Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You

Your ex dumped you and they say you’re NEVER
getting back together. How can you make them reconsider? Getting your ex back is all about emotion. I’m going to show you how simple it is to
make your ex regret breaking up with you and how to use that powerful feeling to get them
to take you back. Hi, I’m Brad Browning, Youtube’s #1 Breakup
Geek. I’ve been on Youtube for years giving you
the honest truth when it comes to getting your ex back and I’ve helped make love a
reality for thousands of clients all over the world. So stick around and take notes if you want
to hear advice that works in the real world. First off, trying to convince your ex using
logic is NOT the answer. There’s nothing you can say to your ex right
now that’s going to make them do a complete 180 and take you back. You’re coming at them from a position of
weakness so you’re not going to be very persuasive. But I’ve got good news for you…Romantic
feelings have nothing to do with logic. You need to show them what a HUGE MISTAKE
it was to break up with you… And not only that, buy you have to make them
think that getting back together is actually their idea. Sounds complicated? Let’s go through it step by step. Step #1: No Contact From this day forward you don’t call, text,
or otherwise contact your ex for AT LEAST thirty days. If they reach out, do not respond. This will show your ex that you’re over
them and you have no interest in giving them another shot. At first, they may be relieved, especially
if you’ve been particularly needy or pathetic to this point… but after a few weeks, they’ll
realize that you’re not playing around and they’ll start to get cravings for you that
they can’t satisfy. And remember… don’t back down. They wanted to end this relationship so by
keeping your distance, you’re giving them exactly what they asked for. When you go into No Contact, you’re effectively
rewiring your ex’s brain. As time passes after a breakup, any anger
and resentment your ex has towards you will fade. No matter how angry they were your ex will
begin to think of you fondly. This process is called “Romanticizing”
our past relationships. Simply by staying away, you’re improving
your ex’s memories of you and letting them stew in their regret. By ignoring my advice and speaking to your
ex after the breakup you’re doing several things. First… since you’re still being friendly,
you’re showing them that you think breaking up with you was a reasonable decision, not
the biggest mistake of their life. Next, you’re not giving them a chance to
process the breakup. Whether or not they take you back, they need
time alone to process what happened and how they feel about you. The longer you deny them this time, the more
likely you two are to stay apart for GOOD. And third, you’re trying to get them back
without changing anything. Breaking up with someone isn’t easy. Why should they change their mind a week later? The answer is: they shouldn’t. It takes time and effort to win back your
ex. So trust me when I say No Contact isn’t
optional… It’s essential Take this thirty days to reflect on what went
wrong, work on yourself, and take steps towards greater emotional and physical health. This period of self improvement is key to
increasing your ex’s desire for you and, more importantly, your confidence. Use this time to get yourself into a better
headspace and you’ll be in a MUCH better place when it comes to getting your ex back,
even if they have no idea. During this time, DO NOT check in with your
ex or mention them to mutual friends. Act like you’re over them but have no hard
feelings, even if it isn’t true. Want to make the most of No Contact? Go to right now. Check out my free video presentation to learn
the 5 do’s and don’ts of no contact and how you can keep them hooked on you without
ever saying a word. Now here’s a question I get quite often. Should I apologize to my ex before starting
no contact? In most situations, the answer is HELL NO… No way, Not a chance. Apologizing to your ex isn’t going to make
either of you feel better. It’s only going to make them feel bad and
give more weight to their choice to end things. But there are exceptions. If the relationship ended because of one big
mistake you made, like cheating on them or running them over with your car, then you
should make an attempt to apologize to them before going no contact. Keep it short and to the point and you’re
more likely to have good results. Don’t take this opportunity to beg them
to take you back. Show them you respect their decision and that
you know that it’s over. Step #2: Show your ex a new side of you. Whatever reason your ex gave you for ending
things, the truth is that relationships often end because of boredom… your ex feels like
they’ve experienced everything you have to offer them and that it’s just going to
be more of the same as long as you two are still together. What’s something about you that your ex
couldn’t stand? Maybe you didn’t make an effort when it
came to your appearance. Maybe you spend too much time on the couch
rather than experiencing new things. Identify this shortcoming and take steps to
correct it. And most importantly… do it in a way that
your ex will notice. Whether this means getting a new haircut,
going on a trip, or spending time with your friends and family. The key here is to make your ex feel like
they’ve misjudged you… surprise your ex with new behaviour and they’ll
see that you’re capable of being a different person and that a relationship with you can
still be filled with fun and adventure. But how can you show them without breaking
no contact or showing them that you miss them? By using social media. Posting on instagram or facebook is a great
way to show your ex a new side of you without looking desperate or breaking no contact. If you’re wondering how to make this happen,
watch my latest video on using instagram to get your ex back. I’ve included a link in the description
below. Step #3: Re-attract Once you’ve completed No Contact, now is
the time to reach out and begin the real re-attraction process. If you’ve successfully completed No Contact
then your ex’s negative feelings towards you will have faded and they’ll be thinking
about what they lost by breaking up with you. By reaching out to them at this stage, you’re
going to show them that all hope isn’t lost. It’s important to play it cool. If you’ve pulled off no contact successfully,
you’re actually at an advantage over them so don’t lose it. Start with a simple text. This text is very important. You haven’t spoken to your ex in at least
thirty days so they’re going to scrutinize this message pretty carefully. Don’t mention the breakup, how you miss
them, or that you want them back. Instead, text them for a specific reason. It’s good to ask your ex a question or for
a favor. For example: “Hey, you know about fashion. I’m trying to figure out what to wear for
a wedding this summer. How’s this look?” and then attach a picture
of yourself all dressed up. This works on several levels. It shows your ex that you’re out there living
your best life without them and also that you respect their opinion and need their insight. Plus, it will make them wonder about the wedding,
specifically who you’re taking as your date. It’s important that this text gives your
ex a bit of information about your life that makes them curious about what you’ve been
up to. The fact that they don’t know will drive
them crazy and make them really feel how different things are now that you two are broken up. For more ways to reach out to your ex after
No Contact, go to I offer personal coaching for those people
who are having a particularly hard time with their breakup. Does that sound like you? I can help. Sign up while I still have slots open. That’s Now that you’re back in contact you still
need to keep your distance. By keeping contact with your ex but still
maintaining your boundaries, you remind them of what they’re missing: the intimacy, closeness
and love they chose to give up by ending things with you. Any sort of negativity, begging, or whining
at this stage is a huge mistake. You need to show them that you don’t need
them but that they still need you. This power imbalance is key to making them
regret the breakup and get back with you. Don’t be cold but don’t treat them the
same way you did when you two were together. Treat them like an old friend rather than
your partner. They’ll feel the change and want to bridge
the gap between you two, without even knowing. This is the simplest way to completely transform
how your ex feels about you and make them chase you again, instead of the other way
around. Regret is a powerful emotion and if you can
use it correctly, you’ll be back together in no time. Thanks for watching, Youtube. Make sure to like this video and subscribe
to my channel to see my latest videos when they come out.

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  1. Hey Brad it's Eric again I sent you a message about getting my girlfriend back and I followed the advice and videos you suggested, and applied what the videos taught and it worked and now we're doing better then ever thank you so much for your great advice! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Remember!! Today 85% of relationships FAIL miserably within 6 months. A rebound relationship has a 90% failure rate due to the “Dumper’s” moving on so fast after a relationship, especially a long relationship like over a year. It fails because they are just brushing the pain under the carpet, instead of taking the time to grieve and assess their breakup!! Trust me.. Go into no contact!! They say 30 days, but really it’s INDEFINITE NO CONTACT!! Sooner or later your ex will come to reality after the second month after the “Honeymoon” stage, and really start to realize what she/he had. Face it… They got our “Sloppy seconds,” but our exe’s will go through the pain after their new relationship fails, just like us when we got dumped, only, we MOVED on, and improved ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, while they, will just begin to feel the “NEW PAIN,” of TWO, failed relationships. That’s the purpose of “No Contact.” And that is to work on ourselves, so we are the winners in the end!! Not them!! KARMA!!! Exes will have done what was done to their partners!! Guaranteed!!! Kudos Brad.. I’m coach T.. Thank you for the insight…

  3. Does this work on rebound relationship breakups? I mean their relationship was a rebound relationship and after three months, they broke up.. What if I'm the rebound and she broke up with me but i love her and i want her back, does this work?

  4. I don't agree with the 30 day thing… If you go no contact, STAY IN NO CONTACT, the dumper is the one who has to contact you, period

  5. Brad I’m going through a situation with my wife. I hear your no contact rule, but I’ve got kids and I’m not sure if no contact would work. I fear it would simply break us further?

  6. I did a lot you said NOT to do and its not getting me no where before i make things worse because she has my messages muted etc. i begged and have been needy i tried no contact i failed it of course and I actually wanna get my relationship right now she seems a bit jealous about some things even though she doesn’t show emotion. She told me nothinggg is going to work and she knows she has me under her skin. The scary part is, is that she said its probably for us to text less and thats what really scares the hell outta me. Earlier she looked relieved earlier and said she was excited bcus she was going on a trip soon and everything in her life seems to go good. I just want her to come back to me:( im 16 and its a long distant relationship we live a hour from each other. If there’s anything anyone can say to help out please let me know, im going thru hell 🙁 she also played a cold and hot game with me a couple of times shes complicated and i feel like i got the worst luck with these things but i just wanna stay positive and hope for the best.:(

  7. Hey Brad,
    I was in relationship with my ex for past 8 years.
    Now both of our marriage is fixed in the month of November this year. Now she admits that she don't like me anymore and she has started liking one of our office colleague who was a friend of mine as well.
    My ex family is not ready to let my ex go with that guy.
    I begged initially, fought with her, but now I have been into no contact since past 20 days ,but she sometimes reach out to me and confess that she is guilty what has happened and what she did.but still cannot make up her mind to marry in November
    I am still following no contact and hopes she will make decision in my favour at least by September end..
    Just need your inputs and thought about my situation

  8. Hi Eric I'm Mary my partner lesbian is break me up for 1wek already and she blocked me on fb all contacts. What should I do? Thanks

  9. Hi Brad.. Really expecting true advice for my brake up .. me and my girl shared a 5 years relationship and 4 years of it was long distance and recently when she shifted nearby me for her college i took her to my friend's flat for 10 days to spend some quality time together.. but things were not gone as planned.. and many fights and and word wars happened many times between us because as she told me so far i was complaining too much to her.. and after a few days she broke up with me.. but i truely love her a lot n ready to turn off my complaining nature and i just want her back.. but i just said too much wrong verbally like u also turned disloyal for me like other girls and etc etc.. but those words i said in anger only.. i meant none of them actually.. but but now she blocked me from everywhere she dont wana see my face again i think.. but i want her back.. please help

  10. Does this really work? Even if she says I'm not interested in it anymore and not feeling it? Iv never attempted to try to get an ex back but I want to try now because she makes me feel like no one else has. Idk what my chances are I haven't messaged her sense then ita only been a week but I'm just wondering how this works lol seems too fairy tale ish.

  11. Hi Brad I have been no contact more than 30 days She didn't say anything till now.. She blocked me on Instagram,Whatapp till now

  12. I had tried no contact…. 8 days later she gav me n call n was so angry for not even remembering her once in past days.. n even cried for hurting me by ignoring my msgs n all… Wat does dis means….now she met new frnds and again ignoring me…

  13. My ex is dating someone knew we only been broken up for 1 month and they already dating someone new they blocked me off Facebook Instagram Snapchat including text messages I have no way of contacting her what should I do is she really over me?

  14. Hi Brad, it's been a month since my ex broke up with me… 2 week since we had no contact. Just wondering if he even misses me cause I'm going crazy missing him 💔 he doesn't even look at my updates on social media.. how will I survive this?

  15. May i ask you for a tip ? I met my ex on the festival again but he only say to me : leave me alone or i didnt want to do with you anymore i say to him :you cant force me to didnt love you and he only say leave me alone i dont know what do to anymore i did so many things sometimes he show his feeling to me but like almost 1-2 year he only show his cold side and i dont know anymore why ? I will not let him go because i truly love him and and we were really happy
    Can you help me ?

  16. Bro me and bf broke up he flirted w/ pther girl so i sit in some one lap then the next day we broke up with then i said I'll get a new bf by monday wish me luck

  17. Well she lost trust cause I wasn't honest and she said she didn't want to be part of my life and I asked if we'd ever talk again she said no, so is there any point

  18. what if the only reason they broke up was because they thought we were getting toxic for each other? or that after months of fighting over pointless things i finally thought things were going to be okay and they thought the opposite?

  19. I NEED YOUR HELP BRAD!! my ex broke off our relationship 2 weeks ago and its been almost 2 weeks since I've applied no contact. He basically started gaslighting and questioning everything about our relationship after speaking to his family about what they thought about me. I was a bit awkward with his family when I met them but nothing major happened to have thought they would have forced his decision.. so I'm not sure if his sister opinionated his decision about breaking our relationship up. When he broke up with me he didn't seem like he wanted to but said he had to digest what his family thought and needed to think of our relationship more rationally and just seemed very confused. He basically said he wasn't sure if we would work out in the future but before that he made plans on marrying me and always said I WAS THE ONE.. I think this was unfair and the relationship simply broke off because of his overthinking and building scenarios in his head because we were completely FINE! we were the ideal couple everyone would look up to and had really good understanding and so much Love… we made so many plans for the future. So what happened was a little unexpected and I went and sent a message to his sister after the breakup saying she shouldn't have judged my relationship with him in one to two meets which made him really mad at me. He said I shouldn't have pointed fingers at anyone and "this could never work now". From there I wished him good luck and said I'll always love him and miss him and haven't contacted him since, his last words to me were I got no ill feelings towards you and hope you live the best life. He removed me from snapchat.. but still follows me on instagram. I've gone completely ghost.. but he hasn't blocked my number. I really miss him and don't know what I should do? does he even feel bad or regret his decision? Does he miss me at all?

  20. MY ex just reached out to me and say hope you are happy and wish you good luck…what that means is she moving on ?because i love her and i want her back…

  21. But what if me and my ex have the same group of friends and are in the same class , i feel that i will never forget her and it is making me crazy knowing that she kissed a guy

  22. When u are dealing narcissist no matter what u do
    It doesnt matter to them u are still wrong and they are right
    If they want to come back only one thing they want u…s3x then dump u again…
    They are emotionally abusive …

  23. Hi i send you messages about my boyfriend,still we dont break up but he dont have communication with me,i try several times chat him only hi read my message but hi dont response,,so wat i will do ?? thanks

  24. I am handling the no contact thing well it’s only been a week but he keeps spying on my Instagram stories and Snapchat posts..

  25. i break him up, bcoz i dont understand him.. i feel i have relationship with a selfish narcisst, so i choose to leave him , even if i still love him, but no choice, and he is sad when we break up, do you think have still chance he change his mine and we came back again. after no contack , do u think he will miss me,? he like to getting back but i think its not true and i can feel that he is playing, so i just want he regret this or he miss to have me.. thanks..

  26. Hey.. I broke up today. I lied to him and he broke up with me I apologized… But he wants to be friends. And I agreed… And I can't cut of the contact now.. what should I do? Please help

  27. @Brad Browning … ex broke up with me a week ago and i just found out she is on dates and making out with other guys….I am really hurt and I accidentally sent her a lot of messages about how it hurt and how that is not healthy. I do not know what to do…I really want her back…but i feel like she doesnt want me anymore and I do not know what to do or how to get her back….please help me

  28. I deleted him from social media 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ what should I do now? I deleted him because I felt so bad, that would make me feel better

  29. Yesterday I emailed her 3 times, she didn’t reply, today I decided to start no contact. Her friend wrote me to say she asked of me and she asked her if I was fine. Tomorrow no contact again but hurts but no contact means no contact.

  30. My ex broke up with me because he said he want to be single now and wants his freedom back, he also said that he still loves me but its not that simple. I started the no contact rule but the day after the brake up he texted me" how is your first day" I followed your advice and was polite I said I am good and that I am just going something with my horse riding club" he said that he is glad to see me getting back to horse rinding. I answered that its good to hear from him but I'm busy right now and have to go. he answered " no worries at all". We also have to work together. Im not sure what to do? I also signed up for your 1 on 1 coaching and can't wait to hear from you 😊

  31. Hey brad just got out of a 6 year relationship with my gf I would like to know your insight on the situation and what to do?

  32. On september 2018 my ex boyfriend told me he never loved me at all ..but he loved my body shape and he always want to fuck me..evertime i remember these my heart bledds

  33. Hi Brad,
    What if we are dependent on each other as far as living arrangements? This is temporary, he is looking for another place to live, but don't know when that would happen…. do you think that this training could be effective even if I am not showing affection to him and am just living and showing that I've moved on? We are giving each other our space right now, but of course I do want us to work out.

  34. Hello
    My girlfriend don't want to see me again
    Because I hurt her
    I say her sorry so many times
    But she still hate me
    But I don't want to lose her
    She told me I'm her worst boyfriend
    Now I don't know what can I do
    Please help me
    She is very honest and kind
    She blocked my no. Everywhere

  35. Hey Brad. I love your videos and the content you share. I am totally in sync with your no contact method.

    Situation: My girl friend broke up with me a week ago.
    Reasons and exact words from her: She said that I was a nice guy, caring and respectful towards her family and that she could see my efforts and she knows how much I love her. However, my efforts were not good enough and that she deserves more and better.

    My reaction: i tried to reason it out and when I was getting nowhere, I was upset and angry and said a couple of un-necessary things to her.

    Result: She flared up and stormed out of the house and blocked me from social media, whatsapp and my phone number.

    My action post that: I felt guilty after that and went to her home the next day and apologized and asked for her forgiveness. I told her that I was ok with the breakup and that I will never bother her again and give her space. Also, I told her that I didn't want things to end in an ugly manner and I wanted her to be happy and I wished her all the best in life. We hugged and kissed and I left with a smile on my face.

    Current situation: It's been a week and I have not contacted her. I am hurt and want her back. But I am staying postive, going to the gym and trying to move on and enjoy life trying to ignore memories of her. Her friends are obviously on her side and they unfriended me.

    Question for you mate: What if you are no longer friends on social media or blocked on message and phone. How do I make her know that I am moving on, bettering myself and getting on with life. I know that can text her from an alternate number after the no contact period. Do you have any tips for someone in my situation?

  36. Hey Brad..I just watched ur video…I hope it will work on her…really I miss her so bad…im gonna update this comment until I can get back with her again

  37. Hey Brad i wanna follow all the steps you talked about but the problem is that my ex blocked me on social media and traveled away. How can i make him unblock 4 ?

  38. If your ex left, fuck her. The next relationship and girl is ALWAYS better because you know better and don't put up with the same shit your ex tried to pull. Never chase a bitch, it's her loss not yours. YOU are the prize, 99% of women have NOTHING to offer except for pussy and ALL women have that. The more beautiful she is, the more she is always thinking about if she can do better than you. Keep that in mind and you will never be surprised when she steps out (most will at some point, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it).

  39. Hey Brad, how can you help a relationship that isn't working anymore, meaning the lady once said she is done with her man but they still stay together because of their kids. But the man haven't done anything to the lady, I was assuming the lady is bored because she knows her man for years… & The lady says she needs to focus on herself, needs space, focus on her career & keep distance from her man. How can you help the lady with this type of situation. The thing is her man haven't done anything to her. But the lady just decided she wants to break up with her man & once said she's move along.

  40. Last month date 3 we broke up after 15 days she text me back and we talk but no more in realationship so what should I do I miss her so much.

  41. Hey Brad,

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. I went after to him in another country because I wanted to save our relationship and proved to him that I really love him. He said it was a desperate move from me and it turned him off. 🙁 and after I went back to my country he said he doesnt really know if he wants to fix us and get back together. I don't know what to do, I still love him and I really want him back. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  42. I have not been able to find this answer anywhere.. does no contact during this period mean not posting on social media? I feel like I shouldn’t be showing him what I’m doing because then he will wonder what I’m doing.. if I post everything on social media he doesn’t have to wonder he can see.. when should you post things on social media again? Thanks

  43. Hello, Brad so me and my ex lived together for year and a half, and she decided that we are not meant to be together by listening to her mom, ex and friends that don t like me. But on the other side for the past 2 months she keeps reaching for me everyday we meet, have sex and keep arguing should we get back together. She has a friends with benefits that uses as weapon to forget me. I don;t know what to to in order to win her back, she still says she love me but she needs time to have no contact. Well no contact is kinda impossible cuz we work together, train together still and we have a dog that we rise together please give me a little advice what to do in order to win her back..

  44. I dated my girlfriend for 10 months, it all went downhill 7-8 months in, we broke up two weeks ago but when we was trying to get back together I found out she had moved on already to another boy, we did so much stuff together and many Memories, it hurts to see her with him, I really don’t know what to do, they could be doing anything I feel empty and lost

  45. My ex broke up with me three days ago, she lied to me when i asked her if she dating another guy come to find out she is. She been datin him for a while but she says im at falt for what why she broke up with me becouse i didnt trust her gues what i was right not to trust you she says im insecure woman you fuckin another guy while were dating she says i dont respect her i dont know how to talk to her is she serious😳 im currently using no contact but im very angry with her that the feeling i have. Pls wish me luck.

  46. Hi Brad! Just want to ask if it's ok to greet my ex bf a happy bday while I'm in no contact with him? What's the right approach to greet him on his bday while I'm in no contact with him? Hope you could reply on me, thanks and god bless

  47. Hello brad

    We broke up 2 months ago, at the beginning of our Break up, I made mistake of requesting her to stay. That didn't work !
    I am practising 'no contact' rule for nearly a month. But the problem is she moved to new city for studying and I hear she dates an other guy. What do I do? Help me.

  48. my girlfriend end our relationship because she wants freedom. she want space. There is still have a chance?

  49. What if they read your message but don't respond after the 30 days no contact… I guess it's really over then huh. What do you do next?

  50. i just had a breakup few hours ago… He broke up with me because as he said i was to shy and that my bestfriend is better than me. The last two massages he sent were "i dont want anything to do with you" and "bye".
    We go to the same class which is making things even more awkward. I have school on monday and I dont know what should I do… Should i talk to him or should I ignore him? Should I be happy around him or should i just try not to be close to him? And also I know he is going to miss me one day bc we have a lot of memories. We have some pictures together and he is just the kind of guy that can't make good desicions. If he asks me for dating again what should I say? And what if he doesnt ask me…

  51. My girlfriend broke up with me coz I accidentally cheated on her coz when we broke up I went out with this other girl the girl I was dating didn't text me in 3 weeks so i forgot we was dating coz she didn't talk so my ex went back out with me then I had posted a video of me on Instagram then she commented heart eyes on my post then my girlfriend saw it then got mad at me then dumped me I didn't know what was going on now I feel sad and feel like shit but I'm trying to be strong

  52. Yeah, no contact if I break up and get in a new relationship, I'll be so happy that my ex is doing the no contact. Peace at last! No contact works in certain situations but can backfire. It's not a sure way.

  53. hey , m in living relation, but we broke. but still living in one home and cook together.
    So how i can break contact?

  54. 3 weeks after she dumped me, I started apologizing and somewhat begging. A week later she text me saying she can’t see me again and said goodbye. I responded saying I respect her decision and that I wish her the best. If I started 30-day no contact after this, do I still have a chance?

  55. Hey Brad I really need your help immediately I think I just completely ruined my chances with my ex of going on 12 years in june. We've been separated since the 18th of September , I notice things were a little weird so I asked her if there perhaps was another individual in her life she stated she was talking to somebody but nothing serious I wish her well and told her I was happy for her and did not emotionally freak out and I've been applying some of your methods and they seemed to be working however during the time I was informed of her speaking with another man I thought maybe it would be healthy for me to give her her space and try dating myself so I joined a dating app ( tinder) On Sunday night and quickly erase it Monday morning because I felt that it wasn't a smart idea or just basically did not feel right about it and during that time one of her friends happen to see it and snap a photo of my profile before I delete it or perhaps it didn't delete even though it said that it did and then showed it to her this morning , Where to that last night we came together for a bit and had a great time and Things seem to be going slightly well and this morning everything was going just fine we even discussed going to couples therapy and she was all for it before she received the Picture of my profile and then she completely freaked out on me telling me how much she does not ever want to see me again and how much I would never have a chance with her again we do have 2 kids together and I feel like I completely ruined it over which basically was jealousy that's why I made the account and she doesn't understand when I tried to express to her that I was emotionally unstable and wasn't too sure if I ever had a chance with her again so I thought it would be good for me to perhaps try and just have a conversation with somebody of the opposite sex. I really need your help if you could please find it it to please respond to me as soon as you could it I would greatly appreciate it I am completely lost and Don't known what to do and I could really use some 1 on 1 advice brad I'm losing my mind here and I need HELP from someone like you. 🙏

  56. I begged and pleaded to much and she has me blocked on Snapchat facebook and my phone number. She thinks I’m crazy and when crazy for trying to explain myself and me constantly trying to talk to her. Now we have absolutely no contact what do I do

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