Mueller Report To Inform Trump Impeachment Considerations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Rachael and Eric, triggered since seventh grade. Clearly. Loved watching her breakdown on election night as Clinton crone exploded.


  3. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍻.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍.
    Rachel, "aperture." Good word.👍.
    Me, "opening, hole, gap." 👍.
    Eric, how is Cricket?. Is she okay? 🍼.
    Hi Pamila. 👋☺.

  4. Ms. Maddow, Nadler, Schiff, CNN & MSNBC pushing too much HATE dividing America.
    Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media
    is promoting it!

  5. the 3 jewish billionaires – steyr, Bloomberg, and soros, are really working hard, to ensure that trump is re-elected in 2020. even serious democrats are changing their party affiliation, after watching this impeachment fiasco continue for months, and, costing billions!

  6. Just more gas being passed on live TV. Fake News brings on the best of cross wind breezers. The three stooges and one good Professor showed America just how out of control the Universities have become. These mind controlled liberals are as nutty as madcows turds.

  7. Guess what you liberal snowflakes? Donald Trump is STILL your president 🙂 And he's gonna win in 2020 too! So go back to your safe space micro aggression hideouts and switch your gender 1000x because you're gonna have another 4 years

  8. The simple fact that Trump's lawyers try to argue that the president is legally allowed to murder people, proves that Trump does not understand the country and its history, does not understand the Constitution, does not understand the oath of office, and is unfit for the Office of the President of the UNITED States of America.  No politician worth their salt can argue this, because checks and balances is what the Constitution is built on, and (this one's for the GOP) it has always been the precedent.  There is no freedom under a monarch or dictator.

  9. Russia!Russia!Russia! Democraps you bunch of losers! Ha!Ha! These so called " legal experts", all democraps donors! What a surprise! Oh yeah! Voter fraud by non-citizens, how democraps get elected!


  11. He’s one man. They’ve had it out to impeach him since the day after Election Day. He’s far from perfect but he’s not a dem or repub establishment swamp rat. They’re scared

  12. The Mueller Report Is A Done Deal….Nothing There But Bias Crap…Why Are You Being Sued Maddow…Couldnt Be Because Of FAKE NEWS Could It.

  13. The pattern of insanity is frightening. He needs to be protected from himself! Remove him and those who are using him for their own selfish greed.

  14. What's Trump's crime? bribery? what's the evidence? hearsay? Trump was right. Biden, Burisma and Hunters millions should be investigated for bribery. That's no malarkey.


  16. There is nothing going to come of this so what's the point? It's only getting Trump support stringer than ever. The polls show that people are losing interest in all of this circus. Stop the BS and get a candidate that can win, this is all a waste of time. He is not going to get thrown out of office so what is the end result? a Trump landslide in 2020.

  17. Congressman Swalwell and Jayapal are totally correct. Trump's PATTERNS need to be shown by the Judicial Committee. His continual blatant disregard for the Law and Constitution on MULTIPLE things need to be shown on the record also.

    He has a PATTERN of Obstruction of Justice documented in the Mueller Report whether it is INDICTABLE OR NOT. Not just over this one incident in Ukraine. (As if that wasn't bad enough).

    He has a PATTERN of accepting Bribes by unconstitutionally accepting Emoluments! He is not just committing Bribery by asking for dirt on his opponents in exchange for the Military Aid and Meeting at the Whitehouse.

    Trump has a PATTERN of asking foreign entities into our elections. He effected the 2016 election results by doing that with his, "Russia, are you listening?" which is ON TAPE. And, whether or not our 2020 election is going to be valid depends on us stopping him from getting away with it again. This time with 3 countries we know about so far (Russia, Ukraine, and China). He told George Stephanopoulos he would do it again, and he is!!!

    He has a PATTERN of falsely accusing his political opponents of doing crimes they did not commit. He is still encouraging the chants of "Lock Her Up!" when multiple REPUBLICAN investigations have already CLEARED Hillary Clinton of doing illegal activity!!! She has not been indicted for a single crime! The Bidens have not been charged with anything illegal. And, if they were, they are supposed to be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty! Yet, he keeps pushing these attacks!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of intimidating witnesses. Look what he did to Michael Cohen before Cohen testified against him. He called him a rat and threatened to go after his family!!! This wasn't just about his MULTIPLE attempts to stop people from testifying about Ukraine by claiming he has outright sweeping Executive Privilege!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of trying to fire people who are investigating him (Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Stroczk, etc). And ruthlessly smearing their reputations for no reason! He admitted to it ON TAPE with Lester Holt! He didn't just remove Ambassador Yovanovich for doing her job.

    I believe that if Nixon was actually held accountable for ALL of his crimes instead of just being fired/ impeached (technically resigning), we would not be in this horrific situation now. Just this week, MSNBC and CNN hosts were saying we have never removed any President from office through Impeachment. They treat Nixon's case like "we the people" and Congress didn't remove him from office. Like he would have just suddenly chosen to resign if he wasn't going to be impeached! I still hear people using the saying that I was taught as a kid about Nixon… "It wasn't the CRIME, it was the COVER-UP." Well, I did a lot of research recently on what Nixon actually did and found out that the MANY CRIMES he was totally involved in were a heck of a lot more insidious and atrocious than just some "WATERGATE cover-up." And, I'm going, "Why was I given the impression that Nixon wasn't involved in the conspiracy of the actual crime and that it was just about a cover-up of ONE SINGLE bungled third rate burglary incident?!?" I was not taught there was a whole series of incidents Nixon did to undermine our election and persecute his enemies/political opponents. He committed MULTIPLE CRIMES!!!

    Moscow Mitch, Barr, and the RepubIicans in Congress are doing everything they can to prevent us from prosecuting Trump for the MULTIPLE CRIMES Trump committed which were uncovered by the Mueller Investigation for which few people have actually read the report cause they have been FALSELY REPEATEDLY TOLD that Mueller found NOTHING INDICTABLE!!! When the truth is that if Trump wasn't President and got caught doing all of those crimes, he'd be in jail for a very long time along with all his criminal cronies according to about 1,000 lawyers who wrote a letter to Congress!!!

    Many people don't understand this is a very long pattern of unacceptable and ILLEGAL behavior that Trump has done and how serious his crimes are to the future of keeping our republic. And, some of the things he did that weren't necessarily indictable are IMPEACHABLE!!! Each of his campaign's over 120 contacts with Russia and sharing confidential polling data with them might not be ILLEGAL, but I sure think it is IMPEACHABLE! All 10 of his ATTEMPTED Obstructions of Justice might not be INDICTABLE, but I sure think they are IMPEACHABLE!

    We can't protect our next election from interference from foreign countries if the current narrative remains!!! If the House doesn't throw the complete "book" at him now, and make the Senate vote on ALL of it, the Republicans can continue their completely false narrative that this was ONE measly incident of Trump asking Ukraine to investigate a crime that they are being told was being covered up by Joe Biden and that this does not rise to the level of being impeachable! This is what the people who don't pay as much attention to politics as we do are being told!!! I believe that each one of Trump's High Crimes and violations of the Constitution should be enough to be impeachable. But, many people haven't been told he committed them. This can not be acceptable behavior for any President!!!

    If the whole case is not presented now, it will be seen as vindictive to do anything about all of his crimes later– instead of doing justice according to the Law and doing what the Constitution says to do with Presidents like Trump. It will be seen as PURELY POLITICAL, the way Clinton's impeachment was instead of being about Trump doing much more heinous crimes than what Nixon's crimes were and Abuses of Power were because Trump is ON TAPE and IN TEXTS and in CALL "TRANSCRIPTS" welcoming foreign governments with both arms open in order to help in the treachery.

    My own family has no clue what the President has done to deserve being impeached. They sometimes watch a little Fox News at night before they go to bed. They are busy during the day and think it is rude to discuss politics and religion with anybody who doesn't agree with them. They barely watched the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings. So, they have no idea why simply withholding Aid from a "corrupt country" like Ukraine should matter to THEIR LIVES– when the U.S.A. President is currently the one attempting to corrupt the new Ukrainian President by illegally withholding CONGRESSIONALLY APPROVED Military Aid and, putting lives in jeopardy while helping Russia to invade their country which would be a big problem for the USA's National Security and a problem for all of our allies too.

    Individual #1 is doing multiple things to make our elections invalid and committing a pattern of MULTIPLE CRIMES!!! Like paying Hush Money to stop the Enquirer and the people he has had affairs with from revealing dirt on him that would effect the election. Ask Michael Cohen if that 8s an Indictable offense. Trump is ON TAPE with Michael Cohen creating a FAKE company to funnel the Hush Money through.

    Trump has a PATTERN of collecting ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS from companies like Novartis and AT&T! And illegally using his charity money on his campaign and other non charitable items! He didn't just take illegal campaign contributions from Levi Parnas…

  18. How come Swalwells knees are always dirty??? There is ABUSE of Power going on. Its the treasonous Democrats and their Treasonous Impeachment Circus. This is going to end BADLY for the Left, and I am soooooo looking forward to it, especially in 2020, when these democrats who live in Trump districts lose their seats.

  19. Let millions of illegals in. Let China in and steal. Let factories keep moving out and fentanyl in. Take guns away, ALL to weaken the country easier to dictate ‘
    WTF the king king has to do with USA’
    Democrats lean on Russia, support Isis & Iran. Last but not least CHINA what do they all have in co,,on?

  20. So baseless conspiracy theories culled from Democrat collusion with Russians will inform Trump impeachment considerations? Russiagater Rachel just creamed herself LOL

  21. Well to this point William Barr has still managed to suppress/hide most of the underlying evidence and grand jury testimony from Mueller investigation which shows trump's guilt as well as the overall corruptness of trump's white house…

  22. I’m sick of the Democrats' circus!!!
    This independent voter will NOT be voting for our local Democratic congressman again in 2020!!! He/Dems are wasting time with this impeachment crap – and have done nothing for millions of middle class families like mine!!!
    I'm no Trump fan. But this whole thing is so obvious…the Democrats are just trying to get rid of Trump – or damage him going into 2020!
    What he said on the Ukraine phone call did not rise to the level of "treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors". And since when is Biden immune from investigation just bec. He’s a candidate???!!!
    Let the American people decide in 11 months!

  23. Shut up Fartwell…. you made more sense when you were pushing that stinker out…
    The only things that smells worse is your mouth…. 
    "Your mouthwash, just ain't cuttin it" Dirty Harry

  24. Republicans are any of you getting information from this side? Please give me a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to let me know conservatives are considering both sides. Just very curious. Thank you. I think each side watches only the news that supports their own feelings. Both sides views are completely different, are both sides being played for civil war mentality? If so the manipulators are the bad guys. Not liberals or conservatives.

  25. The Muller report that showed Trump did obstruct 10 times intimating and blocking withness and if he was not the president would land him in prison then the very next day of the Muller report Trump sends his posse to find dirt on Biden and got caught to help his re-election and Russia this is why constitution of impeachment was to avoid Dictatorship divide in power.

  26. President Trump working for the American worker. New orders for goods from American factories rose in October, the latest sign that the U.S. manufacturing sector may be stabilizing after a summer swoon.
    Factory goods orders rose 0.3 percent for the month to $497.0 billion.

  27. Trump’s presidency is over. He was just overheard offering a quid pro quo to the Russians:

    President Trump: "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for [Putin] to give me space."

    Russian Premier: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…"

    President Trump: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

    Russian Premier: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you."

    Impeach him now!

  28. Democrats are hypocritical narcissist who are telling you that you're vote does not count.They talked about impeachment 19 minutes after the inauguration and obama spied on trump.Oh yea,dude did not hang himself.

  29. This whole spectacle- All of it – seems like ' the dark night of the soul for United States' It is a crossroad, a very important Crossroad where the Soul of United States will be displayed for the whole creation to Witness.

  30. Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia. Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine. Racist racist racist racist racist racist racist. Taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes. War monger war monger war monger war monger war monger war monger war monger war monger. Mueller Mueller Mueller. Look mr maddowg. Your bs never flew it won't now.

  31. This woman is not a journalist i dont like trump at all but she is simply the glen beck of the left and this is going to come back to hurt the democratic party.

  32. Sometimes I feel people have total blackout from Mueller investigation, like it didn't happen. For example, wasn't long ago when 1K+ lawyers signed a statement saying that based on Mueller's findings Trump committed obstruction of justice. Afterwards, few of them went before Congress testifying they are not only confident they would secure conviction if in court, but on the appeals as well. So, I don't know what's there to discuss and consider. For democracy to evolve each generation must have higher standards than those who came before them.

  33. Bottom line is Trump has been a Con , Corrupt, and coward ETC ETC Since before he stepped into the White House and will continue to do so unless he is stopped

  34. The TINY respect I used to have for the Democrat Party is now GONE. This is FRAUD! I will NEVER vote Democrat again!

  35. Q: Why didn't Toxic Traitor Trump take the time to think through this terrible, treasonous treachery?
    A: He was Russian!

  36. Most criminal, corrupt, amoral, incompetent, unpatriotic, and inept administration in American history!  Toxic Traitor Trump…excels at being the worst!  Although, he did receive a lot of help from his supporting cast…

  37. The weight of the mountain of evidence against Toxic Traitor Trump on the scales laid Lady Justice horizontal, yet Republicans still refusing to aid this damsel in dire distress, would rather continue raping her!

  38. ~Mr. Peachers~
    Swinging for the bleachers
    That's our Mr. Peachers!
    Connects with the creatures
    Have Nazi-like features
    Really hates all teachers
    Involves Putin's leachers
    Ties us up in sutures
    Bribing voting futures
    That's just Mr. Peachers!

    Mr. Peachers is the pits, but he's only doing his peachy best to get peached!

  39. An admission of guilt in nefarious activities:  Goofy goon Giggling Gilligan Giuliani wouldn't need any insurance against a client turning against him if not involved in something illicit.

  40. We all knew Toxic Traitor Trump hasn't got a leg to stand on, knew there was no defense of the indefensible, know him to be a pathological liar any competent lawyer would never let testify to self-convict.  Trump's refusal to participate in impeachment hearings simply makes it official:  GUILTY!!!

  41. That's the thing about throwing hand grenades…sometimes they get thrown back, blowing up in your face!  Giggling goon Gilligan Giuliani just the dirty dog dutifully fetching that goofy gyrating grenade right back around to his master, delivering the dastardly deal to detonate on its owner in the Oval.  Because Toxic Traitor Trump only hires the best lawyers, with that killer instinct.  Just as Traitor-in-Thief is Russia's dirty dog, Putin being hoisted on his own petard.

  42. Public hanging is too good for the Traitor-in-Thief…he'd just brag about the crowd size while cursing Crowd Strike!

  43. Something with the foul air at the height of all this Republican hyper-hypocrisy must have "Triggered" me.  Considering writing a book, making a fortune selling fables to fools.  Few people will purchase, because the target GOP audience doesn't read too well or too much, but the RNC is a sucker every time for ANY story with a nice little Russian twist, so the bulk sales should very quickly propel me to #1 on the booklist!!  It's all about a "drug" deal…

  44. Now there's two dandies for you full of bull and to egotistical to see what real people live with everyday paying bills keeping peace in the family.

  45. The Democrats need to bring in a BIG SCREEN TV to the trial. On this screen cut together scenes of Trump saying evil things, then them happening. Make it as vivid, clear, and impossible to dismiss as possible.

  46. Congress and the house need to stop waisting all my taxes… your jobs……investigation has paralyzed our contry. Since election….. weather modification….power outages…..we need to wake them up to dling their jobs of issues that all wait while our country is destroyed….people wake up congress…..and the house….get back to work….or go home

  47. I for the life of me can’t imagine who can look at Maddows upturned puss night after night – she did 3 years on the Mueller hoax and kept her mouth breathing sicophants foaming at the mouth until Mueller negated her stupidity


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