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  1. OK America gets it Trump really good for the economy trump has create 6 million new jobs trump has made the black man not in poverty trump as the best president ever we get it.

  2. I'm so SICK of these demons LYING NARRATIVES! THEIR GOAL is to Diminish Everything Good & Beautiful Abt Humanity! They want us to turn into non human Robots, so they can use us as "Conscious" Robots aware we R Trapped inside metal, but essentially Live Puppet SLAVES! "Disneys MK Ultra: youll b eternally Tortured Pinnochio!" Ppl, their attempting to Trap yall in Hell on Earth, disconnected from our Loving God! It's like Tearing babies from their Mother @ Birth, who would do such a WICKED Cruel Thing, but MONSTERS!. . . Oh wait! They've already TRICKED Women to ACCEPT KILLING GODS MIRACULOUS GIFT, as SomeThing WORTH LESS to KILL @ BIRTH 😬. Wakeup! Wakeup Ladies, They R keeping your Babies for their Satanic Rituals & Spells, To Use Against Us! We'er God's Redeemable Fallen Angels! They too Fell, but Lust Evil Things, HATE Us, HATE GOD, & Are All LIARS trying to TRAP & KILL YOU, We R All ETERNAL BEINGS INSIDE! """God Gave Us POWER OVER THEM!""" CALL ON HIM, 💞He's Waiting, PRAY Pray Pray ask Him for TRUTH!!!!!! We Angels Pray INCESSANTLY for You All to GET CURIOUS For TRUTH, JESUS IS THE TRUTH!! GOD in the Flesh!!

  3. Testing bombs on north Korea or ANYWHERE ON THE GLOBE is/are pushing to Yellowstone national park.

    !!!!JUST WIN BABY!!!!

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