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  1. To common Chinese people now, they care more to their personal life. In next 20 years, the next generation would require freedom and democracy. That’s I am pretty sure.

    Chinese Majority Race of da world. They got money… Make sure they pay for their discrimination.

  3. There are many better cars in Shanghai…..why ride such a piece of crap? Maybe to make the western viewers feel better……

  4. China is far more advanced than America. Free speech? America doesn't even respond to free speech. Americans just scream their miseries on deaf ears. When the Chinese speak, those in power listen. Democracy necessitates change! Who has democracy now?

  5. Message to Matteo Lin,

    I want to make clear to you that I do not hate any country or its people.
    I hate COMMUNISM only for this ideology is EVIL which was created by an evil man
    named Marx… He used to be a Satan worshiper… that's is the TRUTH.
    Do not allow anyone to remove your brain … keep it for yourself. I used
    to be a victim of Communism that's why I know well about it. God bless and please wake up …
    If you want to know more about how evil Communists are ! just ask someone who is 80 and older in your country, they will tell you all. Have a good day and fight for freedom and democracy. May God bless you and Chinese people.

  6. LOL this moron is so uneducated, China was never colonized by the "west" they had a few battle that was lost. Thats it, China was never colonized by the west. This host is a moron

  7. I'm rooting for China. White people has bullied them for decades. It's time to pass the torch of power to Asia. Collectively, communism, make sense. No political bickering means u can get paved roads, build infrastructure, support the poor and control prices. America as capitalism means the country is run by corporations. Government doesn't have a say and we still dont have proper healthcare for one. Corporations of both liberal and conservative have agendas to make more money off people. China ensures no corporation is screwing its people.

  8. China has never colonised any other country in its 5,000 years of history. Yet these so called western liberal democracies in the past have colonised and murdered masses, and ruled as dictators in their oversea territories.

  9. NBC put lots of heart into the interview. Look! They even rent a TuTu and locked those two into such a cramped and overfilled space. You can really tell the true attitude toward China from western medias in these little details.

  10. Five thousand years ago, we faced floods like the ancient Egyptians;

    Four thousand years ago, we played bronzes like the Babylonians;

    Three thousand years ago, we thought about philosophy like the ancient Greeks;

    Two thousand years ago, we conquered and expanded our frontier like the Romans;

    A thousand years ago, we were as rich as the Arabs;

    Now, we confront the challenge from the United States.

    For five thousand years, we have been playing mahjong at the world table as always while other players have been long gone.?

  11. Western democracy is more of double standard and hypocrisy, if you are better than us, ban you, destroy you and screw you to the end

  12. The so-called free speech in the West is nothing more than swearing to the president without much consequence. When comes to politics, those dare to speak out, like Assange, will end up in persecution, or receiving death threat as in the case of the Squad.

  13. If only the US hadn’t spent the past 40 years under Reaganism disinvesting in its middle class, health care, infrastructure, education, science, and foreign development, we might be in a better position. But hey at least we have 11 aircraft carriers, tons of gun stores, & the most billionaires.

  14. It's just not China that's growing rapidly…look on side of China., INDIA🇮🇳 even its growing rapidly and growing strong….future belong to INDIA & CHINA

  15. "Chinese-run world"? Lol. Non-sense. Don't worry people, China has zero intention of introducing its policy and way of governance to the rest of the world. It understands what works in China may not work in other countries, just as what works in the West doesn't work in China.

  16. China is a poor, dirty and no freedom shithole. USA No. 1!!!🇺🇸💐❤️🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰😍😘

  17. China invests. The U.S invests. The first invests money. The second invests explosives and calls it democracy.

  18. Sad to say but most Americans don't know China and don't bother to know the truth. They think China Today is the same as during Mao's era. The world is transforming from a unipolar to a multi polar one, America is finding that very hard to accept.

  19. Look like China will have to lead the world out of recession again created by US like she did since 2008 by openning her huge markets. China will lead in 5G and AI economy and spur the world out of recession, EU need to speed up deployment of 5G and embrace China Belt & Road initiatives to rejuvenate her sluggish grow.

  20. This report so bad, he picked an illegal ride here to show the west how dirty the ride is, those rides are illegal and they are called disable motorcycle and police don’t really give them tickets because they are handicap and that’s why they give ppl short taxi ride.

  21. it’s funny that they chose to film this in a tuk tuk in shanghai, i mean, where did they even find such thing? i haven’t seen them in china for decades

  22. From 1776 to 1990, the US had NO trade with China. Yes that is correct. Zero trade.

    From 2025 until the end of time, the US will have zero trade with China. China has nothing the US can make or get somewhere else.

    I am told China is the future of the world.
    This must be true because millions of Americans are giving up their US citizenship and moving to China… yes, millions… everyday.

  23. I am Chinese, my English is not good, this sentence is I use the translation software to type, who can use Chinese to tell me the main meaning of this video expression? Thanks

  24. It will better if you can understand Mandirin language if you hope to live in china…because chinese culture and language is quite different from western….language is always a good way to get to know the new things….welcome to china🌹

  25. 呵呵,这大媒体真厉害,去上海坐小三轮,说实话我家四线城市,主要出行方式,电动,公交,私家车,这种小三轮上海还让营运赚钱?

  26. China has a real bad rep, I’ve visited twice now and going again this year and it’s funny how you have these pre conceived notions about China that get blown away once you actually go there and get immersed in the culture.

  27. About the freedom part. You can pretty much do everything there is, maybe even more than a Western nation. The only thing not to do is to go against the government (this is also true in all countries). If you want to change the government, change it from the inside.

  28. Here… Analyzing China Rising “peacefully”… China, save your own #people from your 3 “Gorgeous” Damned Dam 1st!!!!

  29. American government can’t even provide the truth to their citizens about what really happened in 9/11 and who is really responsible for the Attack. there is a freedom of speech in us but the information provided by the US government is pure liars.

  30. China’s goal is never same as US’s tendency to stir inability in the world to serve their military evasion. This is never the ambition or the nature of Chinese. It will be a more peaceful world (obviously little military income for US) if China rules the world.

  31. Why do foreigners like to do an interview in a three wheel motorcycle which is illegal to take passenger and difficult to find?

  32. We went holiday to China…loved every minute… safe…no muggings..people beautiful..with love from South Africa..

  33. If economy growing what’s CIA problem make trouble & destroyed the country
    Looks to me USA manipulation coming to an end soon trying to destroy? World 1/2 of the population lives in Asia.
    If India China & Russia together they can destroy the world easily.

  34. I never truly understand why the west fears and resists the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the peaceful prosperity of 1/5 of the world population

  35. What kind of FREEDOM OF SPEECH you're talking about?
    We say we live in democratic country but well my voice never cross our walls .

  36. I never truly understand why westerners always refer to Chinas rise as something scary, and tainting it with it being "undemocratic" or "lacking human rights", first of all, it is proven that you can not achieve economic development and prosperity with "democracy", it is a product, not a means. You literally stated in your video that everywhere you go, there's new things, there's new development, and that the swamp land opposite of the buns is now a world class metropolis and you love China more than any other country. For god it doesn't matter what form or method you use if it works, then its a good method, and in this case, Chinas method is definitely a good method. What use is democracy if you can't even get food in your stomach or a roof over your head. It's laughable how the US condemns Chinas human rights whilst being major partners with Saudi Arabia, also laughable how the US literally allows nazis to march whilst police are protecting them LOL, in China you would've been shot, and that's definitely not a bad thing

  37. I have not seen this kind of car in the beginning of the video for 15 years until I open this
    How did you find it. And actually only small small small part of China had been colonized, like Hong Kong.

  38. We (USA) can work with Chinese government with one condition. China must renounce Communism; give human rights back to the people. They need freedom and democracy like the rest of the world. China must treat other nations with LOVE, Compassion and respect . Play FAIR with them. Bullying is wrong ! We are living in the 21st Century not stone-age Thank you Jacob for your reply. I love Chinese people for they have been suffering by Communism for so many years …. millions of them were murdered by this evil Communism. May God bless Chinese people, Tibetans , Falun Gong believers..

  39. Can you tell China to keep their hands off Vietnam Sea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Free Tibetans and Falun Gong prisoners… They are innocent.

  40. Speech of freedom, it depends, for a normal no one care about you. And most of the time. For a normal citizen in daily life, China has more freedom on speaking. We don't need to take care about anything such as racism, feminism.

  41. as a chinese, I want to show this to my german colleagues, they believe completely the fake china reported from some fake medias.

  42. 有时候觉得西方人真的是精神分裂,夸中国能夸到天上去,黑中国能他妈黑的体无完肤,一群傻逼!

  43. The people in Hong Kong are hitting police officers, isn't this more freedom then the US? Can you hit a police officer in the US?

  44. 还是有偏见,中国那么多交通工具不坐,非要选择这烂三轮,还是要给美国民众一种假象。。。

  45. China is the biggest fraud in the history of the world. Get beyond the glitz and glitter of its four first tier cities, get the real numbers, and they truth is a bleak and grim picture.

  46. China is now a massively powerful country. I am English but at least I recognize that most of the criticism leveled against it is based on the fact that China is now a big player.

  47. 我从新疆来 我到新疆去

  48. Dear Emily Sophia ! Let me tell you the TRUTH! I used to be a victim of Communism . My uncle was murdered by Communist in 1985 ! They came to my uncle's home at night, taken him outside and chopped him into 3 pieces and left a verdict there before they vanished into darkness. I escaped and found my freedom in the U.S. where I have a real good life… I know well about life in a Communist country … you could be arrested anytime, day or night without reason… that's why I do not want to travel to China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam etc… it's too dangerous to be there. God bless you always.

  49. Colonialism? I think it's western imperialism. Chinese never considered China itself to be fully colonized, only parts of it to different countries, but never in its entirety, while colonial powers fought wars with China and made the monarch agree to certain terms. But you guys talk as if China was colonized the same way India was or something.

  50. The Hongqi River project is to introduce Tibet's water (60 billion cubic meters per year) into Xinjiang and the Yellow River. Hongqi's Chinese meaning is "red flag". The total investment of Hongqi river Project is about 4 trillion yuan (600 billion US dollars), and the construction period is ten years. After the completion of the Hongqi River project, the 300,000-square-kilometer desert in Xinjiang has become a fertile land with a sunny and flat terrain suitable for large-scale mechanized farming. The cost of forming a farm per square meter is about 20 yuan($3). After the water in Tibet is injected into the Yellow River, it can solve the problem of insufficient water resources in northern China.
    The following video is a report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Tsinghua University Professor Wang Hao on the Hongqi River project: (

    According to the plan of the experts of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Hongqi River has a large amount of engineering. The Hongqi River project consists of four major components:
    1. Barrage: A total of 19 barrage dams were installed along the Hongqi River. Among them, 12 are dam high above 100 meters, and the remaining 7 are less than 100 meters.
    2. Diversion tunnel: This is one of the most important parts of the project. The same tunnel consists of 3 to 5 holes ranging from 15 meters to 12 meters. The total length of the single line is about 2,200 kilometers.
    3. Open channel: According to the current planning and design of Hongqi River, after the Liujiaxia Reservoir of the Yellow River, water is diverted to the Yumen, Hotan and Kashi sections through open channels and a small number of tunnels, mainly in the form of open channels. The total length is 3,700 kilometers. Since there was a branch of the Hongyan River diversion before this section, there were also the branch line Mobei and the Chunfeng River diversion. The average flow after the diversion and the water diversion scale of the South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Line (95-135 billion cubic meters/year) The scale is similar, and the mileage is 2.5 times that of the South-North Water Transfer.
    4. Branch line: 3 branch lines, totaling 411 kilometers of tunnel and 2589 kilometers of open channel.
    The Hongqi River project will increase China's cultivated land by 25% and food production by 50%. It not only has a profound impact on China, but also seriously affects other countries and regions of the world.
    China will convert large quantities of imported agricultural products into large quantities of export agricultural products, and the output costs of agricultural products are very low. It will destroy the farming and animal husbandry in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Agriculture in the United States, Brazil and Argentina has also been greatly affected, causing many farmers to lose their jobs.
    The Hongqi River project will greatly enhance China's economic power. Not only does it increase agricultural output, it also frees China to release large amounts of land to meet the needs of Chinese industry. As China's economic strength has increased, China's political and economic influence on the world has also increased, and the world's political and economic structure will undergo great changes.

  51. The world will be better off with China to be the power, no war, peace, and only trade ! God is blessing China right now

  52. China bashers will be like: Stolen! stolen! they live oppressed! they're paid to say they live good! hahahaha

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