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  1. That poor little boy he looked so sad in his picture. He should have been removed by child protective services, the parents were clearly unfit.
    Pray for the children, if you see something say something to the police you can do it anonymously.

  2. Thanks for posting… but I'm really mad at those parents! I was posting AJ's picture all over the place to find him. Really tough stories today… murders come home if the pay the right price, sexual assault continues and Trump thinks he can block someone else's testimony! Nobody innocent acts this way.

  3. Trump, "They (Mueller) checked my taxes. They checked my finances, I assume". Mueller was not authorized, nor set out to do either of those. Trump, once again, is lying.

  4. GTA is brainwashing its players. Running ppl over and mass shootings are things that happen in the Game! Wake up ppl

  5. The reason SUV's are increasing in sales is because most Americans are fat and can't fit into a normal car anymore. And SUV's get worse gas mileage than cars, and people flocking to the behemoth's are going to be crying as gas prices continue to go up.

  6. So there goes delivery driver jobs, how far will this go before we're having robots replacing people altogether? what will that mean for the future of our country, for the people who depend on these jobs to LIVE!!?!?

  7. Cars that don't need keys because they can sense your presence, or they read your face to see if you're drunk, drones dropping stuff off to us from overhead… we're doing too much too fast, unaware of our actions' consequences.

  8. Could the measles map they use be any more misleading? 695 cases out of a population of 340 Million hardly populates a whole State with Angry looking red patterns. I have had "German" measles as a child in England, chicken pox too, I also grew up with lead pipes and asbestos. So far.. at 61 so good.. FAKE NEWS!

  9. my poor PRESIDENT, he's doing such a wonderful job, these Democrat monster's just don't get it, WE VOTED HIM IN !!!!!!!

  10. drones are a joke, bad weather, strong winds, night time, and thieves, not to mention, a little kid with a BB gun, bad idea

  11. DCF need stricter guidelines when abuse is called on parents. Some parents don’t deserve to get the child back.. poor sweet baby 🙏

  12. It is encouraging when someone like Abigail Disney comes forward to decry the "naked indecency" of severely overpaid CEOs. The fact that Robert Iger made more than 1,400 times the median pay of a Disney employee shows just how absurdly out of balance our common pay structure for companies and corporations has become.

  13. Fear mongering… id rather take my chances of catching measles over the poison they wanna shoot up my body with. There's truth in all of this vaccine talk. Death is a side effect…. a side effect of living. 🙄😂

  14. Jesus Christ…I really don't want to have my sky view totally f'd up bc people need food deliveries 10 min faster. Wtf are out skies going to look like? Are we gonna have to have "drone-free days" so families or anyone can go outside and just enjoy the sky?

  15. it's cute that the car recognizes me being a drowsy driver…but that's not really what I want in a car. I want to control my car …not the other way around.

  16. Amazing NEWS reporting. Especially loved the useless SUV story and the Oscar Mayer AD at the end of the program.

  17. Abigail Disney is a moronic child of money. Practically anyone in the world can cram themselves in to a Goofy costume. How many people in Goofy costumes know thing one about corporate finance, managing a company with 200,000 employees, has connections to create partnerships to grow the company, etc? You're paid what you're worth. Disney employs lots of engineers, too, and I'm certain those people are in positions to negotiate for the pay they want. If you're putting on a costume, serving food, answering phones, then sorry, you're not worth much, since literally anyone can do what you do. Get better skills.

  18. "you unlock it and start the engine all with your phone." okay, say you can't find your phone. or someone stole it. do these vehicles have an alternative set up in the case of that happening? like an emergency set of keys?

  19. Measles 695 cases out of 300 million ppl in the country.. quit trying to scare people. You look like propagandists

  20. No wonder the monster needed a new phone, he got rid of the phone thinking it wouldn’t be tracked! Good job law enforcement! 👏 R.I.P little man 😢

  21. More vaccine lies to try to spread fear. I've seen many news reports stating measles was null as of year 2000 so explain the 86 cases that year. Some other examples: 2010- 63 cases, 2011- 220 cases, 2012- 55 cases, 2013- 187 cases, 2014- 667 cases (note approx. 400 of that number from an area in Ohio and 70 in TX), 2015- 188 cases, 2016- 86 cases, 2017- 120 cases, 2018- 137 cases. On average 128 cases per year. In 2018 alone there were over 440 vaccine deaths with over 1,200 permanently disabled yet never any state of fear or supposed emergency for that. ??? Content starts at about the 29 min mark and is from 2018 for a debate surrounding vaccines. VERY worth a watch. There are 2 parts total. Pt 1: Pt 2 begins at about the 21 minute mark:

  22. Oscar Meyer piece, fun loving and priceless. Disney piece, fantastic and full of heart. This is the liberal NBC I came to love and follow, not the Trump polemics NBC. And ya Lester, that song playing in my head…thanks, I think.

  23. Animal products and processed junk foods will surely allow dis-ease and illness into your lives. Genesis 1:29. Nostradamus was a vegetarian doctor and treated victims of the plague with immunity. Plant based diet has other far reaching moral benefits for a healthy, peaceful planet. Try it.

  24. If an employee wants to make as much as a CEO, then they should get the 1) get the education that a CEO has, 2) get the experience that a CEO has, then maybe they'll get paid what a CEO gets. If you're flipping burgers at one of the parks, no you're not going to get CEO pay. Do I think that Disney could take care of their workers a little more, maybe quarterly or yearly bonuses, better health benefits, etc., sure they could. But, to criticize the CEO, c'mon now.

  25. Parenthood is not the Heavenly Bliss that so many people believe it to be. It's a great responsibility that involves great suffering and Human Sacrifice on the parents behalf. If you're not ready to take on the responsibility, or handle the sufferings, then don't have children! And no parent has ever done their child a favor by bringing them into this world. Servitude and love starts with the parents, not the child, so if you're about to have your first child, roll up your sleeves, tighten up your bootstraps, and get ready for work.

  26. Weiner mobile…come back to Owensboro Kentucky! You are always welcome! Come to Smothers Park for Friday After Five!

  27. As of November 30, 2018, there have been more than 93,179 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 459related deaths, 6,936 hospitalizations, and 1,748 related disabilities. Over 50%of those adverse events occurred in children three years old and under.

  28. Two years of sturm und drang from Mueller Time, and all we get is a few white collar tax crimes, and a conclusion that its "too hard to tell" if Trump colluded with Putin. Thanks Mueller! Nixon Time it ain't.

  29. 12:44 I've been in the car business for many years and I'm 100% certain that Sport Utility Vehicles are being bought less now, not more. They're slowly being replaced with smaller, more fuel efficient crossovers and large hatchbacks like the Ford Escape and Chevy Equinox, Jeep Compass, and similar smaller family vehicles. I have no idea where NBC got this false info from. Peak SUV sales were in the late 90's to early 2000's and they have seen an overall decline since then in the U.S. market. Here's some stats on the Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe for example.:

  30. PREGNANT WOMEN ARE NOW BEING VAXXED AND THERE HAS BEEN AN INCREASE IN FETALS DEATHS ALSO,. THE VACCINE CAN ALSO CAUSE SEIZURES. If these pregnant women had the measles as a child they would have lifelong immunity and not contracted the illness as an adult. It is safer to have it as a child than as an adult, which is dangerous. we have destroyed the natural order that God intended and destroyed our immune system. we are now vaccine junkies, needing a fix every few months or years. we abused antibiotics (which are also in vaccines) and now we have antibiotic-resistant germs and now we are putting DNA from aborted fetuses mutating our DNA.

  31. Chemical warfare figure out where it comes from trace the demographics all the way to the source
    People with it
    Hunt you out and pass it onto you
    You can see it in their skin

    Sight alone passes it

    I've seen dark skin female Mexicans attempt to pass it

    Walking weirdly close even

  32. Hi, everyone, just thought a lot of you might want to know what SSPE stands for – that would be Subacute Sclerosing PanEncephalitis. You know, for those of you who can handle actual information and aren't as dumb as this newscast seems to think we are.

  33. Gotta love the “ me too” movement. Now gold diggers can shake down any body at will without fear of Repercussions


  35. NBC pre story: strongly denies claimes of sexual assault in motel.
    NBC story: offered no comment about sexual assault in Venice beachfront 5 Star hotel

  36. Boy, they really just gloss over everything on this channel, don't they? After watching nbc news, I always feel like I did after watching the last Sopranos episode, angry and confused.

  37. What's that Bhin Singh? "The CEOs are wealthy because they're educated, and skilled, and the employees aren't?" How dare you mock the working class, you snob! We're the ones on our feet burning calories everyday while the CEOs are sitting on their tush working out Shady business deals, and soliciting tax breaks from Uncle Sam! There's a lot of people today who are educated and skilled and who are still under paid, because of corporate greed! Ironically, the big guy needs the little guy in order to remain wealthy. Northland Mall, located in Southfield Michigan, was one of the largest and wealthiest malls in America, but recently closed because, detroiters, with meager incomes, stop shopping there. The mall was not only filled with small businesses, but also Fortune 500 companies ike, JCPenney's, HUDSONS, and SEARS. The little man can shut down just about any business he wants to once he stopped spinning his LOOT there; so get your nose out of the air. They need us just as much as we need them.

  38. We as a country desperately need greater solar power generation implementation and infrastructure. Screw oil and all the awful strings attached.

  39. …wow. the statement. "my daugter expects an ice cream delivered by drone every day." well, tell that to the kids in Africa sudan,…where they sit motionless as flies cross their faces and eyes waiting for dreams to come true. shame on the haughty rich. they are awash in saving themselves first, as well as,..serving. get the treasures now and YOU get none from me when I stand up. Awash is the human spirit in lax understanding of brotherly love and grace and misfortune. Blessed are those who are meek and lowly in earthly things. for i will wipe your eyes and shew you treasures beyond your wildest dreams. – jesus

  40. Cancer causing Drugs to make money? NBC in bed with MERCK? Measles brought by mezican immigrants? Vaccine to make money for cancer drawbacks?

  41. Smallpox vaccine is surging due to surging vaccination rate. They are not telling you that the people getting the disease are vaccinated and had recently been vaccinated. People who are getting vaccinated should stay out of public for 72 hours after vaccinations and 24 hours until symptoms/side effect/fever have subsided. Non vaccinated people have the right to choose what they put in their bodies and are not the source of disease breakouts. Non vaccinated people do not create disease. Vaccines introduce the disease into the population and because the immune response is different in everyone, the disease can actually occur. The warning is in the pamphlet. Why are none vaccinate people being unscientifically targeted by this completely false information? American's are so uneducated.

  42. Shame on you NBC and the doctor for lying about the measles “epidemic”. How much did the doctor get paid for lying?
    The picture of the baby was photoshopped. The original picture shows a healthy newborn baby. Stop spreading propaganda! You people are disgusting. As a mother I will not vaccinate my baby with toxic chemicals. Years ago vaccines didn’t contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, lead but now they do so you can brainwash only stupid, uneducated people. Big Pharma and Illuminati works hard to poison our children. And mainstream media is helping them. 🤬

  43. Because the people that set the executive salaries are the board of directors and the executive set the board of director benefits. Total corrupt system.

  44. So Disney is complaining about CEO pay to a paper owned by a company run by a CEO who makes a million times more then its workers. Wth?

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