Nia Sharma on being called ‘ugly’, stigma around TV actors, trolls and being bold | Naagin 4

I worked a lot on my face on my skin I
got treated and I got my clear skin and that’s all that matters for me whether
I’m dusky whether I’m brown I am okay with my color I never go into my doctor
and told her that I want to look fair people trolled me for kissing a girl
people told me for being so bold or removing clothes and this and that you
tell me you take one web series today where a
girl is not doing all of these things you know you’re not affording my
lifestyle in Mumbai you’re not giving me a house you’re not paying my EMI bro
Nia Sharma has always been the rule breaker
she’s as sexy and as bold as a lipstick choices and your is she speaking about
her career her journey and ofcourse naggin which is coming up soon welcome to pink
Melania thank you like I mentioned that your lipstick choices has always been a
source of either troll or a fashion statement how do you look at it so I
feel it has only you been the source of trolls and fashion choices I don’t know
there must be a few girls who come and tell me dude you’re way too bold to be
sporting these lipsticks and beyond experiment – but how should we you know
so I said just buy her lipsticks and put it but yeah I think I don’t know man I
love to experiment and you know I’ve been told by a few friends I won’t take
the name kya karri hai yaar tu India main hai tu TV karri hai you know why do you
have to do all the user drama and it doesn’t look nice I said okay but you
know very what I find really difficult to connect the dots with this you don’t
conform to the norms you are a rule breaker in every sense but when it comes
to being conscious of your body you are a different person altogether it’s two
different personalities you know and you’re just making me realize there’s
that yeah bhi hua hai mere sath but you know honestly
I tell you I have never tried to break rules I have never tried to go against
what is what is considered to be conventional you know it just my head
main raatko 4 baje uth jati hoon you know i say you know I can match that with this with this and that’s so mera dimaag hi wahi chalta reheta hai each so not because I want to
come out with wearing something so hideous and you know something so stupid
then everybody has to be talking about it it’s just my choices are like that
and I feel good no but when it comes to you know your trolls also a recently I
remember someone tweeted something really nasty that you’re one of the
ugliest one overrated one cool down when it
comes to taking up all these nasty comments in stride because at some level
your confidence does get shattered how do you keep up with it so I’ll say ek do saal pehele I’ll tell you when it was about my bikinis or my clothes and I was getting
controlled and every little thing I was doing or whether a blue lipstick abhi toh
bohot subtle hogaya hai whether somebody’s you know or saying you are the ugliest
and the most overrated celebrity on earth I accept it ismain kuch galat nahi bolra hai woh hai sahi bolra hai usmain kya hogaya ismain offend hone wali kya baat hai I can’t have people around me telling me you’re so
pretty oh you’re so hot so what I don’t understand those things but when
somebody says do you’re ugly you know that to do overrated tujhe kuch could I
understand you’re right usmain kuch cheez hai hi usne kuch galat nahi bola bande ne so I just corrected him the dude I’m telling you I’ve had no PR it has
media has been kind enough to give me all the attention in the world and write
about me and I feel blessed there so yeah I mean somebody calls me ugly I am
yeah Nia you’re like like you are someone who doesn’t mince their words at all and
don’t you sometimes feel that people might be misconstrued it for something
else maybe you have mentioned that uh you know they consider it rude and
arrogant at times but but phir baadmain no no you’re very upfront
you’re very honest thing so I don’t understand what’s being rude I would be
rude when I’m very very successful you know I can no you know but people here
don’t take no for an answer and I say no a lot you know so if that’s being rude
that’s not it’s just being very clear as to what you want in life and you want
certain things and you don’t want certain things you agree to certain
things and you disagree to certain things then I confront those people
whether it is people at the top level or people that you know way way bigger than
me but I will always you know I’m I have the right to put my point across so no
you can’t just any any come on so you know all of that so you
know I’ve been just clear with my with my things and that’s about it that has
not been a time where when I have for no reason you know shouted at somebody babe
I’ll tell you honestly if I’ve ever misbehaved with someone I have cried at
night and I’m not telling because I’m on camera or something if I’ve ever said
anything you know yelled at a hairdresser on my
makeup I have never done that because I know I’m gonna be living with that guilt
for the rest of my life it haunts me but we’re gonna have what happens is when
actresses usually they are very they only want to talk nice about their
beauty regime like I’m actually stunned that you’re talking about acne and all
the problems because a lot of people would didn’t when I see you talking
about it so freely and without any qualms where does this like no where
does the stem from how how much time has it taken for you to finally been able to
come to terms with all this it stems from the mirror at my home you know when
I see it I know I’m a below average looking girl alright and then and I
accept that face but you know what okay I’ll tell you honestly I was not this
confident there were times when I thought okay you know I don’t look
really well but in this industry how I was growing I have grown up to be so
confident with my skin I have made my weaknesses my strengths like I have
scanty hair I don’t have a huge amount of hair on my head and but you know what
then I chose hairstyles that only thin hair you can go with like those FTB
models I worked a lot on my face on my skin I got treated and I got my a clear
skin and that’s all that matters for me whether I’m dusky whether I’m brown I am
okay with my color I never going to my doctor and told her that I want to look
fair I never went to my doctor and told her I you know fill this up all the way
I wanted to okay with my dark circles also once I I wanted to get fill them up
but I said this is how you’re growing up you will go to vanity you take one hour
and you look just fine you know with makeup I realize there is no feature
that is opening in my face and now I’m okay with this face of mine I find it
good without makeup it’s okay when I accept me don’t accept me you say to me
it’s alright bro this is how it is but then have I have not thought about
changing one feature in me now when we speak about your career the nine years
it’s been there are you happy with every choice that you have me I’m happy with
how I’m treated now with what I get how I asked for my thing when I’m not happy
with where I am and that has come from the fact you know how people treat you
as TV actors and you know that you will never get big projects and this and that
so first of all I never knew that I would get ever get on TV let alone
movies or anything mera kabhi woh agenda hi nahi tha I was just
a simple girl finding job you know maybe in a PR company or almost I was trying
to be the next burka that I wanted to be a journalist this was my agenda and my I
was looking at so this happened by destiny that I came here then when I
started growing up I had friends around who said tv nahi karenge hum toh movies main jayenge so waha se mujhe samaj aya ye bhi kuch hota hai I’m just the next girl who’s earning a good living for herself
I am you know I buy things that I want to I wear what I want to and I
experiment with the one I get I get noticed that’s that’s enough for me
but yes if there is there comes a time where I can take the big leave without
people telling you you’re a TV actor you can’t do shit you know these stupid
things if somebody doesn’t tell me I will go and talk to them but below that
I am NOT ready to be put down with my just
because you are you saying oh you’re not ready for a film Oh somebody who’s just
lost a certain amount of where they’re ready for your film just because they
come from a certain background but if you had to pick one project which you’re
absolutely proud of till date what would it be twisted and you took up web when
actually oh but you know what nobody was doing it it has grown in the last one year
but otherwise people were still like very Arial like we’re like but was it a
difficult choice then because no one else was doing it and you were you just
went ahead and you did something so unique and different but again like it
like I told you I never think before that have to make us unique choice or
have to tell the world I’m doing I’m breaking a certain rule it never
happened so I had left Jamai Raja I had no other project there was nobody
approaching me for an instantly and you show nobody will and then came a Vikram
Bhatt’s call and I even told him the are you vikram no and you know
didn’t even believe that he was calling me and then he made a video that Nia
this is Vikram Bhatt can we talk I have a project and then he called me and then
he he told me the entire project and you know I said yes to it I said we
better be doing something than sitting at home this was my this was my thought
process bag that not to break up you’re not in you’re not to be somewhere else
and I took it up and it didn’t do harm to me and not at all and I just added
another feather so people trolled me for kissing a girl people told me for being
so bold or removing clothes and this and that
you tell me you take one web series today where a girl is not doing all of
these things so I’m glad I did it two years ago so you can follow the suit
all you want but you know up now if you’ve given a chance would you like to
step into Bollywood yeah but nobody should come and tell me you look a
certain way you’re a TV actor you can’t act has that ever happened though kisine bola saab bolte hai yaar tv actor mereko nahi sunna ye saab i dont want to go that way at that and that’s
the way reason I’m not trying for Bollywood I’m all right I’m fine where I
am don’t come and tell me oh TV se ho you
know you’re not affording my lifestyle in Mumbai you’re not giving me a house
you’re not paying my EMI bro if somebody is doing around TV think
it’s cliche as it may sound but oh yeah the day I am considered to be somewhat
good enough to be of a certain level and you know to be banging a project I would
audition for it you take it you you either may select me or you don’t
but don’t come telling me you know already we are you have TV se ho apki toh acting tv ki hai are chalna aage badh jao life main i am so done with these things thank you so much Nia
I was lovely speaking to you I mean you are someone anyone will enjoy to her actually you so thank you so much for the conversation thanks a lot yeah I
enjoyed it hi if you liked watching this videos please like share and subscribe
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