News Anchor Freak-Outs Caught On Live TV

Anything can go wrong on live news, which
means the hardest part of the job for those brave souls who sit in the anchor’s chair
is remaining calm and collected no matter what happens. “We’ll do it live! F— it!” For the most part, they do an admirable job,
but occasionally their emotions get the best of them. Here’s a look at some news anchor freakouts
caught on live TV. Cooper can’t take it Anderson Cooper is one of America’s most trusted
anchors. But his daytime show, Anderson Live, didn’t
quite fare as well, ending after two seasons, in part due to interviews like this one with
Sarah Burge. Known as the Human Barbie, Burge advocated
all sorts of iffy cosmetic surgery techniques, including injecting a 15-year-old with botox
so her forehead wouldn’t sweat. And that proved to be more than Cooper could
handle. “I honestly have nothing more to talk to you
about, I gotta be honest” “I try to be polite to all my guests but I
just think you’re dreadful I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore I’m just going
to stop.” No Joy for O’Reilly When you invite Bill O’Reilly on your show,
you have to know things are going to get dicey. But The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy
Behar got more than they bargained for when O’Reilly made some inflammatory comments about
9/11. “(a bunch of people talking at once and you
can’t understand what any of them say)” Veteran journalist Barbara Walters kept her
cool and continued the discussion, eventually prompting a rare apology from O’Reilly. Bill Maher slams the door Speaking of 9/11, comedian and talk show host
Bill Maher knows how much trouble any discussion of the topic can cause. So when a conspiracy theorist in the audience
began heckling his panel, Maher didn’t waste any time personally throwing them out of his
studio. “Hey do we have some f—— security in this
building? Or do I have to come over and kick this guy
the Hell out of here?” “Hey Hey Hey Out Out.” Charlo Green sparks up controversy After reporting on a story about a medical
marijuana business in Alaska, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene dropped a bombshell – she actually
owned the business! “I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis
club will be dedicating all my energy to fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with
legalizing marijuana here in Alaska ” And then she dropped an even bigger bombshell. “As for this job? Like I have any choice, but f— it I quit.” Jim Ryan vs. Dick Oliver Anyone who has seen Anchorman knows that feuds
often bubble beneath the surface of your friendly local news team. “well you have bad hair.” “What did you say?” But audiences watching Good Day New York still
had to be taken aback when anchor Jim Ryan and chief reporter Dick Oliver got into it
on the air during a live broadcast. “I’ll give you lessons on how to become a
reporter later.” “I’ll give you lessons on how to be an editor
because I was your boss once.” “Yeah, you were. And you are no longer. How did that happen?” Stay Classy, New York! Liz Wahl is nobody’s puppet Citing “moral and ethical challenges” she
had working for the Russian state-controlled media company, RT News anchor Liz Wahl ended
her March 5, 2014, broadcast with a mic drop. “I’m proud to be an American and in disseminating
the truth. And that is why, after this newscast, I am
resigning.” Wahl later described the environment at RT
News to The Daily Beast as being suppressive and manipulative. “It actually makes me feel sick that I worked
there… It’s not a sound news organization, not when
your agenda is making America look bad.” Brooke Baldwin can’t believe her ears When CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin brought all-around
rabble-rouser… and the living embodiment of yelling fire in a crowded theater – Clay
Travis of Fox Sports Radio – on to discuss ESPN’s suspension of Jemele Hill, she should
have expected some flowery language. But she obviously didn’t expect this to come
out of his mouth. “I think that’s a bad move. I’m a first absolutist I believe in only two
things completely: the first amendment and boobs.” “I’m done this conversation is over. Yanking mics. Bye. See ya.” Mika Brzezinski’s burning rage When the producers of Morning Joe tried to
get co-anchor Mika Brzezinski to lead the news with another pointless fluff piece about
Paris Hilton, Brzezinski just couldn’t take it anymore and nearly lit the studio on fire
as protest. “We’re not covering this, alright? I’m not…” “Easy.” “I’m done with the Paris Hilton story. She later told the Guardian, “I had one woman send me an email and she
told me was weeping tears of joy that someone finally took a stand.” “I think that the reaction in the media has
been the most heartening. People in the business are saying enough is
enough.” Journalism 101 with professor Kate Bolduan One of the top tactics to try and discredit
news reports you don’t like is to insinuate that stories with anonymous sources are, well… “You are Fake news.” But without the protection of anonymity, many
sources would be too afraid of recriminations to blow the whistle, and major world shaking
incidents such as the truth behind Watergate might never have been discovered. So when former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie challenged
State of America anchor Kate Bouldan over unnamed sources, she wasn’t going to take
it. And neither was the rest of her panel. “Puh-leeze! Do not even start with me! You’re going to attack sources.” “That is ridiculous.” “You’re embarrassing yourself, your party,
and your country. You should not be doing this you’re a better
person than this. I’m ashamed for you.” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Telling a SEAL hes embarrassing his country? Shut the fuck up. What did that noname ever do for this country.

  2. Utter crap! Anderson Cooper a trusted news anchor?? CNN has ratings so low they practically have less viewers than employees. Everything they present has a far left bend. News anchors are supposed to present unbiased coverage and they do not. Attacking a panel guest that questioned anonymous sources is ludicrous. Far too many "news" sources are quoting other "outlets" that have not vetted their sources or have totally characterized reports inaccurately. EVERY outlet that carries a story needs to verify the facts, especially when there is a written report or finding. The far left seems to believe that we have unlimited funds and that government should run everything. Government screws everything up. Social Security, Medicare, Post Office.. ect. EVERYTHING is screwed up because there is no accountability and no sense of efficiency. That is true for everywhere!

  3. Anderson had no right to do what he did to that woman. At least she was not breaking God's commandments, unlike himself. Pretending he was in Iraq when it was being obliterated. Had staged palm trees in the background with gas masks on. What a lying pos he is!

  4. I would buy that guy a beer at 5:35. Sources are the same as rumor mongering. If the GRUNGE was a TRUE CITED source of news they would of said the sources the Navy Seal was protesting was conformed.

  5. Any adult who allows their kid to call himself "Dick" is an idiot. Your child will never, ever get a date.


  7. Anderson Cooper, not a freak out. Other stuff not a freak out. I expected to see screaming and cursing.

  8. If Bill Mahre ever even attempted totouch me I would pound him into dust. Brave asshole when theres security around him. But won’t say shit to anyone when he’s all alone. Pussy.

  9. I suspect reporters invent “sources” all the time. I truely believe it is a common practice in the media.

  10. We finally found out that CNN sources were lying their fucking asses off and CNN is fake news and are leftist lying globalist SOB's……

  11. Mika doesn't want to talk/repeat fluff stories regarding Paris Hilton but has no problem repeating the same tired, debunked Russian collusion propaganda every broadcast for 2+ years. 🙄

  12. That girl who resigned can hold this L that company is called RT for a reason and that's called Russian times .. if you American working there you gotta be the dumbest mf on the planet

  13. This must have been sponsored by CNN. They started off calling Anderson Cooper the most trusted anchor in America and ended with a highly edited clip of Higbee calling CNN out on unnamed and unverified sources. Anybody who actually saw that exchange knows he wiped the floor with them and wasn't asked back.

  14. Anderson cooper is a trusted anchor lol. Ya ok he’s an agent of mid control just like the rest of these fake actors

  15. all the Lefty fake news demmy dum dums are about to go extinct anyway so let them all get mad kiss you know what and get glad.

  16. I was going to make a comment on Anderson cooper being a trusted reporter but the comment section has done that for me
    Thx guys

  17. It would be nice if people would stand up and quit giving attention to those stupid whores the Kardashians

  18. CNN is BS PROPAGANDA NEWS ..WELL PROGRAMMING FOR THE IDIOTS ONLY…anyone with a Functioning brain can see through them

  19. Was about to say Whoopi and Behar are unprofessional old biddies. Barbara Walters IS a veteran and absolute pro

  20. The Anderson C. quote @ 24secs in. Complete bias and the biggest joke since b Obama administration and Hillary sold out to the Russians "uranium-one"

  21. You're not fooling anybody, and you're about as smooth as sandpaper. Stop trying to sneak in your left-wing liberal ass views & opinions. Just make the video

  22. Lol at the triggered right-wing snowflakes in the comments who got a taste of reality when they switched off Fox News propaganda for a second


  24. you sobs are sold out to the establishment go to hell —–all you showed is the liberal freaks tryin to spin things lmfao -bill maher who needs to be tossed into the waterfall at ground zero etc —–I wonder if you spineless Grunge people can even look in a mirror

  25. I saw the whole O'Reilly segment. He didn't apologize for what he said. He apologized for the two "hostesses" being offended. The video tells a flat out lie.

  26. My god, we're not stupid, we can see and grasp what's going on. Less narrating and just show the videos without editing the F out of them!

  27. and American news not controlled by the government ???????????? 😂😂😂😂 ha h ha they all do specially Israel and America with Britain !!! and they say mind control doesn't exist ?! on side the with religious brainwash 😀😀😀

  28. I still laugh at the first amendment and boobs comment. I would’ve laughed it off instead of getting mad like she did. People have said much worse.

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