Netanyahu rushed off stage after rockets fired into Israel

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  1. Rockets fired from Gaza targeted large towns in southern IsraelBecause… Of Palestinians are taught to hate from childhood one, Parents building rockets in the living rooms

  2. Hey ignorant people at Fox News, the West Bank has a name: it's the city called JUDEA! That's a Jewish city and has been for thousands of years! It's already Israel's land! Duh!

  3. Complains of oppression by Israel …
    Attacks Israel first and then cry like a baby,
    This is why Gideon' s Army should always be prepared against all direction but fear not,O Israel for it is written: "A thousand shall fall at Thy side;ten thousand at Thy right hand but it shall not come nigh unto thee(Psalms 91:7)

  4. Here we go again with Sheppard Smith implying that Israel deserves to be the target of Palestinian missiles because Netanyahu is talking about annexing the West bank. But he will never tell his viewers that the reason, Israel wants to annex the west bank is because the West bank was used to attack and launch missiles at Israel even years ago. Smith can hide this fact when he is addressing the younger generation who were not around in those days but he can't fool the rest of us. By not explaining the entire issue to his younger viewers, he definitely is beeing totally dishonest and should be banned from FOX as he would fit much better with the likes of him at the corrupt CNN.

  5. Palestinians are the terrorists there. I sure hope Omar condemns Palestine for firing rockets into civilian areas. I mean, any normal, mentally healthy person would. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  6. This has been going on for decades…with occasional cease-fires here and there…why does Israel continue to put up with Palestine and just eradicate them all?!

  7. Sheppard Smith,
    Homosexuality is an abomination to Almighty God. However, this sin like all sins can be completely forgiven. Those who choose to practice this perverted sexual sin must stop, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and God.

  8. GOD will protect the Jewish people/ 12 tribes of Israel as always bec.
    Its GOD's glory will be through out the world & the Universe!

  9. So it's ok to fire missiles into Israel, but its illegal to take parts of the west bank to reduce the missiles range?

    Is it me or am I not hearing this right?

  10. I can't even imagine why Israel takes it..I'm sure they could mop the floor with any and all Palestinians if they choose..and iran and Syria for that matter..

  11. Huh so Palestinian protestors finally got fed up with being shot at along with burning farm land and olive groves with impunity. if you don’t think this is retaliation then you’re not paying attention.

  12. causing trouble before an election. why dont they sit down & negotiate a financial settlement for the land they want and let their Rothschild supporters foot the bill?? Its looking alot like endless wars that America is now trying to evolve AWAY from and recreate a peacetime economic boom..

  13. We bomb, launch rockets, drone attacks are really popular with us because we want to "defend our interests". Why is everyone so shocked that Palestine launched rockets to protect their interests that are increasingly being violated by Israel on a daily basis?

  14. I guess it's ok for Israel to bomb Syria, Lebanon and Gaza along with killing innocent women and children and expect no retaliations!?!?!?!
    Oh no! Netanyahu is in danger now!!!
    I see this as a comedy show to make everyone feel sorry for Israel.
    Israel can bomb itself which has done that in the past multiple times only to blame Gaza or someone else so they can keep going with their war agenda so they can continue to receive all the support from the US and other countries.
    Too bad the Citizens of the world's hands are tied and sometimes blind to see the truth, government controls the media and the media controls the people.
    Wake up people, the propaganda is as bright as a clear sunny day.

  15. Israel should take every tank they have surround them and began firing until nothing is left standing or one roving Arab land squatting heartbeat is left pumping!

  16. There have been over 20,000 rocket attacks just on Southern Israel so how is this news breaking….. except that a leader was there.

  17. Spying scumbags. They are NOT OUR PROBLEM. If anything they are more a foe than a friend. No more aid to Israel. No more dual citizens allowed to be in Congress.

  18. "Negotiating table"? The Palestinians are not interested in peace and we have all known that for decades. Israel turned over the Gaza and the Palestinians have "Negotiated" with rocket attacks ever since.

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