see you like this.. strong, confident, it just all sorts out for you and I’m very very happy to be able to witness it all. Love you

  2. Alright so he supposedly has a girlfriend yet still writes a lyric about “waking up alone”. I don’t know how to feel and like even tho I’m a Larrie, I’m not trying to connect it to that. But it’s just sad either way

  3. His voice is so beautiful, and his accent is just perfect, i'm completely in love with this guy. I can't wait to listen to his new music, loving it.

  4. I wonder if Harry Liam and Niall watch these…..not for any reason I just like to imagine them sitting down and watching their friend

  5. These videos aren’t helping with my hype around the album 😬😬. I truly can’t wait cause he’s going to absolutely SLAY ❤️💕❤️

  6. Proud of you so much, and proud that you enjoy and love what you make, stay as safe and happy as you can, I love you so much.

  7. Omg!!!! Harry talked about his song cherry being about his ex and that they are talking at the end of the son. It’s soooo going to be Louis talking!! The are finally at a spot where they aren’t afraid to admit it to anyone!!! I’m so happy for them!!!😍😍😍😍

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