New FOX News Poll: Most Americans Want Trump Impeached And Out Of Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Trump is the best ringmaster we've had in decades. At least he entertains us unwashed masses, unlike other elite lampreys. Get your complimentary bread basket please, before you find your seat. The next show starts soon. SPQR forever, ya?

  2. 46% want the president impeached 48% don't. What is that saying? It says 46% are Democrats and 48% are Republicans! Hey, no one asked me or you, so the polls are inconclusive just like before the 2016 Election where they had Hillary way ahead of Trump. Their trying to have you change your mind that you must be wrong … Don't doubt yourself. Keep thinking TRUMP!

  3. This is a betrayal of conservative media.No one I know is calling for his impeachment, but Fox`s poll. I Is Fox is up to something underhanded.Is Fox mad because Trump is trying to get us out of Mideast business.Is Fox attempting to taint Trump because they will lose money If we are not in war?They are other news organizations.There`s no doubt that many Republicans are heavily invested in the military industrial complex along with their states.It`s time to begin downgrading our everlasting prominence everywhere.We cannot afford it.We need to take care of Americans for a change.I hope people can see through this.

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