Neil Gorsuch: Our courts are one of the wonders of the world

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  1. Once again, FOX has disabled the comment sections regarding Ilhan Omar in continued efforts to control the narrative and agenda so the world can't see the vile, racist, and treasonous filth it's followers spew! So much for it's love for "freedom of speech", must be the big bad liberal media making them do it again, eh Comrades? Now the world can see that they are even censoring their own! FOX and Drumpf-supporters call themselves "Nationalists", because they know deep down inside that they will never be "PATRIOTS"!

  2. The US should have worked together with the EU (biggest economy in the world). Together they could have beaten China.

    But Trump wanted to fight with the whole world, including the EU. Big mistake.

  3. Oh, they’re a real “wonder” alright. They leave the ‘world wondering’ how they can be so ‘blind’ to the American Constitution in which they are ‘sworn’ to uphold, and so vastly corrupt to boot. The peasants aren’t as stupid as they’d like to believe. There is only one true ‘Judge’. And all of these evildoing posers in their clown gowns will be standing before him soon enough. Justice will be done.

  4. January 30, 2012 "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in 2012."
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Egyptian Al-Hayat Television Interview

  5. If your a Democrat and support the President you should change party affiliation and become a Republican. Cause being a Democrat in today's extreme politics is suicide. I know all Democrats aren't that extreme. I know a lot of lifetime Democrats that have changed party affiliation. Funny thing is that there political values didn't change, just the name there using. Because good politicians aren't Republican or Democratic, and names don't accurately portray your views. Actions do though. I mean Democrats that don't believe in abortion can't speak out for fear of being ostracized by there colleagues and the lobbyists that ensure their power in D.C. Your values should never be based or change because of threats from colleagues that have been career politicians and we'll established with there foreign interests and lobbyists. I strongly urge D.C. to enact term limits for all politicians, so in President Trumps words which I agree with that this kind of governing never happens again. Plus it is good for the National Security of this country to have term limits so as not to have CEO's and International Conglomerates Lobbyists's controlling our country through there sponsoring of career candidates. If there was term limits for Congress they wouldn't have spent all of there time campaigning against each other, and more time legislating. Serious National Security Threat. Term Limits to ensure our representatives work for U.S. instead of trying to retain power, power corrupts.

  6. He's speaks as if he is completely out of touch with the third world nature of our courts, particularly our family courts.

  7. Most of the Democrats in our country do not and in our government do not value or upholding the rule of law so what makes you think the courts do depends on how much money you have

  8. “Used to be” a wonder. Roberts is blackmailed and the 4 left leaning Judges disagree with the written law. If we lose one judge… congress will be useless. The court will simply legislate from the bench. That’s not amazing at all. That’s a giant problem.

  9. Its wonder who you can say that with a Straight face. SCOTUS is partisan policy making not Arbitration of law its broken and stuffing more people on it wont fix it

  10. Thank you for the upload. Hon. Justice Gorsuch obviously cares a lot about the people and the rule of law; we are very lucky to have him. Having said that, because we are leaders in many areas of law and technology, innovation and improvements within court-adjudication comes by self-evolution without mind to other countries who are behind; we can be better.

  11. Elites commit treason – no problem. Goes & buys a $15 million mansion.
    Ordinary citizen defends self against violent physical attack – disappears into "justice" system, life ruined.
    Yeah. Sure. Tell me more. I believe you. No, really!

  12. In light of the failure of the rule of law which we have witnessed over the past 3 yrs, I find his comments condescending and insulting.

  13. I differ the man! Many judges are biased and old leftist! Too many people being accused of falsehoods So we need to have ability to kick a judge of a case when the judges don’t even know their being conned by a con artist accusing defendants of fake stories! Local judges are even worse!

  14. The Original Constitution is a body in itself. No matter what fashion may come or go, that body remains. The "Living Constitution" will never satisfy the requirements upholding a truly sincere Freedom, Liberty, therefore Sovereignty.

  15. As long as they stick to the Constitution and not ‘revise’ it , ok, then they will be doing what they are supposed to do.

  16. Yeah, I wonder when they'll begin following the laws and remembering who their rightful masters are: We the People. The law abiding American citizens-who demand the courts uphold the law of the land and the Constitution-or be stripped of their robes.

  17. If the shit-o-crats are able to sink their demonic claws into the Judicial system it will cease to be a wonder and become a weapon.
    The democrats must be kept away from power. They are evil and unworthy. The entire demoncrat party must be re-rolled and formed into something that provides at least some service to the American People.

  18. The US constitution is what protects western civilization. It was written prior to political correctness and brilliantly protects us from it! This is what makes the left so furious! Something to be enjoyed!

  19. Merrick Garland should be on the Supreme Court, not Neil Gorsuch. I can’t wait for Biden to defeat Trump and then Biden will get rid of all of Trump’s judges and replace them with his.

  20. Ya, our courts are a big wonder. Wonder why if your a democrat like Hillary, comey mc cabe, that you can walk away from any crime you commit

  21. So you mean our Activist Judges that rarely follow the Law or the Constitution…
    Interesting that….So many are Experts on the Constitution…betcha few have ever read it……Remember Neils mama?…Runout of the Reagan EPA for corruption?…

  22. Corruption isn’t political! How many of your family or friends have you let off or got off of charges because of who you are and who you know! You all make me sick! This is why the police fight against body cams! The eye 👁 of Justice 🤡! Your profession is so tainted and ridiculous it’s a joke! If you have the money 💰 💵 you can buy freedom by buying the best lawyers who argue nonsense and get away through loop holes and knowledge of such! Wake up! When a citizen comes into court their word means nothing chump! You only listen to corrupt cops and good cops and never the citizen! There are good judges and officers out there but are the minority! The majority are corrupt, tainted, bullying, profiling, racist, scumbags just trying to put money and ego on their side! The hole establishment is now accountable and I’m ready for the show! Thank you apple and cameras! 🤬🤦‍♂️🤢🤮🤡

  23. Yes America does have a great court system….that doesn't make it perfect. Take that attitude to the border and exercise it….



  26. did not need to watch this video because i already know that the story is true…
    A person can be accused by a cop of a crime and the judges here will deny anything the defendant says contrary to that accusation, and fine them. they do not do their jogs, instead deferring to cops as the accuser and judge.
    i got beaten by police and handcuffed. i had not committed any crime but was arrested because i kept begging them to adjust the handcuffs. the cops claimed /charged me with a noise violation after being arrested. the court ignored the fact that i was noisy AFTER being beaten and improperly handcuffed…the cuffs were pinching nerves in my wrist and i was begging them to adjust them.
    The judge ignored the fact that the cops attacked me and beaten me for ten minutes before arresting me, and i never got the chance to inform him of what happened after the arresting., face slamming's that fractured my throat, torturing for seven and a half hours because they kept the handcuffs on me the entire time, blind for a week because they used a full container of pepper spray on me, and a hand in a cast for six weeks because of nerve damage.
    i had to pay $180.00 fine because i was begging to have the handcuffs adjusted.
    Yes, our courts are one of the wonders of the world.

  27. You may not get into politics but there are still corrupt judges, lawyers… And the rich are the ones that can buy the best lawyers and can get away with their crimes.

  28. Judges are lifetime in order to prevent radical changes. They need to stay lifetime and the current arrangement is correct. No extra judges. no term limits.

  29. We The People are not feeling any variety of warm, kind, and humble sentiment towards the current wasteful, and subversive characters we still see on the too far left, of sanity every day.
    None of the current foul, and continually festering, political atmosphere up on that Hill either instills, or invokes any kind of Patriotic pride at all, whatsoever.
    Most of US know full well, the huge bullet we dodged by successfully electing President Trump, and thwarting that maniacal Hillary Clinton's traitorous endeavor, but apparently her headless body of treacherous tendrils are still up there thrashing around, as if they still have hope of growing a bigger, more dangerously subversive, and Constitutionally crippling head with which to continue screwing everyone out of their American Constitutional Republic's benevolent self governance, in Freedom.

  30. It’s his business . He is going to sell it as something more than it is . Like cereal .
    Headline “ Famous Judge Likes the Law , It’s A OK by him !! “ .

  31. My Name is Israel Ortega Cruz (IOC). I need all the the help I can get to go against AOC. IOC vs AOC for Americas Future! @IOCforcongress.

  32. Whether you're talking about the horse and buggy days, or you are talking about modern computer technology… Sin is still sin. If you steal a horse or hack somebody's computer, it's still wrong… what a fallacious argument the left has when it wants to oppose someone with Godly morals, and who wants to hold people personally responsible for there wrong actions.

  33. Give me a break, the only wonder is I wonder when the Guilty in the FBI will be prosecuted. I wonder if there is an Justice left in America. Do you know why Lady Justice has a Blindfold on? So she can’t see the perverted Justice System at work in America.

  34. Only wonders is why people like hillery, comey, and others Go without America getting Justice.. put them where they belong in prison…that's a start..

  35. Sit down relationship colleague's experience sharing by sticking to their lane.
    Student's get their semester so stay in my lane and bow before me to intervene for your grade's.

    None sense and laughs🤔.

    He inserts himself in a dirty road and he wrote all in his book. What😂🤣.

  36. 👋A wonder ! A joke is more like it .When courts in this country are using their own bias instead of rule of law . And some are using laws of other country to rule in cases . Even though they are not our laws .

  37. Yup! It sure is a wonder of the world. EVERYTHING that is wrong with our country today can be traced back to the Supreme Court. It is the highest level of corruption.

  38. Let's see how honorable our not-so-honorable justices are. Take McCulloch v. Maryland, as one example.

    The case was a 10th Amendment case., The 10th Amendment reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Meaning: If a power is not granted to the federal government, the federal government does not have that power.

    The Court decreed: The 10th Amendment is hereby repealed. If an amendment changes the terms of a document, the amendment is repealed, not the part of the document that the amendment intended to amend. Neither the people nor the States have a right to amend government power or tell the sovereign government what it may or may not do.

    Then it went further. It said that the Constitution became VOID at the moment it was ratified, because at that exact moment, government became its own sovereign. Plus: Oaths of office are meaningless. People are not free, they are "subjects" of (property of) the government. States have no rights.

    Government is not constituted by the Constitution, it is constituted by its own self-made laws. Government has EVERY power unless “expressly” prohibited by the Constitution; BUT EVEN WHEN A POWER IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED, government may none-the-less retain that power through implied, necessary, and “incidental” powers, given the “expressed” understanding that the absence of a grant of power means the power is granted, implied means enumerated, necessary means unnecessary, and prohibited means permitted, because words are “magic”, and “he would be charged with insanity” who would think otherwise.

    That decision wasn't just unconstitutional, it was anti-constitutional. The Constitution did not give the courts legislative powers. The court made itself into King George and immediately discarded the Declaration of Independence and everything we fought a war to escape. With this decision, the courts gave us the banking system that the people didn't want the fed to have, plus it laid the groundwork for the Robber Barons. Remember, the court GAVE ITSELF the power to do what it did.

    No where does the constitution give the court the power to interpret the law. I used to wonder what "interpret" meant. Then I began studying actual supreme court decisions. The court takes a single word and changes its meaning to make the law comport with what will best suit their own interests. EVERYTHING that is wrong in our country is a direct result of that decision.

  39. An "originalist": someone who does not play "telephone" with the Constitution. That means no new definition of "shall not be infringed" need be made up, and "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects" still applies when communication is digital, and "free speech" is protected even if Google doesn't like it.

  40. Judge Neil, is there any way you can clean up the filthy corrupt justice system of this corrupt two tier system of your so called wonderful justice system of this country? How could you claimed so?

  41. I am surprised to see so many people who are anti-Court. This man seems to be very sincere about being a fair judge and has passion for our country and our way of life. Trump made a great pick.

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