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Okay, I’ve said this video was going to come
as soon as I got the info and here it is. Amazon Game Studios flagship, first pc title. New World. Originally called a sandbox mmorpg with a
heavy focus on pvp, now announced as an open world mmorpg with a focus on pve, coming in
May of 2020, beta in April 2020. So the announcement we got in december was
the game changer, literally. They said this game isn’t pvp or a sandbox
anymore, more details to follow. This obviously was a big piece of info because
it changes the game fundamentally in a way that caused a massive discussion to take place. PvP people, PvE people and everyone in between
has put their 2 cents in and yesterday we got the official statement from AGS about
what to expect from New World on launch with regards to pvp and the game’s new direction. Before we get started. Please understand this. This video is not about pvper versus pver
and which one is the best or most successful or who they should cater to or whatever people
want to argue about. It’s not about removing pvp and making me
sad or being angry that the game isn’t for me anymore or aanything even remotely related
to that. It’s about what the decisions and direction
of the game says and what to expect. This is a quote, from the previous Studio
Director, Patrick Gilmore, about one year and 2 weeks ago. “The spine of the game is player versus player
combat. You’ll probably be murdered in New World. So, yes, players will be able to freely kill
other players, but we have a number of systems like Sanctuary and Criminal Justice, which
add interesting consequence and drama to that experience. I came to realize that the constant press
of danger was fundamental to the thrill of the game–making New World a peaceful world
would deprive players of the stakes and drama of trying to forge a new life in an uncaring
and supernatural wilderness” Now the newly released info, which we’ve all
been waiting for is the follows. Summarised of course. Opt-in toggle pvp, both people engaging in
a fight must be toggled. No loss of anything upon death regardless,
no criminal system anymore, no regional based pvp. Game is a pve experience, more guided than
before, no story, no dungeons, no raids, war is completely instanced 50v50 battles. So to add to that I’ll quickly go over the
specific statement which made me almost walk away from my computer when I heard it. This is specifically directed at people who
are going to show up in the comments and say, well I’m glad it’s pve now because I don’t
like pve and I am excited to play this game now. “we may end up going down the path of adding
dungeons and raids. We talk about it a lot. Our bigger goal is to get what we have in
front of players and start to see what they want and where they push us and help us to
kind of take the direction.” I want to ask you guys, how can you be excited
for a game that doesn’t actually have content for you? I’m going to be real with you all real quick
because i’ve played sandbox games and just mmorpgs in general as most of you probably
have too, for a very long time. Like over 20 years at this stage. Sandbox games do not typically have good,
engaging pve content or even a world that is set up to have it. Sandbox worlds are usually designed ground
up to facilitate wars and pvp content, restriction of resources, defendable areas, stuff like
that. The PvE is usually awful in sandbox games,
absolutely awful, with very few exceptions. So I’ve just quoted you them saying PP is
the spine of this game and then told you they’ve ripped the spine out of the game in half a
year. I don’t care how big or well funded your studio
is, nobody does a spine transplant on an MMORPG in half a year, or a year. It just doesn’t happen. If you’re a pver and you’re celebrating right
now that you got another game catered to you guys, I’m sorry to break it to you but that
is most likely not the case. If you’re a pvper, better luck next time guys,
this one isn’t for you anymore. Now I’m trying not to be dramatic about this
or over the top so I’m not saying this game is going to suck now just because they took
features away that I personally wanted, that’s not how I roll. I’m definitely not as excited for this game
now because it isn’t fitting into my ideal circumstances and features but that’s still
fine, almost no game does so it’s not a big deal. It’s disappointing and I have much less chance
of enjoying this game in the same way but I might still enjoy it and it might still
be a great game. I will however say this. Examine the comment I just quoted to you. That statement, “…our bigger goal is to
get what we have in front of players and start to see what they want…” that is the statement
of a studio that has no direction. They’re basically saying, we don’t have content
for you but we will have it eventually if you tell us what you want. That isn’t a good place for a game to be in
and it should be ringing alarm bells that this game is really in a weird spot. Just think of it this way, they hard focused
on pvp players and then decided to completely remove them from the equation essentially,
then now they’re hard focused on pve players with that same foundation of the game. It’s not realistic to think they’ve built
an entirely new experience in such a short amount of time, they’re even telling us they
don’t have it. Another thing I think it’s important to mention
is the instanced 50v50 battles I haven’t seen many people approach this subject in the way
it needs to be approached. I think on paper people are going to be quite
excited for this, I’ve seen comments from people that start with ” I don’t like pvp
but I can’t wait to play the 50v50 battles since I won’t have anything to lose” Sorry
mate but that is unlikely to happen. I mean 50v50 battles sound cool right? This is one of the more subtle but contradictory
game systems they have announced. Repeatedly when talking about pvp you will
hear or read them say something along the lines of, we want pvp to be inclusive and
fun for everyone…When you put a territory control system behind an instanced fixed number
combatants system you inherently already exclude people. Because it’s no different than an elitist
pvp guild, they will pick their 50 best players, with the best gear and the rest of you guys
who are pvers will not be able to participate. Flat out you will have zero place in the territory
warfare system in this game. So say goodbye to the idea of engaging in
consensual , fair pvp. Unless you’re a skilled player which if you’re
not a pvper you probably won’t be, you’re not going to be participating in the defense,
protection or offense and capture of territories in this game. If you want a smaller but perfect example
of this, examine Albion Online. A sandbox pvp gaame with a focus on guild versus guild territory control
warfare. They had this exact system for many years,
guilds declare war on each other’s territory and then do an instanced 5v5 battle. You know what happened? People quit becaause of being left out all
the time as they’re not good enough to participate. The patch for albion on the 20th of january
removes this feature completely and makes sieges open world non instanced. This also means if you’ve having instanced
battles, politics, alliances, backstabbing and that entire aspect of political gameplay
is neutered. They’ve basically said don’t worry pve people,
you can participate in this pvp gameplay if you want and it’s the most fun part of the
game still, the sieges are really cool…By the way, you won’t be able to play them though,
but you can watch on twitch. At this stage no one can really tell you one
way or another what content the game has, other than what they had before and what they’ve
told us. What they’ve told us so far is you have a
once per day at a set time invasion of ai mobs on your fort and then they’ve added mob
spawners like rifts or world event quests on every other themepark mmorpg. That’s all they’ve said they have for content. Obviously I’m a human, I have the access to
the same information you guys do but I am also making youtube content based on my opinion
so I’ll saay this now and risk being wrong. There is absolutely no fucking way that they’ve
managed to rip the spine out of this game and transplant a new one in under a year to
the extent that their entire demographic changed drastically from one extreme to another and
managed to put in content to keep that crowd happy. They are polar opposite designs. Sandbox and themepark are so far removed from
each other that I do not believe this game will have meaningful content for either crowd
anymore. PVPers are definitely going to still play
this because there is literally nothing else out to play aand the bad eggs that you wanted
to weed out which obviously exist, the hardcore griefers…They will still play this game
and they will still use the tiny bit of sandbox features left in the game to grief the ever
living shit out of people. That’s a fact. The pve people you focused on, who are mostly
themepark players, no offense to you guys, I like themeparks too most of the time…They
are not going to stick around with a sandbox world and no themepark features. It just isn’t good content. What they had in alphaa for pve aad what they’ve
said they have now, it’s so little stuff to do that I just don’t know what to tell you
guys. What are the cornerstones of a themepark or
a pve game. Story, quests, dungeons and raids most likely
are going to appear in most people’s top list. This game does not have a single one of those
things. There is no story telling, no cinematics,
no story quests or npcs in the game, no npc cities, no direction, no raids, no dungeons. It does not exist currently. They’ve said all of these things already in
the last month. They are now of course saying they’re focusing
on a more guided experience, which I have no idea what that entails. I’m still going to be checking out the game
because there’s just no down sides to doing so minus the 35 dollars or whatever the box
price is. I just needed to get this stuff out there. And this is by no means me saying this game
is going to fail or be awful. I’m just saying, temper your expectations
guys because this doesn’t sound like a game with any kind of content or longevity at this
stage. They’ve still to date shown all of about 60
seconds of gameplay as a studio ever and we’re 4 months off from release. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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  1. Star Citizen and New World both use the Amazon's Lumberyard engine and Amazon Cloud servers. The main difference is that Star Citizen devs actually planned beforehand for a well thought out law system that allows PvP and PvE to coexist in their universe. New World devs simply refuse to take risks even with the unlimited funding from Amazon. Quite a sad time we live in.

  2. And ill add wonder how fun will be pve gather and craft when you have 100 people on 1 node you can tell them dont gather it cause il cry

  3. The gathering, crafting, and structure building was actually pretty good. Guilds needed some more work and full loot was pretty tough when not in a zerg. The world was big enough and diverse, I think they could layer something in for leveling. Wasn't a fan of the skill system, always seemed starved for points. Real challenge will be end game, not sure what they will do about that.

  4. OK we just have Albion and Eve again… I really was hopping for a high quality pvp mmorpg but never will happen again

  5. Thanks for touching on 3 big points that popped out for me that people aren't talking about. 1) You'll still get griefers but now you can't kill them 2) Casual Joe wanting to try a siege ain't getting picked, and 3) WDYM you want the players to tell you where the game goes?! That's the designers job to have and execute a vision. I'll probably still play the game a bit but now it's a potato chip snack instead of a new main game for me.

  6. Did they completely remove PVP from the game? If you and 10 other friends toggle PVP on, and run into 10 more players with PVP on can you still fight them in the open world? Also, they specially did say that there are still PVE sieges, and PVE world bosses.

  7. You must realise, this game is the test bed for the tech that will be in Amazon's LotR MMO. If they actually cared about this game they wouldn't have just stripped out features at the slightest sign of difficulty.

  8. Glad I resisted immense urge to preorder. Such a shame but who are we kidding – this is the life of the pvp community.

  9. Refunded. I may look back into this one once they figure out things. I think they don't care about this now they have lord of the rings mmorpg to make. Kinda feels like they just threw this on the back burner.

  10. Completely agree with your assessments – Best they can do imo, fire every dev involved and start over with fresh ideas..

  11. "still gunna check it out got nothing to lose besides the 35 dollars" congratz idiot, contradicting yourself in the same video LOL they GOT YOUR MONEY!!!!!

  12. i dont understand why you guys youtubers make it videos about this game because there is no any official information about this game,i mean about system,builds,combat and everything is changed so we need to wait for more infos about this game,game definitly looks promising,but no one information about builds,talent system and more….

  13. Yes, the lack of direction in this game is disturbing and I wonder whether this is just misleading communication. I find it hard to believe that the management from Amazon just let this studio waste their money. Regarding your statements about instanced "Node Wars", tbh. I found them nonsensical. First of all, you say that PvE Players will have no chance to participate in this content because they will get wiped out by hardcore PvP guilds. Well regarding your own statements about PvP in this game (which I share), how can there be possibly any Hardcore PvP or PvP focussed players in this game? The PvP experience from the little we know seems to be very casual oriented (which is perfectly fine) so I do not see that PvP professionals will ever play this game for longer than a few months maybe to try it out. Second, we do not know how node wars will work, will there be several instances of the fight like it was in Warhammer Online´s City Fights or like it is in Guild Wars 2 Edge of the Mists, so more people can participate. And third, please for god´s sake stop bringing Albion Online as an example, PvP in this game is god awful, it´s a boring gank box for people with 0 competitive mindsets.

  14. People should learn (including me) not to preorder, but wait for the final product. Too many games end up in bad games lately.

  15. Although this just threw me off unexpectedly i will give it a try. As you said, and i agree it wont take you away from WoW or ESO or whatever MMORPG you now play, i like leveling a character in a new mmorpg so giving it a try is the least i can do for now. Might refund before the 2 hours who knows. Godamnit Amazon

  16. The whole PVP debacle aside, the game just looks like trash. Shitty animations, shitty graphics, shitty ui. It looks like another generic low fantasy mmo

  17. I'm totally fine with moving away from dungeons/raids. Dungeons and raids are not mmo content. They are dominantly 5-20 man content (which is no larger than I had back in BF2). All wow and the like are now is a 5 man co-op game with a complex lobby system

  18. Kinda sad how now a days we have the tech to make great games but we make shite ones… MMOs are no longer mmos, when I look at new world and its combat im just so fucking disappointed in people, how can you have much much older mmos like tera for example that have 3000x better combat. I am not understanding why are we going backwards instead of moving forward ? Why rush things ? Why cant you make an amazing mmo that has absolutely fantastic combat or at least close to what bdo has or vindictus or tera ? I never understood this, and on top of all that you make the mmo itself and its purpose shite too, meaningless to either appeal to one or the other. Now I might be very wrong for this but do correct me if you think I am, but I am 100% sure that most hardcore mmo players are pvp players I am certain in my body and soul and heart that this is true ! Why are we still appealing mmos to pvers ? For what ?! I am not saying an mmo shouldnt have pve, I love pve content but not so much pve content where the game focus is only that. What is the point of grinding for gear crafting it or looting it and getting the best you can get if you will only use it to kill mobs ? I never understood that logic, the point is to get gear and test the limits of that gear against other people, if you are a pve player no offence but you can go and keep waiting on new offline rpgs to come through and you can play those hence you do not like pvp. But well oh well this is the reality of things I do not see this game actually being anything successful unless they decide to go back to what they actually said the game will be about, this whole fiasco smells of Anthem and Atlas. 2020 and we can not make proper games, that right there has to be the joke of the decade, with each year I see different devs making crappier and crappier mmos and I see myself playing older and older mmos every year that right there is the epitome of sad.

  19. Lol at the people crying about the new PvP system. You’ll actually have to PvP against other PvPers rather than just spawn camping new players.

  20. You’re making the point to PVE players that this isn’t good for them, but what’s better? Never enjoying the game at all because the PVPers get enjoyment out of PKing low hanging fruit and body camping?

    If the PVP community wasn’t so childish and out of control, this would have never happened.

  21. i remeber asmongold was exicted for this i think if he reacts to this hes not gonna be exicted about it anymore he will just say screw it im staying in bfa

  22. You nailed it. Unbelievably sad that a studio as large and well-backed as this has such an immense lack of vision and capability. Just amazing.

  23. I'm still exsited and will have fun in PvP ATM it's only words can't judge it without trying it first night sound worse then it aculy is

  24. I don't see what the big drama is…
    The only pvp removed is the free for all type of pvp which removes all possible cheap shot style of pvp. Just flag yourself and fight with people who does. You even get goodies for doing so. Wars are 50 v 50 so what? It's fair and not the end game. The end game is a very difficult world boss.

    I don't think people actually get it… it's like a huge PvE instance with bosses eveywhere.

  25. I'm not saying that everything is false, but there is a lot of opinions and misinformation. One of them being no NPCs… There are NPCs and quests.

  26. What’s the point in capturing a town and killing the players if you can’t loot their bodies. That’s the kinda of risk reward game I was looking forward too. I quit Eso because the PvP became complacent on a lack of risk, players can make several mistakes without suffering consequences, and other personal issues such as balancing. They too, were going to add a bounty system that involved being able to kill players in the overland zone. But it got scrapped because PvEers didn’t want Pvp in a PvE zone, even though the system worked through a opt in check box in the settings.

  27. We’re at point know where we need Elon Musk to make a MMORPG, if he helped make electric cars and space ships. I’m sure he has the balls to make a unforgiving skill based MMORPG.

  28. I mostly like the changes. From reading their DJ, it feels they just toned down the bully PvP part of PvP…but its too early to judge until they talk about the rest of the mechanics.

  29. I don't know whether Amazon is adopting the trial & error nature of tech/startup companies' development, but it doesn't work that way in PC gaming development. There are more loyalty & emotions involved from the players, and a change of promise will harm the game's persona.

    Then again we have the likes of Wolcen that alienated its original backers with its drastic design change but found new fanbase in its new design. So maybe that will happen to New Worlds.

  30. I was more excited about this game then any other games coming out this year but with the new info of them just gutting the game an having no clue what to do with the game im just not even gonna touch it just wanna wait an see if it turns into something good in a year or so they could of made such a great pvp game what a shame

  31. Imagine a modern Ua or Rs with this graphics and combat. The issue with griefing and ganking low level players in the alpha could easily been fixed with; no pvp starter zones and a criminal system. Maybe a normal pvp death could drop all resources and have a risk of dropping items and with the criminal system you gain more and more ''evil'' the more you kill thus increasing the risk of loosing items upon death, but also increased chances of gaining loot for kills. Giving incentive both for ganking and not, also giving people a reason for defending ganked players.

  32. Not only does it lack direction. While they didnt have crowdfunded backing they have for the most part burned their target audience. Its crazy that a studio with enough money to literally build anything would take such a backstep. Not to mention as most know New World was supposed to be the game that showed off what Lumberyard Engine and AWS could do. Yet 50 vs 50 Battles can be done in MMO's that at 15 years old.

    It would be nice to see what Content is actually in game now that they have effectively removed the Heart, Lungs, Liver and Spleen. I preorderd a while back, so im in for the long haul now. 🙁

  33. Oh no, they realized that another rust-conanexile-etc pvp sandbox nonsense is not required on market and searching for new auditory. How could THAT happen?

  34. Ughhhhhhh I so wish the NDA was lifted. Long story short…. even if PVP haters rejoice to this Opt-in,Opt-out concept…. just wait until you play the game. It simply cannot survive with out PVP. Unless something seriously drastic changed in the last 7 months.

  35. Does Anyone here know if New is going to be Free-To-Play? If anyone can please tell me this I be really grateful. (Also, even if it turns out New World isn’t Free-To-Play I still think it’s going to be an very interesting MMORPG!)

  36. good there will less toxic ppl who enjoy stealing murdering even their own faction for just little or no profit at all. and who decides to stay can focus on building proper communities.

  37. I am pretty sure Amazon is taking references from Archeage.
    In Archeage, there is actually 50vs50+30 siege battle. It also has a "shield" and that shield only prevent non-participants from entering that zone, the battle still on the same open-world. Winning participants are rewarded and naturally only the top 50 will join. It make sense to limit number of people to have "fair" battle but naturally, only those in control will pick the people they want for the battle.
    The crime system also seemingly familiar to Archeage.
    Therefore I am sure they also analyzed Archeage's decline and think that the pvp is bad for game but they don't understand that AA decline is due many many things. It is weird they don't study the success of Rust or Ark Survival but pick a declining game as reference.

  38. game will flop they just want a quick buck now… taking away any pvp aspect,and not including dungeons at first give you nothing to strive for…its pretty much just an rpg without the mmo bc the mmo quality isn't beneficial to anyone

  39. im still gonna get the game. there physically is no other good game out, and there still is 5months to go. for all we know there waiting to drop videos and stuff till a later date. and for the pvp matter. I like pvp and when they said they tried to fix things to make pvp better or change some stuff listen to people nothing worked, because in the end all they saw was high levels grief new players for no reason just so they couldn't transcend or get any higher and level, and they said so many people complained about. so guess what they listened and they fixed and now people are still complaining. so let them do there thing.

  40. What a shame, I was really hopeful for this one. It sounds like a hot mess… tell the Devs to break out their jazz hands and sparkle fingers to get that "Biozon…uhh… Amaware…er whatever MAGIC!" fired up! O,o

  41. If I had to guess as to why to changed their minds, they probably didn't want it stealing thunder from the new lord of the rings mmo they're working on. /Shrug

  42. wow subscribed never encountered a youtuber with such great insight

    To the point and really say's what he thinks with good arguments

  43. So sad my dreams for this game just got crushed. This game died even before it was released I want a refund now. Well there is still that dark age of camelot we can hope for in regards to pvp.

  44. another zero direction game avoid at all costs.

    Excellent content Kira as usual I love your realistic analysis in this field because we severely lack it. Too many ppl hop on hype trains and ignore the clear and obvious issues so they can get clicks.

  45. May just stick with BDO if I want a messy sandbox mmo title. Maybe in another year or two, this game will be more fleshed out. But in a year or two, we have a lot of MMO titans making their way out.

    I wish Amazon studios would have kept this as a pvp sandbox with some pve content a la BDO and kept their Lord of the Rings title as their pve mmo. Now I'm wondering how jumbled the development will be for the lotr game.

  46. I feel like you're letting your disappointment show as a bias this is the link to the dev diary that they released on the 17th.

    @2:40–3:30 they state that there is reward from being toggled on to PvP while they're still refining the system on what and how much the reward is you'll be getting more xp/gold while grinding when you're toggled on for PvP and you'll be gaining loot from the pk when it happens. The losing player will lose time with however long it takes to get back to the area.

    @4:45 they state there will be open world bosses that will require a group to beat similar to world bosses in other games, he continues on to state they talk about adding traditional dungeons and raids a lot but the bigger goal now is to release what they have now and see what the player feed back is. @:45-1:10 They've added more POI's to the game more density to those POI's and while he doesn't state what those are, the directions seem to lean toward story/quests with a mob grind for loot.

    You've also made an assumption that players will be excluded from the 50v50 wars because the company size will be far above that and they'll take only their top players. We don't currently know what the company size will be it could be 50 so everyone in that company would be able to participate.

    So while I agree with a number of points you do make in your video you have left out some key features that will be in the game that lead people to the conclusions you make which comes off as biased. This is coming from a player who's spent the last 5 years playing BDO and ArcheAge and has PvPed in every mmo over the last 15 years. There could be issues with this system but honestly it's very similar to what BDO has on the Arsha server or WoW's warmode if you grind toggled on.

  47. simply LOL… I was hyped too, wanted to pre order… LUCKILY I DID NOT -_-' really curious tho how this game will perform anyway, not gonna buy it now, thanks AMAZON 😐

  48. How about making 2 different servers? One that has pvp disabled and is only focusd on Pve.. And one that wont suck

  49. Well shit. I was going to play the game. But no way now. That really sucks. I was looking forward to this one. Damn. 50 v 50 battles.. really!? Oh well. I still have TESO.

  50. I mean anyone play any good open world pvp mmos? Gloria Victus or Life is Feudal? nah those games are trash. I'm a big BDO fan, but even that is kinda stupid and get old fast forcing me to take breaks.

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