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it’s Justin from Spanish plans org
today we are going to take a look at a website called newsela
this is a website that allows you to take various texts of current news
articles and find the right reading level for your students so newsela
dot-com newsela news ela dot-com is the website you can log in with a Google
account and if you look at the library you’re going to be able to find at the
bottom where it says Spanish and this will give you various articles in the
language and you can take a look at the different articles that they have the
nice thing about this is that you can find a reading level that is most
appropriate for your students each article comes with several levels you
can see this one right here is now at text level 6 with a word count of 688
words but if I go to the top I can change this to a lower reading level and
you’re going to see that the article itself is going to be at a lower level
for students that need extra support don’t have the as high reading
comprehension it’s not your students so let’s take a
look at what the difference is if you make that higher so you can see the text
itself actually changes which is kind of neat so it’s got articles that are
relevant to your students current events and you can even on the side narrow your
choices down by level for students the text level and even the reading scale
because each text does have questions a short reading comprehension quiz to go
along with it so for example if you click on this Titanic article when you
go to the print version you have at the top you can present it and you can print
this you’re given the option to print just
the article the article and a quiz and the article quiz and answers so let’s
see what that looks like so you can see you get a document you can download this
you can print it directly from the PDF you’ve got the article and then it’s
going to give you a short quiz multiple-choice and then the answer key
as well so let’s go back to newsela they also have already pre-made text
sets and you can find text sets for Spanish Spanish text sets and this will
give you topics and they’ll give you all the articles in a certain topic so
there’s topics about immigration there’s topics about civil rights about
Technology all different things so this is a great site that you can get more
reading especially to include in an F vr print these out make a binder of news
articles especially for the higher-level students that you want them to read more
higher level materials this is the site that has plenty for you to choose from
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