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  1. Just wondering Obama can't claim to be the first gay president because he hid it right? How many times did he call his so-called wife Michael LOL

  2. Epstein is charged with abusing children. What the hell is Trump doing to thousands of children at the border in his concentration camps? STOP THE MADNESS !!!

  3. Obama claims his administration was Scandal free. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Clinton email scandal, FBI corruption at the highest levels. Giving Iran over a billion dollars in cash! Why didn't he just wire it if it was on the up-and-up? Hell, he's not even president and he's over in Iran telling them how to undermine the Trump Administration! If that's not treason I don't know what is! Uranium one! It's all going to come out. it needs to. You people just can't bring yourselves to admit Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor!

  4. They need to go ahead and paint that plane. The UN colors from the sixties are just tired looking.

  5. Trump is doing Gods work! He is saving America! We finally have a great President; someone to be admired, like a great role model and leader. He loves all people Atheist, Muslims, women, gay, brown, black and yellow. What love he exudes for all the downtrodden and penniless. What an absolute great man! Trump is our new God! Praise him! He's like a great blond shepherd for the lost people white of the world. His wife reminds me of the Virgin Mary….pure, innocent and untouched…..

  6. We are always grateful to the United States Forces in Korea! And we will support Mr. President Donald Trump to the end! God bless MAGA!

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