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  1. I am glad for the americans that they will get healthcare fully covered by the government. It was about time. All the other countries in the world have it. Finally Trump realized that the citizens health is more important than to spend all the money in weapons. A whistleblower told me that he will spend as well a huge amount of money for education and for infrastructures. It was about time to make this decisions. The new generation is the future of the world and according to government members Trump finally agreed to fight against climate change and finally he will end the tradewar for the benefit of all of you. I guess that those brave and intelligent decisiond will bring the country together again. No more false promises and everyone is happy.

  2. Imagine Just being a regular FAN and preparation NEEDED of this Wonderful President we have here, just to see him, and get his autograph on a MAGA cap, what you'd have to go through and DO just to be there and get his autograph, on the FRONT row the preparation NEEDED just to be there, GETTING THERE EARLY enough, arranging the ride there, maybe a UBER, etc, security, everything!!! It's rather extraordinary amount just in itself, when you break it all down and put it into perspective !!! And OUR President tries and attempts to sign every one he sees and can get to!!! Truly COOL…!!! When you break it down and see and think about IT from true American PATRIOTS here…!!! For a Man who's life is basically Immensely organized and Dictated basically better than a diamond filled ROLEX!!! WE Are and were CLEARLY Totally BENEATH Hillary, and The Rest of that CROWD of DEMO'S…!!!

  3. "You know what they call that, they call that a payoff"
    Damn right!!.Just like those career politicians and their payoffs with American taxes

  4. Thats incredible Mr. President, there will never be another president like you,you realy care about the American people with a passion.God Bless Donald J. TRUMP. Trump2020

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