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  1. Who is Kavin in bigboss 3 Tamil ?

    1. Till last week , the only person in that house , never nominated as BEST PERFORMER & not CAPTAIN till last .

    2. The only person who has not acted like others .

    3. Accept his mistakes & change that .

    4. Most nominated contestant – 33 polls by all except LOSLIYA

    5. Faced 9 weeks eviction process but never eliminated.. he only eliminate him , wish to walk out because he gave promise

    6. Mr. Pointer the only person who raised voice against vanitha & cheran for many times ..

    7 . Out of 295 promos his direct promo 247 , including him 23 remaining for other contestants 😜

    8. Most episodes controlled by him if kavin is not there then there is no content for bigboss

    9. Highest voting got till he was inside & always 1st in voting poll.

    10. Out of bigboss the only person trending in social media is KAVIN only …

    11. In hand now he had 4 movie offers no one got like him ..

    12. More Negative trolls but he faced all trolls & move on doing a movie .. the trollers are still there only but he went forward to his life 🖐👍

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