Mario Kart Tour News, Vol. 3 “Where did Lakitu go?” November 19th

It’s time for another Mario Kart Tour News! As always, I’m your host Lakitu. Let’s jump right in. Uh…Ooops! I’ll catch and release that one for now… And let’s jump in for real! The Paris tour will be ending soon,
so I hope you enjoyed your time racing through City of Lights. I hate to leave, but I’ve never had such an
elegant view through the rearview mirror. Besides, it’s time to introduce the next tour. It looks like the next tour is… The winter tour! How cool! Winter has come to Mario Kart Tour, but don’t
worry about the cold. We’ll be plenty warm as long as the drivers
are burning up the track. Speaking of tracks, take a look at DK Pass! This snowy course is perfect
for some wintertime racing. Oof! What the… Hey, this space isn’t zoned for building snowmen… Anyway. We’ve got some more courses to cover. Even the trees have gotten into the holiday
spirit. Just look at em! They’ll be added to existing courses, too,
so keep your eyes peeled. This just in! It looks like the racing controls have been updated. Now you can steer and drift effectively regardless
of your drift setting. You can steer by swiping across the screen
and drift at the tap of a button, or viceversa. This will help me rack up
the mini-turbo boosts! Starting with the Winter tour, some pretty festive drivers will be
in the pipe for three consecutive tours. So let’s take a look at who’s joining us next. First, it’s Mario in some
very festive Santa duds! Santa’s beard is usually completely white, but Mario wouldn’t be Mario
without his trademark black ‘stache. But you better believe
he’s as jolly as the real deal! His special skill is the Fire Flower, a true Mario staple. I bet it helps him keep real warm
on those cold winter nights. His favored courses are those shown here. Including the recently introduced DK Pass! If you’re curious about who
will appear in future tours, keep an eye out for upcoming notifications. And for the Winter tour’s second driver… It’s Pink Gold Peach! She looks absolutely radiant in that shade,
don’t you think? She shines like gold, but is there a heart
of gold under that hard exterior? I can’t tell what she’s thinking since her
expression never changes… Her special skill is Coin Box, so when it
comes to her, all that glitters IS gold. These are her favored courses. The shimmering Rainbow Road really suits her! And, uh… Guess I’m out of one-liners for now. But that’s not all! Black Shy Guy is hopping into the pipe next. His special skill is the Bob-omb Cannon. Talk about some real firepower! And as always, there are some
new karts and gliders coming your way, too. Fans of the Mario Kart Wii game
may recognize the Wild Wing. Its red paint job just screams Mario! Now let’s take a look at some of the rewards
you can get from the Winter tour. If you’re subscribed to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass,
you can get your hands on the Radish Rider. Finally, someone found a good use for radishes… This kart increases the dash time of Slipstreams
and the bonus points you’ll earn for using one. And finally, let’s take a look at the drivers, karts, and gliders that will give you an edge in the ranked cup
for the first part of the Winter tour. It’s our old friend Black Shy Guy! He’s ready and raring to go,
so aim to score as high as you can! The Winter tour is all set to start November 19th
(November 20th GMT/CET), so get ready! And that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this installment of
Mario Kart Tour News! Oh, and be sure to check the All-Cup Ranking
posted on the official website, as well as our social-media accounts. Until next time… Intrepid reporter Lakitu, signing off!

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