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  1. What goes on in China is exactly what these Communist Democrats over here are trying to do. Believe me, if they could get away with what the Chinese government does to its own people they would do the same thing over here to control your life. Just look at how they lied for 2 1/2 years about President Trump which was a complete hoax and an act of treason and even to this day they still won’t admit it. If they could’ve done that to a sitting President and and had the power today they would be after every Conservative in the United States. The Democratic Party and all their liberal news organizations are nothing but an arm of the Communist party.

  2. Buttigeig has a lot of corporate donors on his books. Seems that MSM is shilling for him all of a sudden, too. They must be afraid of Sanders and Warren.

  3. Manafort. The more you learn about him, the more you realise how serious his offending was.
    Again, a middle aged white man with $$s sentenced to reflect his colour and money.
    Compare his sentences to those given to African Americans.

  4. I hope & pray our nation's leaders pay attention to the paramedic program as a way of lowering health care and making it more available to folks.

  5. Ok let's see what this young man's. mistake is going to cause him..for trying too have his teacher killed..it is sad the devil is taking over their minds.pray for your children too be safe.🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. Dummy floridaian didn't take it to another lvl lol. No one gets lvl with dummy points yo Instagram 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Fonda in jail…. what a narcissist. Here's one of her houses https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/jane-fonda-s-beverly-hills-estate-hits-the-market-at-almost-13m-51888?mod=article_inline

    Same for Rosanna Arquette https://variety.com/2014/dirt/real-estalker/rosanna-arquette-picks-pacific-palisades-1201338051/

    Those 2 preachers produce more C02 than my entire street! Why doesn't NBC actually do some reporting and report the hypocrisy. Like Al Gore preaching about global warming while burning 65000KWh in a month.

  8. More Americans now support Trump's Impeachment and removal from office than those that would let him stay. (NBC/WSJ poll October 30)

  9. lord jesus cover the young girl under your precious blood and reunite her with her loved ones and all over the world amen

  10. We know Russia did not "hack" the DNC. It's more likely an inside job by Seth Rich. Why don't you ask him? Oh right, cause he was murdered. Hmmm… what a coincidence.

  11. Total crock of bull. Where is the other side of the story? What about the people who have been in front of crazy Adam Schiff stupid secret base when hearings who have said nothing corrupt happened over the telephone. Where is your wall-to-wall coverage about the Biden’s taking billions from China?

  12. I hope nothing happened to that girl Almighty God please have mercy up on your people. Please GOD protect this young girl.

  13. Congress [Dems] want to give us hate for Christmas when they could've given us lower drug prices and more jobs. F the Dems.

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  15. The president didn't do anything wrong. Thank God we have someone that is not just throwing money around researching first.

  16. Yes Manafort "suggested" this as a way to deflect the investigation away from the real source…RUSSIA. To present this story as if there is "evidence" that this is true is completely irresponsible. Heresay is not evidence. There is no way Ukraine, in a war with Russia wanted a russian puppet in the white house. All of trumps ACTIONS since he took office have been Pro Russia. Manafort just has corrupt connections in Ukraine & was therefore offering up this plot as a way to help Trump get reelected (his only hope for a pardon) If trump gets reelected…then he can pardon all the crooks who helped him get elected both times. Right now he can't as easily, it would be viewed as further obstruction & witness tampering.

  17. Why does George Stephanopoulos avoid talking about hanging out with Epstein? He is in the black book. That is news I would like to hear about

  18. It should definitely be impeachable. This would be a road to disaster for this country. It will set the precedent to allow foreign countries to influence our elections.

  19. Pure BS . This is a Maxium Libtard news. Please just go away you are all worthless hallow pretend shadows of what general people are , you are all missing some part of a human being like maybe a soul OH YAH you sold your souls.


  21. The first Javelin sale to Ukraine also had a quid pro quo ,with corrupt conditions! That deal had the previous UA president, drop their Manafort investigation and cooperation with Mueller. In exchange for the Javelin deal. Guiliani also had meetings with Temoshenko, Zelensky's opposition. Temoshenko was leading the poles at that time and was expected to win the UA presidency. Thus I am sure there was attempts to extort her also.

  22. Fighting climate change ha Jane? How about homelessness jane? Why don't we fight and protest the homeless situation in California and new York and everywhere else I think that would be a better cause climate change doesn't make sense we have climate change every year from spring to summer to fall and winter why would we protest normal things

  23. Fish scraps in the garbage should be able to defeat Trump in 2020! This crook is a guy everyone is worried about beating in an election! You know something's wrong with a system that even makes this possible. We do not have a democracy, we have a republic locked up by the corporatists, whose control on the electorate overrides the nationwide majority of voters. The Electoral College. Get RID of the EC or reassign its function, and let the Popular Vote decide the elections. (While we're at it, eliminate Gerrymandering, too. Has NOTHING to do with democracy). Guarantee, at least 50% of the corruption would be quashed.

  24. china owns much of California thanks to Clinton and Pelosi and the Chinese want all of you gone so they can rebuild on their own terms .

  25. listen up gullible guppies who believe climate change is caused by humans —– we are currently in a grand solar minimum which is causing climate change and whacky weather as well as the volcanos going off and also the north and south poles have been on the move for 8 years now and they cause whacky weather too when they move . all of this is proven science and is the cause of climate change . we as humans have no control over it but that doesn't mean we have full authority to pollute this world and keep pilling up trash I agree things need to change .

  26. 80 % of our script drugs come from china .. over 80 % of antibiotics in this country "usa " are givin to animals like cows , chickens and pigs and this causes a antibiotic shortage for humans and cause,s  antibiotic resistance is humans ..

  27. over 80 % of our paramedics  are funded through local charity groups and private funding . so that means if private funding and other charitable groups donate less , then paramedics wont be there to respond . in my thoughts it would be common sense to fund paramedics through state and federal funding to ensure a strong 1st aid response and to keep paramedic field adequately staffed for emergencies.

  28. Jose Balart said, ''New reporting today that some Republicans are ready to ADMIT the President did ask for a Quid pro quo.''
    NBC is repeating what The Washington Post is reporting without confirming the report.
    Seems to me that NBC is biased in their reporting and purposely chose the word ADMIT to imply Trump is guilty.

  29. Isn’t that the type of willpower most marines have? Celebrating this seems absurd. If this was a mother or an amputee that’d be amazing

  30. Wish this earth full of people would realize that climate change is very real this world is not ours its belongs to our childrens children its their future that we're ruining we need to come together before mother earth cleanses herself and none of us mo longer exist

  31. Vindeman is a Jewish Ukranian-American family, Alexandra Chalupa the same, Eric Ciaramella the same. Then add two haters of Trump the Jewish Schiff and Nadler too. All Leftist Liberals. It's like the Rosenbergs, who were executed in 1953 for their crimes against the USA. Just more collusion by these "impeachment" conspirators. It's not anti-semetic to point out a group of them have conspired against our President. The smarter ones usually get some gentiles to "front run" for them instead.

  32. That kid who made an online threat was stupid to do from an home IP address. If instead he'd booted a Linux distro LIVE USB, done a "war drive" to find an open wifi signal like McDonald's or someother, parked a bit away, used a USB long range dual antenna, he'd have gotten away with it. Parents, teach your children if you don't want their antics come back to haunt your family, for a foolish bad prank.

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