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  1. This is what he said…
    “…. our army manned the air, it ranned the ramparts, it took over the airports….”
    What an idiot!

  2. yo boys sub to omqtt on YouTube to be entered into a 25$ visa gift card giveaway rolling it at 330 subs 298 atm

  3. I hope all the people memeing about wanting California gone realize if we were to actually be gone, it would have repercussions far beyond just our state.

  4. Always wondered, move out of building and onto street, then what…. wait for building parts to fall on you? No where to go, should bus ppl out immediatly

  5. Americain today is not as same Americain before , please don't try the war on the world. if American start the War will be a poor country than before . more ways to care we are our world.Please pity our earth !

  6. Pray for the people of California. Pray for the saved and the unsaved alike. Pray the unsaved consider God and repent. Pray for our brothers and sisters that they are safe and ministering to the lost in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

  7. They don't let me give live comments I talk about the end and Jesus, that is there loss because they know what is going on in the world more then most, and do they want to take a chance if there is a god ,guess what every thing in revelations has been coming true, well anyways I don't know if anyone will get this comment but they want Russia and USA to go to war and the west, look most of Russia are Christians 30 thousand churches, and in the USA there is still lots of Christian but not like before percentage wise, and the west to, look who usually fights in wars Christians Catholic to defend good but if there were a war against Russia, it's like destroying our selves, mr, Donald, the big T man,, so you have to let Putin know this Putin you have to let Donald Trump know this and each peoples country people have to know this and talk and not fight, no war no war against each other

  8. Hey!! Fox!!! Time to get rid of sell out Mike Wallace…with the new mgmt Murdock….he is doing a lausy job…😡👇💩👇👿👇👇👇👇

  9. I got the perfect solution to save cali.just fill the fault line with human feces and dirty needles.problem solved.

  10. The GOP is all about getting Conglomerates the free use of our military for tax free profit from sovereign nation's confiscated oil facilities… Fascism, The GOP is a Fascist political party that without the motive of free military use would fold soon after.
    Tax Conglomerate War profits and try giving peace a chance.

  11. Senders to old to be a President
    Hi stacks in the 70th and with Russia communist party
    Ask uncle Bernie who's going to pay for the free ?
    Trump 2020

  12. Donnie said that Alexander Graham Bell was the greatest American ever. He was born in Scotland and he invented the telephone in Canada. What a douchebag Donnie is!

  13. Bernie is a nincompoop. We already have unions. The gov needs to stop getting involved in private companies and their unions. I have a union where I work in Or.

  14. Can we all please not mention Fl. we don't want California's here. Unwashed skinny jeans wearing transient antifa pillow biters are not welcome


  16. California will eventually fall into Pacific. Mexicans are glad US stole California as a result of US Mexican war.

  17. Kamal toe Harris's great grandfather owned 86 slaves…I guess she forgot after inhaling all that good Jamaican weed….

  18. I came to check up what's up…I think … President Trump congratulations… You have won free ticket in the mind of the DEM's to campaign for you…bravo Trump… Your speech was nice…I learnt things…it was an eye opener… My suggest …you keep make things happen against DEM's wishes and willingness those which can't comply to change… so as they raise to fight you you would have secured all their relied platforms and win their abstemiousness mind

  19. Sen.Kamala …that's laziness policy… Work hard should propagated… Two or more job is not problem especially if you want see your plans actualized

  20. Funny how YouTube hides, and removes all the top comments with thousands of thumbs up !!
    Lol !!! The real facist !!!

  21. Rich people are not enemies…bcz any proposed payment someone is paying and that is rich in my sense…socialism is difficult way

  22. Good Morning Everyone! Here is TOILET TRUMP FROM UNITED STATES OF AMERSHITCA! I wish U will kick my ass and enjoy Ur Toilet Journey in New Juicy!

  23. What idiot would expect the border patrol facilities to be in great shape and not overcrowded when record numbers of illegals are pouring in. This was all done by design via the democrats. First they called it a manufactured crisis to make Trump look like a liar that was ruling on fear, and now they're trying to paint him as the ruler of concentration camps because they encouraged, enticed, instructed illegals to come on down. But yeah if the dems want to cater to minorities and now illegals while ignoring the majority of Americans..then that's another loss.

  24. They cheered for the President in French pub at the Women’s Soccer championship!
    It sounded like Fun Trump Fun Trump fun !!

  25. I wonder what distracting they will create to cover for Epstein's child porn and human trafficking thing going on with #45?

  26. Politics aside. Trump is a disgusting old pasty sack, stuffed with lard and spray painted orange topped with a wig. A truly offensive sight. Don't u think ? These women can't be lying . Why would anyone admit to being touched by him. And those denture ! Good Lord !

  27. why do american people put up with these lies, come on, lies from the pits of hell, trump will win in next election and the Democrats will be put in jail,where they belong. remember we are the last generation and Jesus returns soon so the the devil through people will want to spread hate, kill, and these bad people will only answer to there father the devil,,,Wake up America and come to the truth, please before it is too late, god bless America, love from Ireland,,,,,,,,,

  28. Trump please give California to the Mexican people Deport al of them back to California and Build the walls around California. They city is rotten to the core anyway

  29. Healthcare would be great again if we returned to the basic capitalism with some common sense rules and laws to be followed by the insurance companies. We the People paid a lot for some servers and online access, lets use that as "the market" for all health insurance with all costs listed (that alone would start a competition between the companies) and stop the "mandatory coverage garbage". I have no reason to pay for half of the crap they want to include in every policy. Why does a person without kids pay for coverage for a kid? So they can claim to use that to cover a child of someone else…that is not right. I should not have to pay for someone else if I chose not to. Time to stop the socialism and buying votes the left is doing. Someone let Bernie know that Canada's system is ranked 9th from the lowest out of 11 so using it as any example of what we want is just outright wrong. We need to go back to Free market under common sense regulation of the industry not the patient/doctor side like now. I got a Jones fracture, had to wait almost 10 days for the insurance to approve the cast. Ya, 10 days without cast and healing under ACA.

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