My exposé of a ‘seduction bootcamp’ – BBC News

I was there to do a job, but I was still nervous
about being found out or making mistakes. So this is the jacket I’ll be wearing. It’s quilted, which is good when it is the
hottest day of the year. So you have got to basically block her path. That girl… I don’t know. I don’t know, man. You can, you can. I think she seems – she’s too young for me,
man. It doesn’t matter. Even if she is underage,
it is not illegal to stop someone. I’ll try someone else. I feel uncomfortable.
Pick someone else for me. That was a good target. I know, I just think she’s – I don’t know
– she seems too young. Not for me. I have to show that I am interested, and engaged,
and agreeing with what they say when internally, I’m thinking about my sister,
cousins. If they were to bump into these guys, would
they be using that on them? The more she relaxes in your environment,
the more likely she is going to stay there longer. Taking off their shoes. Some girls can be
annoying. If they are already in their shoes and their jacket she will be like ‘OK, nah,
that’s enough for tonight. We will leave the rest for next time’. Obviously, that can sometimes
be frustrating. They want lots of… a written permission
slip from her that’s it’s OK that we go all the way. It is a nuance, obviously. You have to feel
out the right moment and sometimes it is your job to push things forward and lead. It is basically ways in which you can easily
sleep with someone when they don’t seem that keen. So that whole
conversation, which lasted hours was so uncomfortable. I’m Myles, nice to meet you. Myles. Michael. Michael? Yeah. Myles! I loved that. Nice. I was just like… it is a good nickname,
but it is not a very good one for an opener is it? She made you feel like a kid again, right? My stomach just seemed to drop. I was thinking
right, what am I going to say now? They know I’ve got my name wrong, I’m in a
conversation with someone else so while having that conversation I was having
to think of what my excuse is going to be. As soon as I saw the security tables going
into the British Museum, I just thought ‘This is it,I’m caught’. They were emptying jackets. If they were to do that to me,they would have seen everything. Let me put this microphone on you. They decided they wanted to mic me so they
could hear my conversations with the women that we approached, and they just so happened to want to put that mic on me themselves, and they chose the one place where
I already had a mic. As you can imagine, that was a really stressful
moment. They are rooting about in this pocket which I know if they root around in there
long enough they are going to feel cables etc, but luckily my glasses case was in there so
I got away with it. It was like being caught directly in-between fight and flight mode. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t need to go to the toilet, all I did
was drink water all weekend. I think I was just constantly on edge. Hi Eddie, I’m Myles Bonnar from the BBC. We actually help men. If anything, we prevent
rape culture so men have the skills to not have to to get involved in anything illegal or anything
non-consensual. You are telling your students that they should
approach teenagers. Not true, not true. The thing that I teach
is exactly this. Find out how old the girl is before you do anything sexual. You were teaching men how to pressurise women
into having sex. Last-minute resistance? That’s not true, no, no, no. You don’t remember that, no? No, no, that’s not true. You have done nothing wrong? Correct. And you don’t think you are breaking the law? Of course not. It is hard to kind of sum up the feeling.
It was, I suppose, a mix of excitement and anxiety, because you are just constantly on edge. But
you know you are there to do a job so that part of it does make you feel quite determined
to get the things that you set out to do.

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  1. the negative slant is just going to put women against men instead of creating beautiful relationships and experiences. pretty irresponsible.

  2. Dude. Your sisters and your female cousins also have sex with man – shocker. What is this guy – the ultimate nice guy who thinks woman have to be protected from 'evil' man that want to flirt with them and have sex with them? Newsflash: Also women like to have sex. You think you are a bad person for talking to a woman? And the melodramatic music.
    Also the 'horror thing' of advising what to do when women don't want sex – like eg just keep kissing her and 'god forbid' try again later (yes, people not in the real world go cracy right now)
    I imagine this guy has soo much shame. And i imagine he also never met a woman who was actually excited to have Sex with him on the first Date – because he is such a pussy.

    Also the 'cracy' thing of sending a newbie to talk with a teenager -> it doesn't matter, the newbie could also talk to an old lady, the newbie gets blown out in 10 seconds anyway, this is just to start socializing. This 'journalist' has really the intent to make the pickup-industry bad in all kinds of creative ways (pickuppers are supposed to be pedophiles now?!).

    'Pressuring women' = 'don't you think you do anything illegal' omg i lose hope in the human race. This is something like i go for the kiss slowly, she looks away showing she is not ready, later i try again. If you think women want a coward like this interviewer, think again. He will talk platonic to the woman on a date, make no move at all, make it boring as fuck for her, then he will self-congratulate himself of being 'none of these evil men who risk something and eg kiss her', then he has no much success in his dating life, no cracy sex adventures at all, no one night stands, no fuckbuddies where he has great sex with them, nothing. Then he takes all that rage and goes on 'exposing' pickup artists who advise pretty common sense things and destroys some livelyhoods in the process.

  3. Saw this on telly , effing disgusting. You think this is new , is it hell ,some of us had this natural ability anyway ,but not to that extreme.!!
    Daylight effing rape ,!! By callous,selfish narcissistic, childish , brainwashed, brain controlling, predators , and little small dicked arse holes .!!!!🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼🦋🦋

  4. Please please if you pay for bbc tv license. Please reconsider , it is not mandatory. Use the money for charity or for Netflix or YouTube or pay per view etc please research it’s not necessary to pay bbc if you don’t need their service

  5. I'd be interested to see the stats of how many women were raped / attacked by men they meet in the daytime (as shown in the sham documentary ) compared to men met in venues with alcohol, or online dating sites and apps.
    I haven't a clue what the results are, but I'm confident that men met in the daytime would prove to be the safest option.
    If I'm correct, maybe the BBC would like to make another documentary to show these findings?

  6. It's obvious from the comments and thumbs down that a lot of men are either affiliated with these 'trainers' or are actually the trainers themselves. After all youtube is part of their domain…

  7. Obviously this is slander.
    Karma will get you, all you guys wanted was a cheap story for views .
    They didn’t deserve what you did to them.
    Hope you guys figure it out soon, best wishes .

  8. Why is the bbc completely ignoring the epstein case and its links to many British politicians and celebs?? Is the BBC still protecting pea dos like it did for decades with Jimmy sa ville??

  9. Fake news.Eddie is saying approach the women and check what is her age.If she is underage you don't do sexual affairs with her.This is true, this is what they preach.

  10. The pure fact that THESE boys have to teach other boys how to talk to women is gross. In addition to the justification of recording yourself having sex with a complete stranger…that is literally against the law, it's borderline voyeurism. Thank you British Broadcasting Channel for this expose.

  11. WTF is wrong with you BBC. Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do than spreading false information? Just disgraceful.
    Deleting and re-uploading your videos to get rid of all the comments calling you out is not going to help your image

  12. You BBC Poms are mad. You got acid attacks on women ,rape gangs and terrorist targeting girls at pop concerts and stabbing females .Even I can join those dots from down here in Australia.
    And didn't the BBC protect that pedo Saville for decades?
    Is this your attempt to take the heat off Prince Andrew?

    I've had a great time with Brit birds over the years I really love them. I find it hard to believe they are scared of a bloke telling them they are hot..Bloody hell they are the best laugh on the planet so fit now..Meanwhile down here in Australia blokes are walking up to Brit women telling them they are hot trying to date them…Brit women in the US getting approached .In Paris, Milan getting approached.
    You better call Interpol guys are trying to date Brit women world wide.

  13. Best part is when Myles says "I'm thinking about my sister, my cousins :'(". Is he naive enough to believe he's had more partners than his sister or his cousins?

    (I asked him that question on his Twitter, but he deleted it lol)

  14. Saw the last 15 minutes of this documentary waking up yesterday morning and was shocked at how dishonest it was. Embarrassing yellow journalism from the BBC, clearly pushing an agenda.

  15. What is being completely missed here is that these guys are effectively charging men money to show them how to be manipulative & predatory to females, not how to give otherwise introverted men genuine advice on how to be less introverted etc.
    The link below is an article that puts a completely different slant on this documentary. It is from the perspective of a narcissist HGTudor & his interpretations are in bold/italic –

  16. RE uploading the video after all the negative comments….Nice work, says it all….This documentary was beyond sad.

  17. Men are so toxic. Why can't we just tuck our tackle away and but Gillette?

    Never been interested in PUA but I know it's not like the beeb are reporting. Most of the guys are lonely and looking for love but being rejected because women naturally date up. Its reported as 80% of men are identified as below average looking by women when surveyed. Ok, that's life but why are the beeb so biased? Brad Pitt-a-likes aren't going to be paying to take the course. If you dig you can always find dirt but let's not applaud this rubbish journalism from a guy white knighting and appearing to be ashamed to be a man.

  18. Smash that Thumbs Down button! You got some views, you destroyed couple businesses, you are spreading the completely wrong message… but luckily for humanity 700+ people are still sane and fully functioning. I'd love to ask my girlfriend how would she feel around me had I stayed an overly insecure introvert just like a was before starting pick up.

  19. Wow reading the comments… I'm shocked this is an expose on date rape.. this is rape… How many men comment here is sick! I'm shocked. Women are so sick of it here in PDX women tell me they just expect to be filmed and don't care anymore. This is sick! Ur all filthy humans absolutely sick!

  20. Everyone uses seduction, everyone is in “The game” or “sexual marketplace.” Whether your behavioral aptitude has been honed or not is irrelevant. Men use language and behavior to get sex like women manipulate their appearances in order to attract. Even Myles here, and yes, even guys who talk to his sister and cousins. This fake-obliviousness to that is beyond moronic. What’s next? Complaining that it’s not fair that spiders use webs to catch prey? or that the bowerbird manipulates mates by building extravagant and colorful nests? How dare they follow their biological nature!

  21. The pro-street seduction comments are obviously from degenerates who don't have daughters or moral standards. I'm no prude and everyone has a past but this type of shit isn't right, especially when playing psychological games with you women. What is our society turning into where people think this degenerate way of thinking is even acceptable. I hate the BBC and most of its agendas but I think they did a good job here.

  22. Stupid amateur "journalist", fag fuck!. Next time try to do a professional research about the topic and not create a “story” with completely one side garbage opinions. And next time try not to forget your god damn name in an “undercover operation”

  23. This "journalist" went undercover by pretending to be a real man and he made the shocking discovery that men like sex. "That's disgusting", said a woman, "I thought men enjoyed paying for my meals and listening to my highly-intelligent conversation. Who'd have thought they wanted to have sex? I'm in shock.". Another woman from Glasgow said "I feel violated. A man spoke to me in the street. He asked me my name". Luckily the white knights from the BBC rode in just in time to cockblock all of these evil predators. Your license fee is being put to good use.

  24. This guy is or pretending to be a male feminist in order to ‘attract’ women in the most limp dick way possible.

  25. Myles "Can't get a Boner" Bonnar, just because you can't get a boner doesnt mean you have to spoil it for the rest of us mate..

  26. Teaching inexperienced guys how to be better/less awkward with women so they can have fulfilling relationships (which every human being needs) is not promoting rape. The (incorrect) insinuation is that becoming ‘smoother’ with the opposite sex means you are magically hypnotising girls to have sex without their consent. It’s bullshit. There is a huge canon of mainstream literature that women use to promote their own personal interests in relationships – from magazines like Cosmopolitan to books that teach women how to to find ‘the one’ and ‘keep him coming back for more’. When this intellectual pygmy started moaning that he was terrified that guys like this could approach his sister or cousins, all I thought was how terrifying it would be if my sister or cousin ended up marrying a boring, asexual, insignificant, quivering mess like him.

  27. For some reason my comment keeps getting removed, but there is a better documentary on this called "The Pickup Game". Trailer on YouTube if you search for it. It's a much more involved analysis.

  28. They seem so nervous when they find out it's BBC, lmao, they know they do the wrong thing teaching men to blindly pursue sex like an animals. Finally someone got onto this PUA scum, good job BBC.

  29. The seduction community literally saved my life. I wanted to end my life that’s when I found the community and once I learned I could improve my social skills with women I wanted to live for something. I now date a very attractive woman and she knows I had to work to be the type of man that could meet and attract her. I have a life worth living today due to the pickup industry. Anyone attacking it doesn’t care if men kill themselves due to isolation and loneliness. The companies teach consent better than anyone and any form of assaulting women is not tolerated whatsoever by the community. If they find out they immediately distance themselves from the person and ban them from the groups. They are men into improving themselves and who have standards for their lives. Not attackers in any sense of the word

  30. This guy is a fuken pussy. Most girls never get asked out. This guy is virtual signaling pussy. Women can say no. Your not forcing a woman your just selling your self and making your self more appealing. Casual sex is a reality

  31. Although it'd be better if you went undercover AND actually tried to investigate women they were hiddenly filmimg interacting with (sure as hell they didn't have a permission from any of them, it was never even stated in their infields and this lame 'actresses' reply is such a sham). Now they'd just delete all illegal footage and no court would proof their wrongdoings

  32. Maybe you should do a shoutout to girls who recognize these guys and ask them if they gave their permission to record them

  33. Going ‘undercover’ and secretly recording to show how PUAs are in the wrong for secretly recording. Oh the irony.

  34. This guy saying that he thinks of his sister or cousin. I hope he is a voluntary celibate or else is he thinking of his sister when sleeping with other women?

  35. I don't know what they are, but you are a fraud, Myles. You're just throwing allegations without any solid evidence. Do you really expect us to believe you by the titles you put in your video? I watched many of the videos that guys uploaded. You may surely discuss whether the production methods of videos are ethical, but none of your allegations exist in any video they have uploaded. you cannot cherry-pick the things that someone says during a private conversation, and expose them as if they are that person's general opinion.

  36. So the founders should just say that they are Vegans and Gay – Rainbow and that they are just doing that to help men grow some balls, enjoy life, build confidence and get out of their little box aka comfort zone where BBC wants to put them. Do not go out. Do not approach women. Just stay lonely with the mediocre Jenny who you don't like at all. And watch instagram celebrities having orgies with top models….that is not for you no no no no no….
    Stupid progressive people…
    RSD thank you for everything…that is why they are "SelfHelp" now… I understand.

  37. I heard a guy in Britain got charged with sexual assault for touching a woman's shoulder because he seemed creepy. So I think you do need these people in Britain. BBC is a joke!!!!

  38. BBC please, you're creating a tyrannical state. Dont be seduced by communism.
    Sensationalism is also the lowest form of journalism.
    Meanwhile, over on Love Island…

  39. The BBC & the snowflake society were living in has now got to this?! I’ve seen these guys videos before, they have been manipulated & edited to look like something they’re not. Hope to see you back up soon. You’ve been helping people like myself overcome shyness & make a positive impact on my life. Some of us are not naturally gifted with women & your videos have really helped. Shame on you BBC, thank god I don’t pay a for a tv license, now that’s nothing but deceptive!

  40. This guy ain’t the next Stacey Dooley😂
    though i do agree filming people without their consent then sharing it on YouTube is gross
    Edit:especially when its an intimate situation

  41. I can t believe such stuff is possible in the west, the man is literally oppressed by anything that lives around him,kill every single sign of masculinity because it sounds threatening to women.
    LONG LIVE RICHARD AND EDDYE….AND OF COURSE…GEORGE!! thanks guys for all ur efforts.

  42. Are you kidding me ?
    Myles Bonnar you and your BBC can go and fuck yourself . The street attraction guys were ethical and moral artists . Im done with youtube from now . Guys its time to start switching to alternative sites. As for BBc im done with it and youtube as well

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