Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation)

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  1. Wow man I had only one life ….i dont want to die never even knowing what I could do,I don't want to die not living upto my fullest potential….no limits…this day gonna change me a lot …. knowledge is new currency for me now ….for me struggles are there to to get out from where I am…I will contribute to be a part of this changing of civilization , future etc

  2. When asked what he thought about being the smartest person alive, Einstein said:"I'm not sure, you'd have to ask Nikola Tesla."

  3. The Cosmic Law of the multiverse and of time travel (to a lesser and less direct extent) are true.
    Multiverse theory is already evident right in front of everyone if one is open enough. Take one item of clothing – a shirt or blouse. In its own identity, as what we term as 'shirts', we have a multitude of types, designs, etc. This could be termed as a 'shirt'/'blouse' universe. We pair this item of clothing with other pairs of clothes which exist within separate universes – underwear, pants, skirts, socks, shoes, etc. I one day, we wear multiple universes and probably at least two sets per day including sleepwear.
    Each 'shirt'/'blouse' is an entirely separate galaxy, corresponding with another galaxy – pants, underwear, socks, shoes – layered upon the other to provide an external appearance we feel comfortable with. The daily choice of apparel also depends on a number of things:
    1. Our growth – birth, childhood, teenage years, young adult life, middle age, senior citizenship
    2. Our destinations – household wear, school, work, parties, functions, seminars, work, career-specific employment, etc
    3. Our choices – this is the randomness of being, yet even so, the randomness of our choices have definitive results/consequences.
    If we go deeper into this and view each strand upon the fabric of our clothes as one solar system, so to speak, how many solar systems would we unravel from any one particular 'galaxy' (item of clothing)? and all these layers of galaxies already correspond and mesh with the other galaxies of other universe (other items of clothing) we wear each day.
    Let's look at ants. There is an entire universe of ants which contain many different species of ants. Each 'galaxy' (species) operates within the fundamental principles of said universe (the entire ant family as a whole). The basic fundamentals and principles of each 'galaxy' of ants remain the same – Queen, Soldier, Worker.
    How they develop, what their attributes and weaknesses are noted to be are specific to each sub-species of ants.
    Humans, however, look at each species and sub-species and group them together. Yet, each 'galaxy' (species of insect, animal/mammal, reptile and bird) interacts with one another and also with the rapidly decreasing ecology of flora and terrain, which is also a multiverse unto itself. The basic vibrational tones of everything remains the same.
    If we look at the multiverse as mere theory, we are denying the truth of being. There is another human being, who despite having had the same basic principles of creation as yourself, may have experienced life far more differently than you, yet, in essence is your equal in many things but also more or less equipped with skill sets than yourself. Your culture and upbringing is already an entire universe according to traditions and culture that you have become familiar with. Yet, our features, expressions, manner of speech, behavioural traits, standard of education differ from someone across the other side of the world.
    It is not impossible or wrong to look at the universe as we know it and say that:"It's 13 billion years old," although it probably is far older than that.
    But here's one notion: Who or what created the Higgs-Boson? Every scientist deals with physical evidence but it is also a very short-handed way of looking at Cosmic Truth in a very tunnel-visioned view. The entire multiverse is based upon Alchemy, Science and Mathematics. Just about everyone often rejects one out of the three basic fundamental principles at some point in their lives. Question though: Humanity once believed the Earth was shaped like a cube. We now have arguments over it being flat. What changed?
    50 years ago we couldn't have perceived a smartphone, iPads, 3D and 4D images. Some may have conceived it but to perceive it?
    Now, what about the God Particle?
    There is all this information about what it contains and what it can do or is perceived to be doing but who or what created it?
    If a thought is powerful enough to get one of us to innovate and create the things we are able to hold on to, enjoy and perceive, consider how powerful of a thought it must have been to fill the God Particle with the precise amount of elements to create everything before us, after us and that which we have yet to perceive.

  4. My ouija board .needs a set up toó many información..but it doesnot.work as fast with the new data…who care…

  5. So I just met the first person in my life who was hooked on Flash Gordon as a child. Just like Michio I LOVED that show and never missed an episode. The of course many years late the original Star Trek had me hooked to an even higher degree.

  6. Physicists are Assholes! A load of Bullshit. They invented this, they detected that! They can take a flying Fuck! A group of Arrogant Pricks! Fuck the transistor, Fuck the Nuclear Reactor, Fuck the Hubble Telescope, and Fuck Mars! A lot of Trumped up Crap! Arrogant Pricks Physicists.

  7. can be trace to physicist yes, but engineers make it happen. he's not give damn sh** credit to other profession like engineers. its too bold what he sayin, physicist not make those thing. it is absolutely not true. he discredit all of other function especially engineers. professor drunk.

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  9. I wonder if the idiots who give the thumbs down are just burger flippers or they just walk around all day with the eyes looking that the ground. God love them.

  10. I'm not the good in Physics, but I understood everything he said. Wish he was my Physics teacher. Our physics teacher taught us when we move a wire inside a magnetic field, it creates electric current but he never taught us why. But now i know.

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