NBC News Exclusive: Comey Gives First Interview Since Mueller Completed Report | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Comey biggest crime was exonerating crooked Hillary of illegal server 2 days after Doj lynch met with Bill Clinton on tarmac. It's not fbi job to exonerate crooked Hillary, it's Doj job. Obviously it was rigged. She should have been indicted during campaign. Comey and lynch let her skate. That is now being investigated. I bet everyone including obozo will end up in jail.

  2. I find the double standard of the GOP forcing Comey to reveal all about the Hillary investigation but then wanting to hide as much as possible about Trump. Imagine if Comey was head of the FBI and had not been fired. He might have come to the same sorts of conclusions that Meuller did, but his sense of fair play would have forced him to hold a press conference and describe exactly what Trump did and that it may not rise to a level of indictment, his actions have seriously undermined the people’s trust in the President, and that Trump showed terrible judgment and was ethically wrong in so many ways. Imagine the shoe of Comey’s Hillary comments on the Trump foot! It would be devastating.

    Honestly, what the GOP is teaching Dems is that honesty and integrity are not winning political strategies.

  3. To me the key point in the interview comes at 08:11. Comey gave the best rebuttal to those who think the investigation was a farce and hoax. He gave a simple example by just changing names: (Quoting) The Iranians interfere in the election to help elect Barack Obama because they think they'd get a better nuclear deal from him, and during that election an Obama aide meets with the Iranians and talks about the dirt they have that would help Obama get elected, and the FBI finds out about that. We should not investigate that? And then president Obama's national security advisor LIES to the FBI about his contacts with the Iranians, and then the president, Obama, asks me to drop an investigation of that, and then fires me and says “I was thinking of the Iranian thing”, and then he invites the mullahs to the Oval office and tells them “that FBI director is a real nut job, I lifted a lot of pressure by firing him.” Who on earth doesn't think the FBI shouldn't investigate that? So, the hypocrisy is revealed just by changing the names. The FBI did what it absolutely had to do. The American people should be glad it's there and proud of it, and the rest is just lying and noise.

  4. Here's the guy that destroyed the country. No FBI director comes out before the election, to say we are investigating a candidate. THE DAY AMERICA DIED.

  5. Comey is a lier and a cheat. If he wants transparency way didn't we get that with crocked Hilary. He's not about trurh.

  6. James Comey is a true American disgrace he will go down in history as one of the worst FBI directors ever. He is a political hack who surrounded himself with far left liberals like Andy McCabe Lisa Page and Peter strozyk. He has two more to ruin the reputation of the FBI than any other director.

  7. I promise you you will never see Robert Mueller or any other former head of the FBI out selling books attacking a sitting president. James Comey is a political hack disgrace who almost single-handedly destroyed the FBI's reputation.

  8. again, trump and his cronies try to stop everyone from finding out the truth. if he really feels exonerated, show the full report. why are they scared to show it all. And, asking adam schiff to resign for wanting to find out the truth either russia collusion or obstruction? Why? If there's nothing to hide, then show it all for the public to know! Heck, even the world want to know what's really going on!

  9. comy has a split personality on one hand he remembers every thing he is asked in this interview but in front of congress he cant remember 300 times not real convincing and the interviewer did he not get the memo no collusion no obstruction and the ag cant release the report fully without a judges permission its against the law i guess if u were a bias tart u would just leak cannot anyone see the oldest trick in the book here (divide and conquer)

  10. Haha notice that he is not a happy man, not like when he went round promoting his book n had just leaked his memos to the Press. Cannot wait till he gets indicted!

  11. That Iranian analogy is simple and quite persuasive. It exposes how ridiculous the GOP position is in their attempts to protect Trump from his treasonous escapades. Blind loyalty is an empire killer. Hopefully, there are enough non-partisans to save America from the current corrupt strangle.

  12. two traitors kissing each others arses,..a globalist commie reporter interviewing a corrupt fbi stooge ?……priceless !

  13. What a pathetic attempt at trying to save face…Get over it already Comey, you were fired and now its sour grapes. The good new is, the FBI leadership have been proven to have a left bias, so much for truth and fairness…

  14. The fact that Mueller did not find enough evidence to charge the President does not, necessarily, mean there wasn't. Even the Russians conceded in their ecstatic reaction to the Barr Summary that Mueller was "..searching for a 'black cat in a dark room'.." After all, the cat could still be in there but not seen in the dark. If only Mueller had interviewed Trump directly, we might be seeing a different Summary or at least, the credibility of the Barr Summary would not be this close to acceptable.

    Meanwhile, what folks have to worry about is what might have constituted the 'darkness in the room'. I deem that to be the concerted and coordinated efforts by Trump and his GOP cohorts to attack Mueller, the idiotic calls of theirs for Mueller to abrogate the Investigations in midstream, the mendacious claim by those folks that Mueller was working for the Democrats, and the fact that certain entities who ought to have been interviewed by Mueller, like Trump Jr., were left out. I wonder how that obvious release of Trump Jr., for instance, from the dragnet of the Investigations spells out Justice for others who were indicted and jailed. Is it because Trump Jr. was the President's son, and that Trump, even as much he smeared himself with so much stinky lies and obstruction of Justice behavior, still was given a pass that he had to share with his son?

    If it had been Obama and the Democrats that had done even a tenth of what has been already found and charged against Trump's associates, the Republicans might demand for the former President to be jailed outright, and deported to Kenya thereafter. This is the greatest hypocrisy in America's governance History, and it is perpetrated by the Republicans, who until now, had been claiming a superior moral and patriotic allegiance to America. Shame unto them! Or, should I say, they don't deserve to rule America ever, again, especially, because they have been infected with Trump's resistant anti-shame syndrome.

  15. Just like when Trump claimed he wanted to sit with Mueller….. Trump claims he has nothing to hide…. Has great trust in Barr…. hmmm

  16. The government terms you can obstruct justice on a none crime Haha trump was telling people to lie and firing people because of the Russia investigation when trump or no one around trump was doing anything with Russia haha

  17. Comey really? The disgraced FBI director? Hillary would have fired him too but just because Trump did it Comey's a hero.

  18. 02 April 2019 Tuesday PM : YouTube : Hillary Clinton : James Comey : Today : start at 2:00 minutes thru 8:00 minutes : https://youtu.be/KoAKIdFJftw

    When ever did the FBI’s Robert S. Mueller III and/or Chief Intelligence Officer James B. Comey Jr., investigate or prosecute a single person or entity in the failed “Subprime Mortgage Crisis” aka “The Great Recession” that occurred during 2007 thru 2009? Nor thereafter investigated any financial crimes amounting to trillions $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ of dollars and millions of properties lost, all belonging to The People of these United States; the people whom they supposedly serve/d? Mueller was at the helm of law enforcement on 11 September 2001 when two high-rise buildings/World Trade Centers collapsed, one commercial airplane crashed in Pennsylvania and a portion of the U. S. Pentagon was destroyed; around ~ 3,000 citizens murdered in a few hours. Why is this guy Mueller still working, or even employable anywhere, let alone in our own Government currently being paid with our tax dollars? He should have been fired then in 2001, along with about ~ 300 of his direct subordinates. Why is Comey still breathing, let alone writing a book, when he should have been hung for treason (along with James R. Clapper Jr. of CIA for lying to Congress / people of United States) for interfering in the 2016 electoral process (probably the deciding factor that caused Hillary Clinton to loose : why were there no “FBI” press releases of the potential Trump Russia collusion investigation before Election Day in November?) …. and prior to that allowing illegal, unconstitutional wiretapping/ surveillance on millions upon millions of United States Citizens?? Scam, scam, scam : United Scams of America : decade after decade after decade : on and on and on : No accountability N/EVER from the top down; always from the bottom up, the lowest of the low, poorest of the poor : More distracting ‘watch the birdie’ pingpong politics by self serving reptilian Government career tax leeches and ‘unofficial’ Government press : The Wolves of Washington D. C. : SCAMS Across America : Scams Across the Land I love : United We fall, United We SCAM, Scams Across America <— Sung too the tune Hands Across America

  19. Hey Jim, you went rouge and tried to undermine a sitting President all because you didn’t deem him worthy of the Washington establishment. You disgraced the FBI and yourself. Get off of TV bro, it just makes it worse.

  20. Today we found out the real reason why Trump attacks former British spy Christopher Steele. It’s because he’s been investigating Trump Tower since 2011. His probes led to 44 Russia-linked indictments. 30 of them were Russian mobsters indicted for laundering money in Trump Tower.

  21. 2:22-everything i learned about hillary was from united states free television, are u saying the medias work for russia!?

  22. 6:16-just like u "didnt find any classified documents, hillary sent over her private server. when judicial watch has found over 100 of them thru freedom of information act

  23. 7:06-and that special investigation didnt net any AMERICAN for colluding with russia.. lying about tax and foreign contacts in ukraine, but not russia..
    ukraine is an allie of the united states, russia is more of a twice removed cousin

  24. 7:34-he asked some people what they thought of u and upon their combined sustain of u trump fired u!!!
    even the asst ag didnt give u a favorable review

  25. 9:06-obamas fbi cause u turnd a blind eye to that and uraniumOne..
    dude u r a complete liar. all ur speculation and conjecture have been proven wrong time and time again!!

  26. Trump averages 8 lies a day while come is accused of lying once lol
    who do you believe?
    Comey is a man of integrity
    trump is a proven liar

  27. The American law enforcement is now a force not to trust and will it be in the report who exactly started all this with the dossier and who paid for this and also I thought the democrats wanted Comey fired for looking into the Clinton's

  28. If the F.B.I. really want's to uncover the TRUTH why doesn't it admit it HAS ALL of the 9/11 black boxes…………….The boxes vanished just like the planes. No one cares anymore.

  29. Trump (actually Drumpf – even his surname is fake) is continuing in his as-yet-undaunted march to becoming the new Joseph McCarthy; what we need but still haven't gotten is his political and media nemesis. Where is this era's Joseph N. Welsh to reveal that latter-day charlatan, that Presidential impostor, that orange-faced pretender to the throne to the national and global public; to finally and permanently declare that this would-be emperor has no moralistic, ethical or patriotic clothes, and is as idealistically naked as a literally bald eagle plucked of all its feathers?

  30. Jim Comey you were dead wrong,   when you promped a special counsel……..  Trump did America a favor when he fired you…and fired you for incompetence unbecoming of a FBI director……you don't know the answers to a lot of questions an FBI director should …..

  31. Of course Trump colluded, like the Obama and Iran reference Comey, the problem is the Russians cleaned up good, FBI got nothing.

  32. The joker who tolds us it's ok to destroy phones and computers!!! Is but hurt for being fired!!

  33. Comey is so fake. He was part of the deep State and he was wrong for announcing HC investigation. Trump was right to fire him regardless of the reason.

  34. So really who knows and its all pure speculation.All i got to say is ,is that the government is totally screwed from top to bottom.I guess people love the drama.And i agree with Comey,let it all hang out with what people think and their opinions.But it wont amount to crimes because there were no indictments by Mueller.And that folks is enough said.Now lets do something for the country and start working on people who need the government to work for the average citizen.

  35. Oh my my my! The twist and turns Comey makes, are comparable to an contortion artist. Cannot wait for him to once again be put under oath and watch him squirm. They already know he lied before and are hopeful he will continue to do so. I he will be indicted. Sleaze!

  36. That would never have happened with President Obama, EVER!!! Corruption at the highest level, Obama would've been charged, tried, and convicted

  37. Yea yet he found that he could not hold Hillary accountable after laying out all the evidence! Do they forget everything thing get recorded that u can look it back up

  38. Comey why dont you and law professor friend go steal the report andnleak it to NYT. You are good at that.

  39. Why are republicans so terrified of people seeing the truth, if the truth is absolves them? The report was paid for by the public and the public want it. The AG has no right to hide it.

  40. FBI and Law Enforcement Officers has been always keeping America safe and sets an example on the world stage how injustice and unethical conducts are intolerable. Neither Trump nor Obama did that. Peeeeeriiiooood!

  41. If the FBI isn't corrupt, why was Clinton given immunity prior to her server being turned over…..further….why was she not charged with obstruction after bleachbitting her server and destroying devices and hard drives with hammers?

  42. Lying Comey tells a good story. Yet, he forgot to mention he leaked a private conversation to initiate the Mueller investigation. Lying Comey is a scum bag spy.

  43. The WOLF in the hen house. Public enemy #1-
    Comey is wanting to control information so he can say CLASSIFIED!.
     Light of day??? Public questions always get – This is classified I can't respond.
    Comey does not believe he was spying.
    Then why was a FISA required?
    It illegal to bug our friend's phones? SPYING
    That is what they did.

  44. Sarah Sanders believes that the FBI are indeed a nest of vipers and spies, and said in an interview that Mr. Comey is a dirty cop. I'm wondering how he feels about that.

  45. james comey is a CLOWN who led a COUP to OverThrow the 2016 election and will soon find himself and his political GANG locked away in GITMO!!….#TRUMP2020….if you never tried THINKING for yourselves before….there's NO better time than NOW!

  46. Did YOU Know?
    The FIX was
    James Comey
    represented Hillary in the 1978 Cattlegate case
    and was found (NOT GUILTY) of Insider Trading.
    That's the same James Comey
    who sent Martha Stewart to Prison
    for Insider Trading in October 2004.
    The Hilda-Beast Skipped jail time
    for SOooo Doing MUCH MORE.
    And Yes,
    The SAME FBI james comey who Changed
    ~TWO Words~
    to Help Hillary Clinton Avoid Prison
    Just a simple change in vocabulary
    to ༻"Extremely Careless"༺
    So INSTEAD of sitting in Leaven worth Prison,
     the Demon-RAT Embodied in human Flesh
     Ran for the Highest office in OUR land _

  47. ?How on earth could we not check into thedonald? how on earth could comey and friends ignore/ dismiss the other half of the invest. there's a reason comey say's we "have to, have to, have to" win in 2020. Next, we'll hear, "all this is no big deal, cant we all just get along. Está bien James, todos ya lo saben.

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