META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 4: Sequence Break | Glitch Productions

Oh, come on, lighten up a little. You look like we’re gonna kill
you and hide your body. You’re kidnapping me. That’s just as bad. No, we’re not. Think of it as… temporarily borrowing your
body for research. Um, wait, hang on a second.
That sounds worse. Look, we’re not going to
hurt you, okay? We just wanna find out
what makes you tick. Is that supposed to make
me feel better? How about we open up and
drill into your arm and see how YOU like it. You don’t think I’ve suffered
to get to where I am now? Let me put it this way. An arm is the LEAST painful thing for a Meta Runner to give up! You don’t know how many friends
I’ve seen that have given EVERYTHING for this. But that was under your own will. You agreed to do all of that. People have been pulling me around since the moment I got
to this city. Ugh, save me the guilt trip. Listen.
You can’t remember anything, right? Live in this world for
a couple of days, and you’ll be crawling back on
our doorstep – begging to be a part of TAS Corp. I find that really hard to believe. What else are you going
to do, babe? In this society, video games
are all that matter. And if you don’t win,
you don’t matter. Yo, Frank! I fell off my motorbike yesterday. Almost broke 3 bones. I got a personal best of 33:18 at Dragon Kart just this morning. You see? So just sit back
and enjoy the ride. Lucks is gonna do his thing, you’ll get a fat stack of TAS-coin, and you’ll be free to go. Everybody wins! What about Theo? What happens to him? That kid… is a
completely different story. I have no idea what
Lucks has planned for him. He doesn’t deserve any of this. He’s just a child! Oh, don’t be so melodramatic– Hey! Tari! What? *Cough* Theo?! BELLE! Is the girl alright? Y-you! Quick, Tari! Get in the car! Son of a–! Get in, Belle!
You’re driving! What about the whole
“being in public” thing? Tinted windows. Get. In. Alright, alright. Chill out, man. Uhh, Lucks? Where’s the controller? I ain’t using this
analog crap. Oh, right. Theo, are you okay? What’s going on? Who are you? Damn, that’s an interestin’ way to say thank you to someone who just saved your ass. This is Lamar! He’s here to help us! Is… is that a body
pillow in the back? Huh? Yeah, that’s Nova-chan. Don’t worry, she’s chill. I like her! Do me a favor and put that
hoodie on by your feet. What? Why? We saw you back
in the arena. Big boss Lucks put a tracking
chip in your arm. He likes to keep tabs of
his… “opportunities”. The material on your jumper
should block the signal. Oh! Theo, that’s how they found
we were in that streaming pod! Can we go back there later? I think my fans miss me… Take that vehicle out, but
be sure to use the electro mags. We need them alive. Ew. Where do you find
these people, Lucks? Do NOT lose them, Belle. C’mon now, Lucks. Look
who you’re talking to. A RIFLE? They have a RIFLE? Calm down, girl.
I got this. Oh god, that
was so close. Crackajack!
That was awesome! Hey! Seatbelt! yes sir… Oh, this is gonna
be fun… Uh Lucks? The cops? Chief of Police. This is Lucks. Yes, that’s us. Call your officers off. We’re handling the situation. Hold on, guys! Ah man, I just had those done! Okay. NOW I’m pissed. We are OWNING this baby! Watch out! Woops. We’re oming up on
27th and 3rd now. Put up the barrier. That was awesome! You alright baby? Yeah, uh. I, uh.
I think I’m fine. Oh uh. Not you.
I was talkin’ to Nova-chan. Oh. Hey, guys.
The road disappeared. Oh hell no.
This ain’t good. I don’t see a way around. Should we stop the car? Crap. Looks like I’m
gonna have to. I’m sorry guys.
I screwed up big time. Hey! What are you doing? What the hell? Theo! Through that lid at that billboard up there! Throwing? Oh, I’m
good at that! What? Tari? What… the… f– BELLE, LOOK OUT! Oh, yo! That was sick! Yeah! Tari! We alive! Gimme a hi-5
for bein’ alive little man! DAMN. I knew I was right about you. Where’d you learn that? Tari’s a super genius! Well, you’re driving on the wrong
side of the road now, super genius, can I have
the controller back? Oh, shoot!
Yeah, here you go. Haha, man.
You two alright. Where are we going now? To a place where you’ll be safe from that corporate scrub. Ooh, the cow level? Uh, sure. GOD. DAMN IT! Where the hell did
she learn to do that?! I don’t understand! Change of plan. WHAT? I no longer just want her
abilities for TAS Corp. I want… her. Lucks… you are so
creepy right now. Ooh, dinner? I’m starving. I don’t think we’re
here for food, Theo… Lamar. Why did you take us
to a ramen restaurant? Lamar? Masa my man! They’re here! Hiya! Oh my gosh!
You’re here! You’re finally here! I’m so glad to see the
three of you in one piece. Great driving work, Lamar! And Tari! You need to tell me all about those abilities
of yours. What I witnessed earlier
absolutely blew my mind. English subtitles by Loohhoo

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    Hope you guys have been enjoying the series!

  2. Tbh I am a Gamer and I do love driving but this is not life if I was to live in this I would be that grandpa complaining about how the world has changed (I’m only gonna be 14 in 7 days) and the thing that really pisses me of the most is that there are no animals or trees. I wouldn’t mind if some things were revolved around gaming but if the whole world is like this then we ain’t especially if we are willing to give up limbs for some shitty broken platformer. Like I really like the series Meta runner and I think it’s a great show/cartoon/animation/anime but I’m just saying if this was irl I would try to convince ppl that this work is wrong and we should stop being lazy or I would commit oof

  3. Settle something right now. Is it Lux or Lucks?? AND WHY HAVEN'T WE MET THE VOICE ACTORS FOR MASA, SOPHIA, AND LAMAR YET?!?

  4. Tari: is that a body pillow in the back Lanmar or whatever: Yeah she’s chill Theo: I LIKE HER 😀
    This is like on of the funniest tv shows kind of stuff ever

  5. Idk what I should be saying the characters are anymore
    Belle fontiere
    Tari the voice of PZ7
    Lamar Williams the voice of PZ20

  6. Man this series is so epic. I would love to watch this on DVD. It's soo well done and the voice of Tari much love and respect for this.

  7. 8:52 that is the same photo they use in the
    Food fight cardtrench and it has both Arin and TheOdd1sout too but nobody knew this cameo for the meta runner special video

  8. The Moment when you see that the special episode was inoffical announced in thís episode. On 8:52 you can see the game on the billboard.

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