Nicktoon World News: Invader Zim (2001)

Narrator: From Nickelodeon’s Animation Studio In Hollywood…….. Narrator: Nicktoon World News With Henry and June! Henry: Good Evening, I’m Henry. June: And I’m June! Today: Home Safety, But First, A Look At The Brand New Nicktoon: Invader Zim. Henry: The Show Stars Zim, In The Role Of Zim, An Alien Bent On Taking Over The Earth. To Do So, He Disguised Himself as….. Henry: ZIM! An Earthling Grade School Student. June: Creator Jhonen Vasquez Based The Show On Real Life Experience. Henry: That’s right. He Himself Was Once An Earthling Grade School Student. And Now, Home Safety With Mr. Foot. (Music plays over Mr Foot) NOTE: The thumbs up he gave was recycled from UPICK Friday (November 1999- Summer 2000) Henry: Thanks Footy! June: How was that home safety exactly? Henry: Mr. Foot Successfully Avoided Being Hit By An Avalanche. June: Oh yeah, Real Tough. Henry: It’s harder than you think June. June: I’m June. Henry: And I’m Henry. Both while muffled: And Now, You’re In Toon.

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