Mission To MARS! 15-Year-Old Alyssa Carson Could Be The First Human On Mars

I first got interested in the idea of going
to Mars when I was 3-years-old. She wants to be the first, or one of the first,
to go to Mars. She’s a regular kid with a dream that she’s
willing to pursue. Space flight is very risky business. You have to take it serious or you will die. If the option was to go to Mars and never
come back, I would still want to go and be a part of the mission. When Alyssa was younger, I remember Alyssa
coming to me and asking me, had human beings ever been to Mars? And I explained to her that,
you know, we’d been to the moon, but not Mars. But it would be her generation to become the
Mars generation and go to Mars. This would be something really cool. I mean, going to space and then land on other
planets. Little did I know that I would be raising
a child that I am supporting to leave this planet. I do everything that every other normal kid
does except on the side, I’m training to become an astronaut and go to Mars. Kids are always told you can do whatever you
want to do. You can be whatever you want to be. Alyssa has heard that, but she has accepted
that, “I’m going to have to work really, really hard to get to where I want to be.” She’s the youngest to ever graduate from Advance
Space Academy, was the first person to complete all NASA Space Camps in the world, got her Rocket License before
getting her driver’s permit. Currently I have my basic scuba diving certification
and I’m working on my advanced. She’s doing the international baccalaureate. So she’s doing college level classes in 10th grade. Multi-lingual education – so she’s taking her classes in four languages:
English, French, Spanish, Chinese. She’s got the right mental attitude. She’s doing everything she can physically
here on earth to prepare herself for that journey to Mars. I don’t think there’s anything specifically
that makes it easier for me or makes it something that others can’t do. It’s just something that I’ve kind of really
focused myself on what I want to accomplish. By the mid 2030’s, I believe we can send humans
to orbit Mars and return them safely to earth. Going to Mars is absolutely essential for
continuing of the human species as a whole. It is very important that we keep exploring
because it has all ready been said that a single planet species will become extinct. Just going to Mars is that first baby step
in showing people how we can move on from planet Earth, which is kind of like our little cradle
now. We’re destroying our own planet. If we don’t continue to explore, we could
end up not having a planet to live on. So even though there are a lot of risks in
going to Mars, I believe that the rewards are so much greater. Yeah, space is a dangerous place and, yeah,
there’s so much that I’m giving up for it, but at the end of the day, there’s so much
good that can come from this mission. The big plans for Mars is eventually terraforming
it, change Mars to kind of become kind of like another Earth, to have a second home
for humans to live on. Um, that’s checkmate. Boo-ya! There are companies that want to send one-way
and colonize Mars and then are people like NASA and ESA that are working together that
want to have a return trip. So I still have to look at it, as a father,
that I’ll have my child for 20 more years and then may not ever see her again… …and that’s hard. But for what she’s wanting to do, I have to
support her. I have to let her go. It’s bigger than the two of us. We know that the next 20 years together is
going to be important because we know for sure that those are 20 years that we can spend
together. Obviously it’s not the best thing to be telling
your daughter to go and…and go on the mission to Mars and leave the planet, but I still
know that he supports me anyway. Every time Alyssa talks about going to space
and how she can’t get married and how she can’t have kids, it makes me sad because I’m
saying, “Oh, she’s going to leave me one day,” but then I remember we might as well live
now and when the future comes we’ll be able to accept it because we didn’t waste time. There are a multitude of challenges to become
an astronaut. You have to have the right mental attitude,
you have the right health, you have to have the right skills. Last year we put out a call for the next cadre
of astronauts. We had thousands apply and we’re accepting
less than ten. The biggest challenge for Alyssa is just trying
to get everything done that she wants to have for her unique resume. Specifically for the Mars mission, I would
say that they’re even more precise about who they want for that mission. So thinking about all of that motivates me
to put in the hard work now that I know to build kind of a good resume that helps me
standout from others when I do apply. The opportunity to be one of the youngest
people that’s ever ventured into space, to be a trailblazer, a pioneer, I think this
is everything she’s always wanted to do. She just recently was accepted to Possum Academy. She’s the youngest person to ever be accepted
to that program. Basically, everyone who’s ever gone through
this program either has a college degree, either has a masters, or has a PhD, or is working
on any of those. So they’re all a lot older than I am. What Possum Academy is, they are preparing
people for space flight. I will actually be certified to go to space. I think it’s really significant that Alyssa
is a girl who has this huge dream to make it to Mars. She is someone that girls can look up to and
say, “Hey, look at what she did. Look at what this girl did who was the same
as me once.” So it is important to inspire kids and also
adults. You can’t let anyone take your dreams away from you. No matter how crazy it might sound, follow
that through and never give up on your dream. The 2033 mission that they’ve always talked
to us about, that’s when the sun is going to have the least amount of radiation going. That’s when Mars is going to be the closest
that it’s been in thousands of years. That’s when they’ll have the technology perfected. Yes, if she was a few years older or a few
years younger, it may not be working out, but the way doors have opened for her,
it is definitely destiny working it’s hand that this kid is meant to go to Mars. …And lift off…. Mars will be the greatest adventure ever.

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  1. I applaud Alyssa🔭!
    Is she Aries? 🐏
    She'll be amongst 👩‍🚀 those who will take trail blazing 🌎 to a whole new🚀 over the moon level.

    By 2033 the 🛰technology, propulsion🚀 & physiological 🧗‍♀️ logistics will be much further along.

    She has a plan… from a very young age…
    I'm betting… in a former life, she was connected to Astronomy/Space type Interests/Programs!

    In a next life or two, I'll follow as will so many adventurers and Alyssa will be amongst our heroines & hero's.

  2. Globeheads, adherents of the Big Bang religion, on average are atheists who do not believe in the existence of God Almighty as the creator of the universe and everything in it as well as heaven & hell. Well I'm sure an all-powerful God will send you all to hell on the time will be … Hell a proper place for fraudsters and spreaders of lies in the name of science. the next place for you to live your life there 4ever after the day of the resurrection. That is God's promise to his creatures who deny His existence. Repent while you have time! Allah is the Greatest! Poor Globetards

  3. I am just so angry that everybody just want to live earth And abandonned because of ur mastake we are destroying ur planète And i am not a coward when earth is going to die i am going to die with my planète my Home the place i lived in i am not going to live the earth like a friking coward!!!

  4. Yea I just hope she doesn't get so smart its not worth the risk of sending her it's better for her to stay on earth and teach others to go 🙊🙉🙈

  5. Stupid little girl! With all your achievements you can't even think, read and research that we're living under or should I say inside of a dome that covers the "Flat-Earth" Even the Holy Bible (KJV 1611) tells you that; no one is going nowhere; escape is futile.
    Laughed at your dumb dream, you trusting in NASA (means "Deceiver" in Hebrew) , instead of God Almighty!
    Man give me a damn break and save yourself the crocodile tears. Liitle do you fools know you'll be giving birth to a dummy made by dummies that won't leave earth till the day she dies, including you doltish parents are gone to your graves. Pathetic fools!

  6. There no such planet or planets or space. We are under a glass dome that can't be broken. NASA CALLS it the ALLEN BELTS.(RADIATION) It's on the NASA WEBSITE. Go check it out before you start judging.NASA or China has never been past the glass dome. In 1969 when they claimed America has landed a rocket on the moon. They were in a hollywood warehouse filming EVERYTHING.
    The real reason why they can't get past the glass dome is because the Most High Throne is above the ALLEN BELTS.
    The Bible clearly tells you what's up there. The Most High Throne
    the stars,moon and SUN. There is nothing else. All that's right. EVERYBODY THAT WORKS OR BELIEVE WHAT NASA SAYS ARE ATHEIST ANYWAY.

  7. God said: Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Exodus 20:8 Why it says REMEMBER? Because people forget the Sabbath of the Lord. And choose SUNday the first day of the week.
    So we must keep the Saturday Sabbath because it is the commandments of God.
    And Sunday is the Mark of the Beast.

  8. I think she's willing to do things for the human race but she doesn't realize that the amount of loneliness that would be. If she did she should consider she would be living like john wick ( lonely ) she might not find love. Plus we dont know if there is food there since we will run out of food sooner or later. She should pursue her dream bon the less

  9. Hes not the first or only the guy who go in mars he said hes not the 1 in the mars is many children in thr mars!🌎

  10. Okay so where is she now after 3 years? (Coz I know 2 years to be a trainee and you can also have to go to space/soon) but I know that she will have a long journey. Good luck to her🌓

  11. PRAYFULLY their low key Grooming A Male and others as well who she can relate with(Adam&Eve). If this all works out she may be the first to start the First Family On Mars as well❤🙏. Praying for her that's alot of pressure that she seems to be handling very well🙏❤

  12. I’m very jealous. I love space, NASA and science. She is what I dream to be. Moon to Mars I believe will be very successful and I’ll be watching and supporting when we go. Alyssa is going to be the youngest human on Mars, I know it. She’s so smart 😁 I for sure look up to her.

  13. I feel so stupid right now she's 15 & incredibly smart & here I'm 20 years old and can't even solve a math problem!!


  15. Guy says we are destroying our planet..meanwhile everytime NASA deploys a shuttle into space they burn a tonne of rocket fuel into the atmosphere and they leave space junk orbiting Earth ..NASA are Hypocrites.

  16. I am literally so proud of her. And her dad is so supportive. If every child had father like that their child would not be afraid of anything. Just so proud and love.

  17. Seriously we couldnt take care of a full option planet and you believe ypu can build a planet ?! Its just useless to explore another planet with a goal that people will live and continue living on that planet thats never gonna happen with all the recources in planet earth and life is hard for most people .

  18. Nobody is going to mars, nobody has gone to the moon either, it doesn't take much research to figure this out, but wow did the government schools ever do a good job putting this lie and many others, in our heads to the point that people get angry and triggered at the truth .

  19. I want to be the first on mars or anywhere in space for that matter i would love to hang out on the moon for a few weeks even a few years.

  20. She is just lucky parents either have money or know the right people guarentee if i tried to get into that programe without PhDs in 10 different things they would laugh at me and send me home or arrest me lol its all about money or who you know. Yes it is something others can't do because regular people arent as lucky as you. Were all poor families are poor so there for they know no one up high enough to get us in to a programe like this I would do anything to get into a programe like this anything lol

  21. I am from pakistan and i shall be thankfull of americans and canadians for doing such a wonderful work for humanity. Its proud to me to became a citizen of such nation .

  22. Oh dear another child being fed false hopes. I hope she has a life backup plan? Sadly the whole Mars caper is just another edition of Marvel Comics. Beside the massive costs just to get one person into Space , good Ol NASA recently stated they misplaced the information on getting to the Moon? Miss Carson be more realistic and enjoy this Jewel God created in the center of the Universe. For life support it lacks nothing.

  23. I believe that astronauts are God's favourite children its soo magnificent to watch i cannot wait to see what the future holds im ready for anything 🙏

  24. Years ago it said on the news in the UK that in 2022 thell send 13 people to mars and until then we can each the train live every day!! They even had pictures and names of the people going all young people! Anyone else see that or know why it hasn't happens??

  25. They all say they want to go until they get there and realize just how much they've given up for extremely poor, cramped , unbearable living conditions recycling your own urine for drinking water in a dry , stark , hazy red world and then and only then will these delusions of grandeur fade and they will realize just how special and fortunate they "were" to have lived on earth .

  26. This video is made a bit early… let her be on that mission first… let her be the first person to land on mars first… no one can predict future so cut down the pipe dreams

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