hi everyone this is brad today we’re
just taking a quick look at newsela what you can do right away is you can see the
news articles that are available to you for example this one over here the
Sesame Street one and what is nice to see on the right hand side they
introduced their newest character I’m up with autism but what’s nice to see is if
you select max that’s the maximum level that this article is written in Lexile
level and then you have the other options as well you can also click on
right and everyone has a part where they can write a short paragraph and there is
a a writing section to this and then if we close out of this there’s also
request took away for questions and it will show you the correct answer as well
as you go through now a couple people have asked me to what about printing out
if you click on the print you can do the article only partic on the quiz or
article quiz and answers nice feature to have and again this is all free what I’m
going to do though is I’d like to show you how to create a class and the great
thing is is when you create this what you can do is you can use Google
classroom so for example let’s say you want to quickly assign this to your
students if you click on quick assign what you’re going to need to do is
create a class so if we create the class which is going to make going to use a
fake one for right now of what i use in my google classroom i’m going to type in
import classroom you can see across here there are quick start guides and click
there to learn about yours L elementary the class code so and so forth the
Kinetico teacher so but for right now i’m going to import google classroom and
i’m going to use one of the ones that i use for my trainings and things like
that and you’ll see it is quickly imported and does take a good about 20
seconds 20 30 seconds here for this to again and I’m just going to choose eco
ball right now and here which is nice is you can select the great so let’s just
say fright now its fourth grade import to selected students and voila you will
have your students imported directly in here and they are ready to go you can
click on here for a quick start guide as well if you do toggle this over it just
makes sure to that all articles are written and for the elementary grades
which is a nice feature to have because some of the other ones you know this
does go up to senior high school so it’s nice to have this ready for them and
when they log in they will certainly have just the elementary versions
available to them so again if we went back in let’s say let’s go into the
library here and I myself wanted to look in by grade level and i click on fourth
grade and i can search through here so if i liked phases of the moon i can
click on phases of the moon you saw the es on there too if you saw that means
spanish is available and again you can then quickly assign this select the
class and click on it right there and assign it instantly now there’s a pro
level pro version available as well to check out obviously it does cost a
little bit of money so it’s something to think about anyway this this is a great
website and do a number more posts on this in the future but if it’s something
you’re interested please let me know more than help be more than help more
than happy I’m sorry to a help out any way I can you have any questions up you
know thanks for watching take care bye bye

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