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What you are about to watch here is
lamentation of a young Nigerian James Paul Adama whose farm was destroyed by herdsmen. this is a Moringa Farm he invested over sixty million naira and
all is gone as we speak. you will listen to James in a minute. my name
is James Paul Adama I am a farmer this is the situation I find myself this is
my farm a Moringa farm of about a 160 hectares and the farm has been destroyed.
you can see some of the Moringa that were destroyed you can see the cow dumps inside the pump it’s a big big big massive farm
it’s a big massive farm as I’m talking to you we don’t even have 1% of what we
have planted yet so I started from a little farm in Abuja of about six-seven Hectars around quale area close to mathematical center in quali
and I saw that it wasn’t enough so a company contacted me called team
building international to buy 5,000 metric ton of Moringa acid every year for
the next 10 years and so I was able to meet a family and the family has this
land 160 hectares they have not been using it and they said ok the best thing
to do is to give you this land to put this investment since this investment is
going to last for seven five years so that is how they gave me the land and I
moved down here August last year and I started work so as at April we started
planting Moringas were doing extremely well as you can see from the
pictures that I showed you extremely beautiful so we decided to take about a
month to go rest. why resting in Abuja I receive a call from the some of the
villagers and some of the owners of the land were calling me on a daily basis that the cows were invading the farm cows are invading the
farms every blessed day we’ll see Mambazo colonies not seen less
than 700 would move from the first area where you are saying fast there to this
place and we are seeing them of routine they farm are moving operating the
Moringas are moving into the farm cows in the thousands and so one of the
days I came down myself and we came to the farm here and we
also made them shooting at us they started shooting at us on site a lot
they started shooting at us so we I went back and said this is not that nobody should
go close the people’s life are more important than whatever has been planted
yet I was able to put up a letter I was from cleaning going from one place
to another my farm is destroyed and there seems to be a deaf ear on it so I wrote a letter to the
commander operation of Plateau State through the commander sector 9 on
this is the letter and the letter was received I wrote to the director of the
SS Plateau State this is the letter and the letter was received then I wrote to
the officer of the deputy governor that is State Emergency Management Agency
wrote to them you can see the letter you can see the stamp the letter was
received by them and also I wrote to the Commissioner of Police you can see the
letter was received by them but as I’m talking to you now everything has been
destroyed and I’m appealing to government as a young man to please
compensate me so that I can start from somewhere again

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