Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

This is Sunny. She organized this rally on
behalf of police relatives. More than three months
of unrest have transformed the city. These Hong Kongers say
they’re defending their freedoms from China. Confronting them are also Hong Kongers in uniform. Clashes mark almost every demonstration, no matter
how peaceful it begins. And many Hong Kongers
don’t blame protesters for
the violence. They blame the police. As protesters scattered,
ordinary people stepped in from the sidelines. The tension you witnessed
doesn’t end here on the streets. It’s permeating
neighborhoods, homes and the most intimate
corners of society. We’re back with Sunny. She participates
in the protests. But her husband is a cop
who confronts demonstrators. Even though Sunny
supports the movement, she sympathizes
with the police. She says they’ve become
stand-ins for a government that is unwilling to compromise. Sunny is putting up fliers
for an activist group, people like herself, who have police
officers in their families. The members of Sunny’s group
are walking a fine line. They’re calling on the cops
to tone down the aggression and at the same time,
they want protesters to remember that the police
are their neighbors, stuck in the middle. Many officers who feel
conflicted don’t dare speak out They fear losing their jobs
or being ostracized. Their only real
choice is to quit. Cathy Yau was sworn in
as a Hong Kong police officer in 2008. But in July as
tensions escalated, and officers continued
to use excessive force against protesters,
she resigned. She has since decided to
go public with her story. Now she’s announcing her
campaign for City Council. If elected, she wouldn’t be able to grant
protesters their demands. But her hope is that
in her new position, she can better encourage others
to heal their divided city. Sunny is organizing
an upcoming rally with other police relatives. Sunny’s group
leads the rally, marching new demands to
police headquarters. [Protesters chanting] They’re calling for an
independent inquiry into police misconduct and they’re insisting
that the government take responsibility for the
violence in the streets. No one here is
under the illusion that their demands
will be answered. But they hope they’re
creating a space where people will come to listen.

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  1. But the damage has been done. You can’t just pretend things didn’t happen. The police force will need to disband and rebuilt from the ground up, like the Berkut.

  2. HK people you must arrest any police that arrest you. protect your own people by jumping on the police making arrest. they must realize that they are the traitors to the HK people


  4. Wow….NYT loves crushing those who are ACTUALLY OPPRESSED BY A TOTALITARIAN STATE. Sooooooooooooooooooo liberal and progressive. Go Police State and Orwellian Government!!!! NYT is not what it used to be.

  5. Look at these bunch of cowards Show your face n identity if u are not fearful. Willing to die for Hong Kong – a bunch of hollow crap. Eventually it be settled with blood on the street.

  6. I just want to ask: Can the demonstrators wear masks in the United States?Is it peaceful to attack government units in the United States?In the United States, is it not illegal to fight the police?

  7. LOL…all acting to to propagate more lies like New York Times?? Seriously what do you expect the police to do with thousands rioting and destroying public properties?? France 11 deaths and yet not much coverage…I wonder why?? Baltimore protests and National Guards deployed after only 1 day of property destruction, looting and declare national emergency…wow why the instant fear?? Here in HK police trying their best to minimize collateral damage and injuries and all these was caused by rioters who thinking nothing but destruction and attacking police with well planed strategies…

  8. HK police has such a tough job. They tried to stop riots to protect other HK citizens and stop Vandalism but not getting deserved respect and support. Democracy is not getting what you want by force or inconvenience others in blocking subway, tunnels. It takes time to build trust among each other’s. HK citizen depends on China for basic needs such as food, water. Hope HK citizens study and learn history. Look to Macau as a sample.

  9. That is sad for both all if going to divorce in the end
    Sad for being police and no one support
    Will the next generation feel, don't be a police, that is so pain?

  10. I am a Hong Kong resident! We are very tired of this violent incident! These thugs did not help Hong Kong people fight for anything! Even if we want to say something different from them, they will be treated with violence! They destroy public property! Do not let the general public go to work! Attack dissidents! Online bullying to police family members! Throw a brick burning bomb at the police! Block the road! ! They are nothing but Just a group of brainless, soulless devils!

  11. Why doesn't this lady confront police in Paris, over 50 killed so far, but no western reporters there🤷‍♂️. It's biased reporting designed to smear China, they won't show the violence protesters use against ordinary HK people. It's total media control.

  12. they begged hk police not to use force on the violent protesters, but why not ask the protesters not to be aggressive which cause the police to use force at the first place? I don't see a legitimate protest, no matter how big it is, been suppressed by hk police. Instead, the protesters are protected by police.

  13. 那怪这帮垃圾整天闹事,住的家和监狱单间一样,贫民窟的感觉,知道自己低人一等不敢见人所以戴口罩,希望从扰乱社会中获得机会,垃圾

  14. Disillusioned wives of HK police. Not doing the duty of a wife. She should by her husband , a police officer. She should be proud that her husband help to maintain peace and order. Don't be a burden to your husband. Support him, you dumb.

  15. HK Police, if there are any good ones left, stand up and strike against the government. They are throwing you into the fighting pits every day, and letting you take the heat. Stop letting them use you.

  16. CIA organised train and paid in full by Psychological warfare (PSYWAR) operatives !!

    The organisers should be detained ASAP and tried as TRAITORS !!!

  17. Protestants are fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of liberty while they bully families of police officer for even speaking up for their loved ones , that ain't democracy

  18. People is waiting for the storm to crash you, Hong Kong police, the storm is going to come after Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019, pass or not, the storm is coming.

  19. If protesters didn’t bomb on streets, didn’t break public properties, didn’t block airport and subways, how can police release tear gas?? If in US, police would not definitively restrain like this! The example of that poor protesters in the video, you should work hard to get money other than blaming government. You should blame the so-called Hongkong capitalism society which “ one county two systems “ keeps, that is what you want protest for, right?! Stupid journalist!

  20. THE POLICE ARE NOT STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. the actions from the police of beating and assaulting and sexually indecently touching females in inappropriate areas is uncalled for. RELEASE FOOTAGE OF AUGUST 31 2019 PRINCE EDWARD MTR STATION.

  21. who would wear full gear to pursuing violence, beating up the police and innocents, screaming democracy and freedom while they destroy the place they live as hard as possible. In NYT, they are freedom fighters, elsewhere in the world, they are rioters.

  22. If these protesters stands for justice, why be afraid to show their faces and stand in broad daylight? They look no different from any other rioters. "protect identity", more like afraid to be embarrased once recognized by others!

  23. Hong Kong is more free than the United States and more clean and lawless than the United States. Then the shameless United States said that there is no democracy in Hong Kong?

  24. The police’s job is assuring the public safety against violence, even in US there are lot “pro-democracy “ movement, shall the police just ignore the violence when people use the name of “democracy” or “social justice” ?NO!!!

  25. 港猴的行为艺术。斯德哥尔摩综合症群体。英国人不给选票,很开心。回归了,没选票,要闹事。英国人治下,穷120年,没事。中国改开了,富裕了30年,不感恩。回归了,地位下降,穷了,恨中国。港猴应该加入越南,黄之锋的祖国。

  26. There should be no violence however noble a cause one claims to pursue. Police has to do their job when rioters vandalize the city. Hong Kong police is the most professional and gentle police force in the world. Do the same thing in US, France, UK or Malaysia and see how police will act.

  27. I’m chinese uwu but I live in America and born there
    I went to China a month ago
    Came back a week ago
    Didn’t know what was happening in Hong Kong
    Then realize what was happening litterly right next to me
    But China I was in was so peaceful
    While Hong Kong there was a huge protest;-;
    I wish I was there in Hong Kong to help :-:
    But my chinese Asian mom won’t allow ಠ_ಠ

  28. Some of these protestors are violent and involved in criminal activity, how can you pretend that they’re not? These wives are blind and unsympathetic to their husband’s difficult jobs.

  29. the reporter knows the police officer is not allowed to accept any interview without the permission, yet she chased the offiers and asked. shame to NYT, you call that "professional media"?? bunch of jerks!

  30. When we were sick men in East Asia, we were called the Yellow Peril.

    When we are predicted to become a superpower, it is also called a major threat.

    When we shut ourselves down, you smuggled opium and forced us to open the door.

    When we embrace free trade, we are scolded and robbed of your job.

    When we are in the wind and rain, your iron hoof invasion requires equal opportunities.

    When we integrate the broken mountains and rivers, you are clamouring for independence.

    When we pursued the salvation of the country by Malay-Leninist, you hated our belief in communism.

    When we implement the market economy, you are jealous of our capital.

    When our population exceeds one billion, you say we destroy the earth.

    When we limit population growth, you say we are trampling on human rights.

    When we are poor, you treat us as dogs.

    When we lend you money, you complained about the debt.

    When we develop industry, you say we are the source of pollution.

    When we sell our products to you, you say it warms the planet.

    When we buy oil, you say we plunder resources.

    When you fight for oil, you say you save lives.

    When we are in turmoil and disorder, you say that we have no rule of law.

    When we are governed by law, you say that we violate human rights.

    When we remain silent, you say we have no freedom of speech.

    When we dare to speak, we are said to be brainwashed mobs.

    We have to ask, "Why do you hate us so much?"

    You answered, "No, we don't hate you."

    "We don't hate you either, but do you know us really?"

    "Of course, we have a lot of news, including Agence France-Presse, CNN, and the British Broadcasting Corporation…"

    The United States has military bases all over the world, but you say China's threat theory. You should know that China has never invaded any country since ancient times. China is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

    How on earth do you want us to survive?


    Can you be an impartial and objective news media?

  31. Example, 5:50, fake. The barricades are used by VIOLENT protesters to block roads, cause damage to property, not to protect against police of which they're trying to provoke and get a violent response. Their is no sympathy for these criminal acts and NY Times should know better than to support violence. God bless!

  32. Hong Kong is "Palestine of the East". Sad to see that the so called Hong Kong enforcement serving its outside non Hong Kong political master to suppress its own Hong Kong citizens. Act of aggression towards her own people just to show her outside political master is so meaningless and foolish. This conflict is going to last very very long time. All sufferings is on Hong Kong people and their outside political master is happy audience as they enrich themselve from the events happening in Hong Kong. Remember the old classic movie "Flash Gordon"… The young keep fighting "Emperor Ming". When can communism end?.

  33. Will the NYT ever be fair and balanced in their journalism, like real journalists? Will they ever cover the Majority of Hong Kongers and police, who do not support the protesters but instead support the HK government and the central government?

  34. It is suspicious that they claim to be relatives but wear masks covering their faces. If they're actually relatives, they should be calling out directly to their relative on the force.

  35. It was some of the protesters who stayed behind after the peaceful and lawful assembly and started confronting the police. By then it became unlawful assembly and rioting (as according to HK law promulgated before 1997). These rioters continue to damage properties, arson, inflicting bodily harm on police by pointing laser to police. Police needed to use forces like every police in the world. The rioters then accused the police of using force and further escalated their unlawful acts.

    The western media are talking rule of law day in and day out. Why didn’t NYT reported fairly on what unlawful deeds rioters committed?

  36. Apparently something's so wrong with HK's education ,
    people no longer know what's right and what's wrong, they take in violence as just and a form of democratic expression, and denouncing police for doing their job in maintaining law and order. Very sad.

  37. The worst anger is produced when there is a loss of trust with people you respect. HK respected its police force as it was regarded as one of the most professional in Asia. However the police are people too, they make mistakes, get carried by emotion, can be negatively affected by trolling, and not immune to corruption or authoritative oppression. Unfortunately the police is abhierarchical organization, therefore if there are problems within tge police force with authoritarianism it is difficult to observe by insiders. Hopefully they can find an organization from outside the police organization to do an audit, one that can be trusted by both the police and the public. Additionally, maybe an investigation into triads is also needed by third party investigators.

  38. I wonder why this report never show one seen that protester turn violent attacking police attacking building teardown Subway! destroy the city attacking citizen that with different opinion. this report is not reporting the truth and extremely subjective opinion

  39. I'm a protestor in HK, and I've seen the police brutalise people. Yet, I have great respect for the families and relatives of the police who took such risks to stand up for what's right.
    The police should have gone on strike for the way they've been used by the colonial government, instead they brutalised the people. Now they are hated by their families, hated by the public, looked down on by the whole world, and used by a HK government that has abdicated all responsibility. Their only friends are the Chinese Communist Party, that want to replace them with the Chinese Public Security Bureau. Indeed, rumour has it that has already begun in secret.

  40. The revolution of color is always planned to take something down. But the foolish HK waste scums take themselves down. The revolution ends and the scums remain always foolish and more worthless .than ever.

  41. The Cheif Executive formally withdrew the extradition bill, which is a great start but also is only one of the five demands

  42. Hong Kong thugs keep making new demands, and when the bill is repealed by the government, they say they will continue to protest. Their real aim is to undermine Hong Kong and make Hong Kong independent.

  43. First, the sovereignty of HK belongs to China. There are no Chinese invaders but only mobs who are now ruining their own city. Second, Beijing has nothing to do with HK riots. What's happenning in HK is merely local mobs vs local police.

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