Media loses hope after poll shows Biden trailing candidates

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  1. Biden doesn't have to worry about it because DNC will make sure that he is the nominee at the end of the day just like Hillary.

  2. Biden,Beto and the rest. I must dream could anybody in the real world really imagine them as a leader of the US!! Please this must be a joke

  3. The Demoncraps sure have a great choice. A woman who lies about being "native American" and pretty much lies about everything else. A socialist nut-job loser who is nothing more than a stooge puppet for the Dems. And a woman and little girl groper and fondler who tells 13-year-old girls that he is "horny being so close to them". Yep, great choice.

  4. MAMA = MAKE AMERICA MORAL AGAIN! The top 5 Democrats are beating Trump in nationwide poles. Democrats need to get behind the nominee in 2020 and get out and vote!

  5. Hey sh!tworms. America doesn't want Biden. He's establishment. The people want a politician that will actually work for them. Bernie, 2020. Get rid of the orange clown.

  6. I wouldn't trust the democratic party to actually have a fair election within their own party. So much so that im thinking that whomever the actual candidate will be is not even running right now to bypass the debates

  7. Lol Biden is sucking SOROS APPENDAGE! To be se4ogate for SOROS. He is to stupid to run a train let alone a country. I can't wait to see all USA GO RED. WATVH THE COMMUNIST ANTI USA DNC GET CRUSHED 28 applicants trying to beat TRUMP? Well one by one they will all go away. Hillairious. DNC is exposed for their He has ISIS COMMUNIST slave readers pedofiles. Warren is a good. And none of them are smart enough to run a marathon

  8. These polls are so ridiculous. It’s like watching a perpetual horse race. It’s irrelevant this far ahead of the actual election. It gets so boring.

  9. Biden is like my grandpa. He died last year. He probably smells old and I love Trump 2020. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Beto’s a dork, I’m talking zero times one, Biden’s the cork at the end of a pop-gun, and Sanders & Warren, stick a fork in it, them losers are done.

  11. None of this matters because Yang will be your next president. He is number 5 behind kamala according to the new Emmerson poll and he will make every single qualification for each debate while the rest wont

  12. Deutsche Bank told a federal appeals court on Tuesday that it was in possession of some tax returns sought by congressional subpoenas issued earlier this year to President Trump, his family and his businesses. Lock him up

  13. Just go home you low life Demacrates and love your president now and in 2020 because it's Trump. VOTE TRUMP FOR 2020

  14. Poor people struggling to be positioned better. I never saw animals struggling like this before the butcheries.

  15. Media loses hope in Joe Biden? Where did media find it's hope🤔?
    Media keeps losing hope in the running T2020. Now media also suffers Joe Biden brain imperfection loss-syndrome🤔.
    Next follows Bernie Sanders because Elizabeth Warren is giving out all the moves & shakes on dance floor. Joe cannot dance anymore. And can Joe shake? Bernie Sanders can make dance moves like Elizabeth Warren. It looks Elizabeth Warren has stolen all the polls, shafts, rods, tubes % numbers. Kamala Harris exhausted🤤. The test of the crew got their tax cuts✂⚔🛠🔫

  16. With all the wrongdoing this man has done he gets to run for president you lose your job because you got a sinus problem.

  17. Imagine how much the Ds must hate the President to vote for Biden? A geriatric doddering swamp creature with no character or gravitas whatsoever. A nothing. A zero. The President he served under, a President beloved by the Ds, will not even endorse him. And yet the Ds will vote for such a nothing for the sake of their TDS. That is pathetic.

  18. who care if he slids, supposedly EVERY dems candidate beat Trump by 120 points right? So a drinking cup with a D on it would beat trump. Just nominate old Joe or a drinking cup, who care!

  19. Pathetic.
    You’re all playing “softball” news since the dust up between Greg and Juan.
    We’ve had to put up with Fake News… now we have to endure Fake Nice.

  20. The media might have decided he can't win first, then manipulated the polls to match. They could have even just polled more honestly than they did in the polls that showed him ahead.

  21. Wikipedia describes CNN as a "pay television news network".
    Wikipedia describes MSNBC as a "pay television network". (MSNBC is a not a true news network, because they don't do a hard-news report).

    Wikipedia describes Fox News as a "conservative pay television news network".
    This is getting to be too much.

  22. RACIST Biden was supposed to be the Centrist — the Golden Bullet for RACIST DNC to win GE. What a Big Fail. LOLOLOLOL

  23. Lmao you see how Fox News put Warren in 1st and Sanders in 2nd. That's what you call a quick hand trick 🤣🤣

  24. The Geek, the Freak and the Creep.
    They should've told Bernie that punching bag was filled with other people's money. Then he would have REKT it.
    Beto cooking burgers. The guy who is in favor of banning cows.

  25. It's over before it began. The democrats and thier braindead followers have reached levels of stupid that shouldn't be possible, and in the end they will contribute to Trump's ultimate victory in 2020.

  26. I read where Bernie Sanders went into a San Francisco restaurant a few days ago, and was very angry and rude to the staff there.
    What a jackass.

  27. Guess the FAKE POLLS are seeing Creepy Sleepy as Hillary 2.0 but the funny part is Crazy Bernie and Pocahontas Can't Win

  28. I'm a Democrat going to Fox News to get real poll numbers! None of us are supporting Biden, idk how any polls have him leading.

  29. No Biden,no Nancy or Chuck,go away old guard you lost to a reality show clown and you have no back bone…AOC!

  30. Why oh Why am i still watching this group w Juan Williams. ONLY for Greg ( who is a trump convert) & Waters.
    Beto wife is a multi millionaire & his grandfather was a crooked/crooked Judge ..


  32. Now, EAT that burger and PROVE your not a syborg….THEN change a tire in more than ten min.
    A funny episode ! And the dems head didn't hit the ceiling… Aawsuuum.

  33. None of us has ever been polled,none of us know anyone who's been polled.knock off the drama.We'll see them at the voting booth TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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