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  1. It would be so cool if all the rich people took the challenge and changed so many lives with a couple Grand that they don't need.✌💙🤗

  2. We need to get out!!! Their not worth it. One day they help you; next day they are blowing Us up…. Their like the sissies on the playground, they back down quick with a little force…

  3. Well, if drumpf believes Kim jong-un is a good guy, then it must be true! One liar negates another. That's how it works, right?

  4. The pope apologized for sake of public relations, not out of the goodness of his heart.  If he had a heart, he wouldn't compromise when it comes to allegations of widespread child abuse… what did Jesus say, when it came to harming children again?…  I doubt you will find God in the Vatican.

  5. I can't tell how the dog got caught in the elevator when neither of them went inside, yet.🤔 So glad everyone is ok!

  6. What I don't understand is what makes this vaping so dangerous, I haven't heard any clear cut explanation as to why it is harmful!

  7. Vaping … Binky babyies. Pacifier babies. Our country is nuerotic. We've destroyed ourselves by our corrupt greedy dangerous country. No wonder our people are suckers.

  8. Pope spreads false religion. Jesus said " call no one Father." Matthew , the book of. Also , no praying to statues. One of the 10 commandments. The pope knows this. He's false.

  9. At the end of the "Shadow Company/Immigration Fraud" story, Gabe Gutierrez looks like Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty, "Blarg-gaggle arg arrg"……"Blebel-le-gahGAH!"

  10. All of this war and death because an American Mercenary was killed. A freakin’ mercenary. Unbelievable. This is worse than Benghazi.

  11. Hooray for the HERO 🐶 DOG SAVER. All good wishes to live long and prosper to him.🖖 and to the generous givers, may your generosity return 10 fold. ♥️ Blessings for all of you from my heart. Pray for the wildlife in Australia and those who work to save them. 😇 These stories make my heart swell.

  12. We need to do some long range testing ourselves. We need to get out there and flex our muscles and do some intimidating ourselves.

  13. That face that the actor Pope has is Satan's true face. What a piece of art. This was actually funny to see.

  14. Interesting story about that student visa program… hmmm. That is predominately the reason why companies use e-verify to make sure the student is legitimately able to work in the U.S.; however, I think there should also be an e-verify program for companies to make sure that they are legitimate.

  15. pose this pole question to the 47% Pootin Trump comies
    Who should have won the Civil War ?
    more than likely they will say the South
    so which means Lincoln should have died alot sooner than he did
    it shows the Lincoln party is no more
    now it is the Pootin party
    even if President Lincoln died sooner
    the North still would have won
    the Telegraph period

  16. Swating her hand..because thats what jesus would of did? She probably in a desperate situation and need help…but the pope is a fraud and can only "help" with money if hes even willing to even with money..what a fraud.

  17. Pro Iranian but they're waving Iraqi flags lol. Trump scaling back on vaping because he found out his cash payments will stop from the tobacco lobbyist. What a corrupt tool.

  18. That's Right Veterans Dieing for International takeover And Control Of Opuim & Oil To Increase Government Spending Budgets Like They Did For Cocaine So Millions Of Americans In The United States Can Be Murder Yearly by The Federal Government & Local Authorities While Washington DC Has Cargo Ships Of Cocaine Delivered To Their Doorsteps Knowing That It's Prepayed For And Will Still Be Delivered To The Region Inconspicuously with Their Partnership ! And The Stain Of What America Represent Has Stained The World And Like The Tree Of History Of This World America Is a Tree Falling And Staining The World representing Babylonians ! HEAVEN Will Not FAIL In Ending All Aspects Of The United States Authority Will be Removing The Stain In This World !


  20. We need to get out of the middle east. Let them solve their own problems. The USA is causing most of their problems. They are thousands of miles away. They can't throw rocks that far .

  21. When it comes to vaping, y’all and other journalist news orgs seem to have a similar problem to the problems in media-popularized science: you don’t understand the subject at all.

    There’s small/basic things like showing juices whenever you mention “pods” (pods contain juice, but those bottles are not pods that can be bought). Then there are other more major things that seem to be completely left out due to framing; specifically, almost all stories about the “vaping epidemic” either fail to or barely mention the fact that deaths and illnesses are due to black-market and/or thc vaping items. I won’t say vaping is healthy, but it also isn’t anywhere as big a deal as what is being presented; alcohol and opioids and actual tabaco are thousands of times worse, yet we’ve somehow not heard about them on this scale recently.

    I’d suggest that you stop pushing propaganda that the tabaco industry is funding. They are giddy about what you’re doing here and what Trump is doing in the WH. Not only is this stupid, it’s immoral and will cost lives in the form of lung cancer when the tabaco industry stops losing its market because of this.

  22. I’m amazed at how dystopian stories are spun to be cute. That last story is being framed as a life-changer for the waitress (and it truly is), but it’s also a reflection of how poorly servers like her are treated. Serves shouldn’t have to hope that they’ll win the customer lottery of kind rich people in order to get money that will help them. They should not have to worry about things like that at all. It feels like the working class is in the arena while the wealthy watch from the stands in some app game where they can throw money at certain fighters, but only if they want to.

    Y’all should be using your media platform to promote a better world, not just focusing on the 1-in-a-million nice stories that support the twisted status quo

  23. Kim JunYun is a man of his word hust like Putin and Trump are men of their word. What was the last count of public lies he's made? Thats right over 4000 to date? Impeach this so-called president

  24. Shows how out of touch the Catholic Church is with this rude old pope and Pelosi saying she’s a good catholic but supports baby killing and the church stays quiet.

  25. Okay here's about the Pope he didn't want anybody kissing his ring because of hygiene well let me inform y'all Jesus didn't have any problem facing anybody with any diseases so he's really into Christ Jesus then I think you better think a little bit different

  26. I also see a lot of Iraqi Flags out there protesting as well. we've forgotten that George Bush invaded Iraq on Ally of weapons of mass destruction that were not there. America needs to get out of Iraq they invaded it in the first place and overthrew a legitimate government. Hussein with one time a CIA operative. Have we forgotten that he fought Iran for America. We got a cowardly draft Dodger named Donald Trump who has been impeached trying to be a war president to get more votes for the 2020 election. draft Dodger who seems to demonize combat veterans when they don't agree with him. Remember what he said about John McCain? Combat veteran a prisoner of war during the Vietnam war for 5 years. He said that John McCain was not his hero that his Heroes don't be captured by the enemy. Did rid of the draft dodging coward Donald Trump in 2020

  27. So Donald Trump is now having second thoughts about banning the vapor nonsense. Industry had to say you won't get out votes and he's changed in a tune now. Votes over the health of YOUNG PEOPLE

  28. This dog rescue story is staged because two weeks ago something happened with the same sort of dog in the same sort of thing oh yeah right I can see once but twice in a week how stupid is stupid anyhow?
    Next time take the opportunity to give us some more sincere news about the fires in Australia or the deaths in the Congo don't tell us about stupid crap we don't care about! An unforgiving elevator really it's an inanimate object object. Go Checkers the Taurus, amd your facts.

  29. This is the network who protected Matt Lauer and hid high up Hollywood pervs. Who’s going to do a story on NBC?

  30. francis shouldn't apologize. You don't yank on the pope. dozens of popes have been assassinated. he is in his 80s. you are lucky if you have even seen the pope in person.

  31. Gulf War, I served (2) short tours, when I was active-duty U.S. military, but I have a question: can American fight multiple countries, simultaneously? Can we go to war with Iran AND North Korea? I just donot kbow if we would spread ourselves too thin.

  32. Prayers to all the people and animals in Australia 🇦🇺. We in America understand your pain and loss. I think about all of you every morning and pray for a quick stop to the spreading of this devastation. God bless everyone including the animals. Hope for the New Year for your beautiful country.
    🎆 Happy New Year to the customers who so generously gave hope to this waitress in need.
    Their are good people who appreciate the hard work that server’s provide. I am happy for this woman and wish her continued success in rebuilding her life. 😇🎆

  33. What is that camera from an air strike from? Because they are talking to you about one thing and than showing you an image to try to make you think that the image is related to what they are talking about, when sometimes it isn't. Get hip to their ways brothers and sisters.

  34. "Goliath can only threaten the meek for so long until the one looking up at Goliath decide to take a stand and fight back". 🗨️🤓

  35. Americans need to start actually raising their own kids and quit worrying about what everyone else is doing with theirs! The govt has no business passing more laws doing what parents should! Stop buying products for your kids if you feel they are dangerous! Stop giving them money to buy whatever! No means no!

  36. Does the integrity of the market and monetary system even have to be questioned or debated anymore? I mean, seriously.

    The negative forces preserving the status quo today are not substantially affected by street protest, public outcry, voting, media exposure of corruption, or other traditional methods. It is fruitless for us to demand idealized or "more just" behaviors from our existing institutions, since they have been built around a value and incentive system that thrives on the very behaviors we wish to change. Only deep system changes will prove to have long-standing effects.

  37. International law says that embassy is US Territory, unlike Hillary Trump will defend our personal assigned there. Defense of your Ambassadors is Paramount to keep negotiating possible. What Hillary did was contemptible. If Letting our Ambassador be captured and tortured is okay with you then you are contemptible piece of garbage as well. Trump 2020

  38. No no it’s trumps fault Iran didn’t do anything for multiple years trump started shiii with Iran and Iraq

  39. The college football player STABBING HIS SISTER 12 times? That’s textbook CTE brain 🧠 damage from football and constant TBI. Junior Seau for San Diego Chargers (CTE) killed himself? Aaron Hernandez (CTE) and hung himself at age 27? The football helmets clearly don’t do anything

  40. So the e-cigarettes industry warned: DON'T mess with us or you WILL suffer the consequences, that is, no money or political support to you, President Trump (that reelection campaign, remember?)…

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