Meghan Markle And Prince Harry: What Will Their Life In Canada Be Like? | TODAY

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  1. Was the British mainstream and tabloid media this brutal to Prince Andrew who is actually accused of engaging in a horrific crime involving underaged girls? I thought not. It's as if the British press is using Meghan to distract the public from the ongoing embarrassing and shameful saga of the Queen's son. She looks relaxed and happy here. I wish them luck. This is sure going to help boost the Canadian economy via tourism. Millions of dollars worth of free exposure.

  2. Not wise. He's a target and always will be. William, George and Kate are not 'just' a phone call away . . . nor is Parliament.

  3. No matter how hard she wishes, she will never be as loved as Princess Diana. I know that was her goal, epic fail. She is not even close to what Princess Diana was. This broad's of fraud

  4. Harry!!.. please pay for your own security and shut these whiners up!!..Don't wear anything canadian-made,they dont need the boost in their ecomony… idiots!

  5. C'mon of course she will try to show off !! As if helping everybody , but is it really from the heart or just bullying the Monarchie … and using people.

  6. She just genuinely wants to help others??? Of course not!! She wants another source of publicity to show off her "helping behavior" while alienating her and harry's family!

  7. Why is having a princess and a prince if he stepped down from the royal duties? If you ask me they can do whatever they want but if they are 100% not going to commit to royal duties they should be permanently removed from any type of royal succession and hand over their family assets and only use the money they earned from their pervious jobs-such as Harry in his military services

  8. Gets colder in canada then London. So they can hide out in big jackets and hoods. Soo who gets frogmore if they up and leaving some reports say there never even lived there. But there still getting press in Canada covering there hiding out lol. 3 sides to every story well never really know what went down. The UK press wanted her to tow the line be quiet do what the royals do, bow curtsy, all the meanwhile slamming her with articles of meanness saying how awful it is for her to hold her baby bump while it was ok for kate too. But also the racial card came into factor too. Harry fed up with all just said we out but still wanna keep the titles, hmmmm.

  9. Justin Trudeau's Islamic army will hunt this love child down! He is not Royal he is the result of Diana's affair with Hewitt! Harry is his double as well. Good riddens from the UK. 👋👋👋👋

  10. They will siphon money that could have been used for legitimate charity towards themselves while promoting racial and sexual division.

  11. Duke & Duchess, I support you and pray that you’ll have peace, joy, prosperity and that your marriage flourish.🇨🇦🇺🇸💕❤️

  12. So, they meet with Castro's son and he teaches them how to put on blackface. Then they learn that free speech has been outlawed, that Sharia is on the rise.
    NEXT UP:
    Harry and Meghan flee back to England and beg to be reinstated.

  13. So…Canada passes law to decriminalize marijuana months later Prince Harry and Meghan move there Coincidence? I think not 🤔🤨😉

  14. Divorce in their future…Trudeau and taxpaying Canadians financing…then Grandma…and the Brit taxpayer funding them…Oh yeah…Di's inheritance???

  15. Unlike Canada's most prominent newspaper, we'd welcome Harry and Meghan here in PA.
    Surprising to see Canada be so unwelcoming.

  16. Meanwhile, in more important stuff news:
    … Russia and China are violating the Geneva Accords, the Law of the Sea, and are actively undermining & violating sanctions worldwide.

  17. As an American the hate is so hard for me to understand. Harry only gets one life like the rest of us, he should be free to live it as he choose.

  18. Good for them, I don’t understand the whole Celeb worship so I think it’s nice to see them want to have more Normalcy in there life… theres nothing wrong with Monarchy’s I believe but if someone doesn’t want to be in the spotlight they shouldn’t have to be … I remember Prince Harry spent quiet a long time in the Royal Service right? So seems like he’s always been comfortable out of the spotlight … I don’t blame his especially since the press pretty much trashed him Mom then ended up causing her car accidents if the rumors are true

  19. Stunt to get over the Climate Change fiasco. Jets and mansions don’t contribute to climate change just the idiots who worship these royal idiots. Stop having children morons, only the royals can have more than 1…

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  21. More pictures of her now than ever before, which of course she complained about in the UK, best of luck Canada

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  23. 0_o They should be allowed to live their own lives, separate from the royal family. Being born into royalty shouldn't make you a slave to it. That royal lifestyle has been proven time & time again to be a very toxic & smothering one to personal relationships. Some people are just not cut out for it, and I don't hear any complaints from his older brother, who appears to be more than happy to take on the future role as King.

  24. Canadian go about their life in their own way, they are not interested in celebrities to mind their business. Canadians are relaxed people and very vey nice.

  25. This Tramp has already dumped the Baby and Harry for the Hollyweird life. She is a attention horror and craves the spotlight. She wants to be the focus. Queen should ban her from the UK.

  26. Yes, very engaged for a photo opp with complete strangers but not with her family or the family of her husband. I'm seeing a pattern develop.

  27. I have to admit, this is the best soap opera I've watched recently. I'll be at work listening and watching and I literally catch myself talking and responding back to the narratives 🤣🍿🍿🥤🥤

  28. Duchess of woke
    we thee implore
    to go away
    and virtue signal
    no more
    but if that effort
    be too great
    to go away
    at any rate

  29. They can be private citizens if they want but they need to pay their own way. They're certainly old enough…

  30. I don't give Harry and Meghan much of a chance in the long run. A large portion of the British people aren't particular thrilled with her and it's obvious she's behind Harry's decision to fall back from royal duties and retreat to Canada. As time goes by more demands will be made of him by her to distance himself from his family until either he decides he's had enough or she decides it's too much.

  31. Look how empty her family pew was at her wedding . Is anyone REALLY that surprised ? Get ready Canada this one's gonna cost you a pretty penny! 🙄

  32. Are the Canadians suckers for this narcissistic couple? Shes trouble. She expects Canadians to foot the bill to look after them. Meanwhile their fortune will grow at the expense of the average Canadian.

  33. Markle doesn't belong in the Royal family, nor fits with European culture. She'll be happier in North America and in show business. Not sure Harry deserves this. I guess a divorce is likely. The sooner the better.

  34. The biggest reason for H&M emancipation is because of the relentless attacks by the media, who are apparently getting their information/instructions from the bullie’s camp. The rhetoric has gotten so bad that they have been inciting hatred and consequently,
    They are NOT SAFE in England.
    Make no mistake, if Canadians media creates the same type of hatred, they will go to CAPITALISTIC USA, where their revenues will be TOTALLY welcomed.
    Imagine the amount of money “fantasy” Cinderella, Snow White generate in the USA. The “real deal” will be such a hit in the USA.
    The USA will know just how to capitalize on Royal.
    Once again, the UK media has shot down one of its CASH cow… total blunder.
    The USA never talks bad about anything that generates revenue, even if that something is a mouse… like Mickey Mouse.

  35. Meghan’s sister Samantha is a nasty person coming on television all the time judging and criticising Meghan. Meghan does not have to stay where she was if she was terribly unhappy and in fact she was being terribly abused by Samantha and the media the whole time she lived in England. She decided to leave because her soul does not belong there. Meghan has to do what is right for her and she wants to be happy and free. I think Harry would like a break from his Royal chains as well. I can see a divorce at some point in the future, I can just feel it. Meghan will be heavily criticised again by Samantha when that divorce comes. Samantha stop all the negativity, it’s like a poison and the first to get that venom will be yourself. What you are doing is ugly dirty and filthy. I block anything that has you in it. You are Abusive. You need to stop!

  36. look how stressed the poor one hurts me !! a lazy woman who did not want to strive she wanted debauchery and separated family, had her plan well done she from the first day I got married I have a son and they scrub I go out and millionaire, that of racism is typical she did not want to be ordered she does not want anyone just wants to live on the donation good clothes and friends and party. the United Kingdom is stupid to accept their conditions, they must take everything away and neither Canada nor the United States accept them as monarchy parasitic living who work as Angelina Jolie asks for nothing, everything goes out of stock and does not presume luxuries outside meghan and Harry Par of parasites! devil and she a traitor

  37. ohh dear It seems the young prince will have to go back to gypsy England, still baggage is always cheaper on the way back young prince

  38. Divorce down the road after twelve years like Brad and Angelina. Harry will get tired oh her wearing the pants..


  40. When people bully you and treat you mean be it family , strangers or whom ever you have to walk away from them. Plus they were racist towards them. I love them. God bless them forever.

  41. I think maybe Megan Markle is San Tun Shwe and Joseph Fassbender. I think maybe Canada is a Taurus colony. I do not welcome Harry and Meagan in Canada as Duchess Juliet of Aldebaran A.

  42. Erase. I think maybe Meagan Markle is San Tun Shwe and Joseph Fassbender. I think maybe Canada is a Taurus colony. I do not welcome Harry and Meagan to Canada as Duchess Juliet of Aldebaran A.

  43. This seems the epitome of the woman marring her prince and then embarking on a full-on project to remake him into someone she thinks will be a better version but ends up making him into something that neither likes as much.

  44. Hopefully they can live a fairly normal life as they can. I stand with both of them and support them both for this decision

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