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  1. When are Democrats elected by Americans going to use their time to help make American lives better. Why don't they run for the U.N. if they want to help the world instead. 🤔

  2. Are you sure the border crisis isn't a "MANUFACTURERED" crisis? Notice the debt clock show CITIZENS per debt but not foriegn DEBT. Yet, American Citizens are scratching their asses sleeping in tents, no running water, and herded in a AREA LIKE A CONCENTRATION CAMP. The legislators care less about AMERICAN. They have to please their Political Action Groups to DRIVE POLICY & LAW. Nothing and no one is concerned about the RULES OF LAW.
    We sure find the monies for foreign children & people, FREE MEDICAL, SHELTER, FOOD & CLOTHING. But, the working poor and indigent in America DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ASSISTANCE especially if your NOT THE RIGHT SKIN TONE OR LANGUAGE

  3. REMINDS me of the small hellary rally, and the hoarse voice……no message, just angry at the other guys……

  4. what is wrong with their countries? Are whole countries of people going to illegally come to America?

  5. What is she talking about??? concerned about the rest of the world, except America..
    but then again the dems Hate our Country!!!

  6. This is what happened to stupid College professors the can't get a job at Harvard. They become dumbass Democrat politicians. This b** is a bozo

  7. If they came here in fear perhaps they should be lobbying us to go help them we're not seeing this. You speak like you have righteousness on your side if righteousness was on your side you would be speaking about helping their situation where they were at.

  8. How did i get this this stupid individual playing, i did not choose a video of idiot's in a room to watch. And your children taken from sometimes families sometimes traffickers, started under the annointed one Obama stupid

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