News Now Stream 06/06/19 (FNN)

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  1. It appears SWAT shot the man. The gunshot by the window first appeared, and then shortly later the man was shot by side door. They showed the swat truck with sniper perched on top still holding gun straight towards the line of site.

  2. Suspect goes down at 9:42:00, it looks like SWAT shot him as there looks to be a shot fired after he falls

  3. It doesn't even look like what he dropped was a gun, I think swat shot him from the street on other side of fence falsely thinking it was a gun. Then they let the dog go and chew on him? What the hell, horrible conflict resolution

  4. For anyone who cares to be morbid – the guy kills himself at 9:43:19. You can see him collapse in the door and something black (probably his hat) falls onto the ground. After that you can see the blood puddle growing. Sorry to be THAT person, but there it is.

  5. This is about the Uber story,

    if this happened in January why is it just now on 06/06/19 five months later being aired on FOX 10 ??
    Just wondering….

  6. 1st off, I thought all 1st responder's did excellant,

     I don't know all ways this could have gone down,
    but I thought all was handled like a pro.

    I'd like to point out that at 9:43:18 subject appears to get on hands and knees,
    at 9:43:20 his hat flies down steps to the ground.
    At 9:43:29 blood can be seen running off the top step to the second step,
    by 9:43:39 the blood is dripping to the bottom.
    I didn't see any smoke from gun fire,
    but if he put the gun under his chin that may have caused the smoke
    to go into him.

    I don't know if this is any help or not.
    Might be what made hit hat fly off like it did

    Any way God bless all who was involved Everybody seemed to do their job well,
    from local PD, FD, SWAT, SO and 1st responder's.
    Also pray for this guy's family, their going to need help and support to get through.

    I'm going to forget News Now FOX10 PHOENIX for their great coverage of live news,
    they are good at getting live stories.

  7. Glad the bastard is dead. They sent Rin Tin Tin in to bite his ass a few times to be sure.
    One less useless thug in this world to worry about.
    At 9:43:19 he gets shot and falls to the ground, along with his hat, the you see the blood start to flow out onto the steps on the left side of the house, and his head next to the red cooler. Then the close-up at 9:46:36.

  8. Worst reporters ever. You can find other videos of this event with the correct information, even as it happened live. The guy came out of the door on the left with a gun and was immediately shot by police, all while these reporters were rambling on and on as they so cleverly do when they have no idea what's happening. Shame

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