Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal React To Kobe Bryant’s Death | TODAY

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  1. Shocked in disbelief to hear the news of Kobe Bryant, killed in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna. Kobe Bryant reminds me of the great baseball player who played for the New York Yankees Lou Gehrig. They both died of different circumstances. Gehrig died of a muscular disease that bears his name. Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. They both have something in common and that is they both died young. Like Lou Gehrig, Kobe Bryant is considered himself the luckiest man on the face of this earth. We will never see the lights of Kobe Bryant again and may his legacy lives on because legends do not died, but live in sprit. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant. Heaven now has a basketball court for you.

  2. Sad that you Americans focus on the one passenger that had 9 figures in the bank but not the other 7 passengers that lost their lives.

  3. Chopper had no black box in it, no radar system to avoid mountains, who give them permission to fly in such bad weather at all? It is a crime to have such a negligence, who is responsible? It was pilot error for sure.Anyone going to jail? Or corrupted US capitalism does not give a crap about anything what is going on unless you pay.

  4. As a 17th time, NBA All-Star, the 3rd highest scorer in NBA history, the 2008 MVP, 2x NBA finals MVP, 5x NBA Champion, A 6”6 guard from Lower Merion High School, where he won the title in 1996, # 8 and # 24 K.O.B.E B.R.Y.A.N.T🏀🐍

  5. Respect to Kobe Y'all and

    to his young daughter who
    died at the age of
    thirteen what a
    young age to die at ,':^(

    She died young and could

    not get to enjoy life
    and it was just getting
    good for because now

    She has more privileges
    as a young
    Rip for Gigi
    Bryant. F in

    Also Rip for
    Kobe "Bean"
    Bryant the
    main star of

    the show! Number 8&24

    Kobe, who died at just
    41, was a very

    talented basket

    ball player and he
    was my inspiration for
    me playing basketball!
    I can remember
    being a kid and
    yelling "Kobe!"
    on every shot
    rip kobe and
    Gigi and also
    to everyone
    else who died
    in the chopper
    crash ,':^( sad..

    excuse my imperfections on this piece… it was all for Kobe I kinda but my heart into this one so less accuracy and more soul. I didn't only put my time and thought into this it was also my tears and heart… Kobe was an inspiration for me and a reason for why I play basketball.

  6. Although I never knew or met Kobe Bryant, I'm going to Keep it REAL:
    Sunday's tragedy has robbed me of much of my daily happiness and joy for life that I take for granted.
    The heavy sighs.
    The feelings of depression that attack without warning.
    If it's true that Vanessa and Kobe had a pact that they would never ride in a helicopter together that will turn out to be somewhat of a blessing for the remaining family members because just think if all of them have been traveling together to Gigi's basketball game Sunday:
    the whole Kobe Bryant /Vanessa Bryant family would have been wiped out.

    So sad.
    Such an unnecessary, avoidable tragedy.

  7. Kobe was really a true Laker. Like the song say's It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to yesterday. Will miss him I loved basketball.

  8. Satan’s greatest success is in making people think they have plenty of time before they die to consider their eternal welfare. – John Owen

  9. Last Sunday afternoon, I was laying on the couch, still groggy from a quick, unexpected nap.
    I didn't want to take a Sunday afternoon nap, but it was cold, rainy, and foggy, so I did what I always do on stay-at-home days:
    Spend hours and hours and hours on my LG phablet.
    Thus, the eyelids started getting heavy and I knew the nap was unavoidable.
    Laying on the couch in front of the bigscreen, I turned to reach for the tv remote on the coffee table to see if any NBA games might be on.
    Still half sleep, out of one eye, I noticed the words "BREAKING NEWS" at the bottom of the tv screen.
    Then I saw pictures of Kobe Bryant on tv.
    My first thought was "Oh!, LeBron just passed him on the NBA all-time scoring list! Oh, o.k.!
    But then I stopped and thought "Why is THAT 'breaking news'??
    So I woke myself up from my slumber and looked at the tv AGAIN………😳

    Oh my God!!…
    Oh my God!!!
    I must be still sleep!!!
    I'm dreaming!!!!
    I'm having a bad dream!!
    Wake up, fool!!!!
    Wake up!!!!!

    ………oh my God..oh no..😢😥😞😩

  10. I’m WAS A NY KNICKS FAN and Kobe’s death and his child has changed my love and respect FOR ALL NBA TEAMS AND PLAYERS. I’m a NBA FAN NOW! I just watch for fun now! R I P to the Bryant family and all those who lost their lives in this tragic accident!!

  11. how come Kobe Bryant die too soon and die too young along with his daughter Gianna. So many famous people died way too young and way too soon during their prime like 2Pac Selena dale Earnhardt Senior Michael Jackson Elvis Presley Pat Tillman Sean Taylor Derrick Thomas Roberto Clemente and John Ritter. 😢😢😢 #IWishThisWasADream #RIPKobeGiannaAndOthers

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