Miami Mayor Francis Suarez gives updated on Hurricane Dorian plans

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  2. This fool is always pumping his ‘Urban search and rescue team’ he was saying how they were ready to go to The Bahamas just waiting on the President to give home the order yesterday and the interviewer was like ‘can your team go in there while the storm is still there’ he was caught off guard and stumbled his answer.

  3. Too much noise too many news! Guns kills more people than hurricanes! Thanks to the NRA that finance political campaigns, and smuggle money from foreign governments into our democracy; thanks to politicians that keep telling the same old junk story that guns need a finger to be triggered. American is far more dangerous than many underdeveloped countries. If you go to church or synagogue you get shot, if you are walking down the street you get shot, if you go to school you get shot, if you go to a concert or a movie theater you get shot, or If you to Walmart you get shot. The Government, The State, the Law machinery, they all have the obligation to warrant the life of citizens, it is their duty to legislate and control this gun desease.

  4. Why do people stay ????? Just leave town for a week and then good people don’t die trying to rescue you!!!!! That guy is a corrupt idiot!!!

  5. OH damn! The global warming nuts are going to fall out of their trees over this one.

  6. nice to know that public officials aren't taking it too seriously; some black guy / white guy smiling laughing away,

    and some slow ? mentally ill white guy in a usf jacket looking like he's trying to figure out what is going on

    sad dude.


    thomas 🙂

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