# Music DCI Luther, first victim’s Paul
Redford. This isn’t random, is it? There’s gonna be more. You wanted to bring one of
your patients to our attention. Last night he attended at my house, uninvited. How are we supposed to find him? The previous murders, they don’t tell us anything. Play dirty. Is this normal? So you are telling me to behave myself? Yes. Noted. It’s gonna get worse,
a lot worse. You want him dead? I don’t care – I just want him. Did you use me as bait? That is not what happened. I always thought she’d be the end of you. Think she’ll be the end
of us all.

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  1. From this trailer, I'm guessing that's the guy who killed Alice, might be her "unknown brother" we never knew about, just a writers hunch….if I'm wrong, flag me down to hell, you heard it here first though if it's true, cheers

  2. Omg, my favorite "Bitch" from MI6 is on Luther. I'm in heaven and it's going to be a wonderful death. She's is absolutely brilliant!

    Hermione Norris.

  3. Thank you BBC…I’ve never seen Idris In any of his mega bucks Hollywood blockbusters,nor do I want to…to me…he’s Luther…and he’s THE BEST

  4. Errr I'm confused 🤔why has he not had a stroke or embolism he gets no sleep he's constantly alert never eats or takes a dump or shower, the story timeline isn't repenting, except for a snooze at the kitchen table, whilst I'm enjoy the tension part of me is irritated by the fact that his blood pressure must be way higher than mine as I'm watching. Good but he'd be fubar not matter how healthy .

  5. Well made but not for me like the haunting of hill house.. combined roughly 14 hours of my life I'll never get back.

  6. This show could have been huge if it were made by an American studio. Season 4 was 2 episodes 2 lol a show like this should have been on Netflix & should have had 8 to 10 episodes a season minimum.

  7. I'm 58 . African American.From the Midwest.I love theater and good acting.Discovered BBC by accident.Luthur my fav. Happy Valley. Marcella. Bodyguard: Awesome. my introduction was Foyle War.British actors are not always pretty.The fashion addresses the times not so much the being bling.There is mystery,intrigue.Above all.Frequently I am surprised. Not so predictable.My only criticism is at times the darkness of the plots is over whelming VS the American graphics. This programing on a consistent basis can be poison to the spirit regardless of age. PS. kudos to Ruth Wilson aka Alice.peace !

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  9. The conclusion is relationship between alice and luther was toxic but somehow is never be the same without Alice Morgan, huhu, just my thoughts. More season please 🙂

  10. I'm so sorry but this season is a unrealistic, dull and too long piece of a bł@@dy mess – think Prison break 5 take at reality :-/

  11. Is ripley in this??
    Edit: Just realised he died
    Edit: Wait hes alive
    Ok im confused need to carry on watching

  12. I love Luther. Since the series are so short, it’d be nice if each season had one cohesive story arch. I’d be down for Luther trying to catch one killer over 4-6 episodes. Also yay for Alice returning.

  13. Just finished watching [not for the last time by any means], #Luther S5E4 on SLING TV/BBC America and "completely" understand why "this" song was chosen. It's the total embodiment and explanation of the character, DCI John Luther (played expertly by the one and only Sir Idris Elba).
    …oops! Did I just knight him? 🔱🛡
    You bet your a$$ I did!😉

  14. Very good serie but most racist ever. Try to imagine if it was only black people or minorities that was the psychos and murderers… It would be like hell on earth with lawsuits and so on. White people obsiously doesn't have the right to feel abused by being portraited like psychos.

  15. Fantastic series! Exceptional acting! Idris Elba is supremely talented and all I know is that Ruth Wilson as Alice better NOT be dead!

  16. i ve started to watch these series but i stopped because it s sooooooooooooooo stupid ! cops without guns , cops talking and being very friendly with criminals ( Alice who killed both her parents , so perfect rime does exist ! ) , everything is a little bit of shit , when the english directors and producers will start to do proper thriller movies like americans ????????????????

  17. As a Yank, I can't quite come to terms with the British dynamic of multiple years between series. And we all understand that American shows go too far, and make so many episodes that they outlive their interest often. But with Luther, well, I always feel like I'm going to bed hungry.

  18. I started watching it on netflix a few days ago and i have to say this is one of the most stupid crime shows i have ever seen. NOTHING in this show makes any sense. Plus they repeat the same formula in every episode. Plus all the killers are like comic book villains – with super powers and without any human motivation at all – they are just pure evil without any cause. It remembers me of the stupid crime movies of the sixties and seventies and it buffles me that bullshit like this is still being made today. Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson and basically EVERY SINGLE ACTOR IN THIS SHOW were still amazing though but even this can't save this show from it's 100% talent free writers. I am from germany and i have to admit that britain has the best actors in the world. Most german, american or french actors will never get on that level, don't ask me why.

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