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  1. About the Wolf attack.
    I honestly doubt, unless provoked, the Wolf would enter a closed tent.
    I can imagine the wolf being bated or fed and it all went horriably wrong, the human tried to seek refuge in his tent, and failed ..
    The man who ckaimed to kick the wolf away, came upon the sean after the fact…

  2. About the two women triathletes, who were disqualified, because the clasped hands in victory as they crossed the finish line. Come on! That Sucks! 😡

  3. Send the Israelites back to there own country and enslaved them: Jerusalem where you took them from: The Black, Hispanic and Native Americans

    Deuteronomy 28-68
    Egypt means: bondage ( Exo. 20.2 kjv)

  4. TRUMP is the President of the USA and the Grand Wizard of the KKK he respects the KKK more. TRUMP is a criminal and history will show he is a racist and criminal.


  6. The two jihadist of your luciferian party should be banned from the US too. You can thank Donald Trump for the few views you do get. you published your hate stories and get 2.5 thousand views in 24 hours, so successful.

  7. AOC and the 3 SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!! The Jewish people is where JESUS came from and that's the MAIN REASON!! They hate JESUS!

  8. Words Mean no support Mr. 45 you tear your own world apart buy couse and effect slandering two women who are pretty smart at what they do in never give up never surrender

  9. Yes,the Russian pilot is a hero, the luck is he saw the birds,he knew what was happening from the start.The two pilots in Africa didn't have a chance.

  10. So, a wolf was killed because humans invaded it's turf. Another story of stupid humans thinking that their mere presence in the wild excuses them from what is a natural instinctive defensive action by the animals on whose land they trek. There's no sympathy for the animal and to much sympathy for the stupid humans.

  11. They killed a wolf cause the family left a Kit Kat bar open🤭🤭🤭
    Side note; they didn't get hurt, you go camping you take the risk. Smh some people! But this makes WORLD news

  12. stupid campers go into wolf habitat and the poor wolf gets shot , it was wolf habitat , his home , what are we 7 billion and climbing , our numbers need to be stabilized

  13. LET'S LOOK AT OMAR'S TAX WHEN SHE WAS MARRIED TO HER BROTHER.. HOW ABOUT HER OWN DISTRICT ASKING FOR INVESTIGATION IN TO HER KICK BACKS SHE TOOK DURING CAMPAIGNS.. Talib don't give crap bout her granny she couldn't go spew her hate so she changed her mind liars 🤥🤥🤥evil 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  14. RESPECT ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸 dirty crowd was pushing cops throwing crap at the Law Enforcement racing to scene disgusting evil individuals in crowd😠

  15. And that is why I have not gotten my citizenship, God forbid I have somewhere to go that will take care of me, yes a country with socialized and ADVANCED healthcare!

  16. The mayor is the symptom of the institution of racism. He shouldn't never had those weapons because he's "black" not because he's a criminal. That's why they're eventually going to ban these weapons. Because they want them in only white people's possession lol. These weapons shouldn't br available period. To anyone regardless of skin tone.

  17. Trump appointed an oil Driller as head of EPA to break the protection our wildlife have had since 1973 – he wants to drill in our National Parks so soon there were be no wolves or other animals there and we’ll just have lots of oil wells to camp by. Support the environmental groups that are suing to prevent our beautiful wonders and wildlife from the Trump attack on pristine lands! We could lose otters, eagles, ferrets- even orcas- doe to “drill, baby, drill.” The EPA head should NOT be anti – environment!He won’t let rotect anything but frackers and drillers! Forget clean air and water!

  18. I don't I don't blame Israel, I wouldn't allow those two in there either! All they are, are wolves in sheep clothing🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  19. The USA must save money to take good care of all the invaders running our borders. There just isn't enough money to take care of everybody, unfortunate, but that is the way it is, money is limited.

  20. Please get this straight…AK-47 IS A MILITARY ASSAULT RIFLE. It fires countless rounds as the trigger is held down. It is not "military style." It is military period. The AR15 can only shoot 1 bullet at a time up to 20 rounds. This is the gun we in wolf country like to have with us when surrounded by packs of up to 25-30 wolves. It is a popular back country rifle. It was not made for nor is it capable of being a "military" rifle. It is however "military style" which is a popular look in backpacks, camo clothing, tents, and outdoor gear in general. It's a popular look and the AR15 was designed with that in mind. It is not an "assault rifle" until a criminal puts black market illegal bump stocks on it making it capable of firing more rounds faster. Most of us would not even know how to go about getting our hands on those things to make those modifications…nor would 99.9% of us ever want to even in wolf country. We can't help it that the designers decided to give a "military style" look to an otherwise handy and popular back country rifle owned by boys, girls, men and women all over the US.

  21. American will start having frightening water collapse- especially ohio and western Pennsylvania- YOUR GREED FOR FRACKING HAS POISONED THE MILLION YEAR AQUIFERS ,

  22. I can’t believe our president or any sitting leader would “tweet” anything like this. Wow. I’m speechless…literally. They’re members of Congress! Newark, why would anyone in a position to fix this care? It’s mostly African American and low income families. Right? “Maybe they’ll be forced to steal the water and then we can put them into our privatized prisons!” Sickening. Insurance IS a scam! I am a survivor of an active shooter now 35k and climbing in medical debt due to one of the bullets still in me, 130k in debt on the house I no longer can make mortgage payments on due to the barrage of medical bills. Now forced to start bankruptcy, never able to buy a house again. Medical insurance is a scam. A well thought out scam.

  23. IDIOTS probably smelled like hamburgers hotdogs and other human food. Probably should have washed hands and faces before retiring for the night. When you go into the Wild take extra care not be appear or smell like a fine dinning buffet!

  24. I think the problem is deeper than the pipes… Although im sure the pipes are decrepit… But its also the water itself… PEOPLE will not be told just deep this problem really is and how its affecting more people than you know… And not just this state either…

  25. Do they have Democrats running that city. If so arrest them, or at least check thier bank accounts. Your money for your pipes are probably in thier pockets. That's why all these Democrates, congressmen and senators are getting so rich! They are very crooked

  26. This private medical care bills , is nothing but propaganda by the Democrates, remember it's getting voting time,and the Dems are fear mongeralling ! Trying to scare you away from private insurance, they are the party of liers, remember for almost three years how they lied to you about that Russian Collusion, that's all that this is, get away from this fake news!

  27. Trump is a "tool and dupe" of that nation.  I got this from George Washington's Farewell address. Its so sad how an American president can turn his back on his own people for criticizing a Foreign nation.

  28. OMG THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION MUST BE FURIOUS, a convicted fellon was able to obtain this type of firepower!
    I'm sure they will do everything in their power to investigate just how this convicted fellon did it, what channels he used to obtain and store this type of dangerous firepower and do everything they can to make sure this never happens again!


  29. Banks are the first biggest crooks. Then, Insurance companies fall next in line. Health Insurance in this Country is deplorable compared to other Nations. Our Government is broken when it comes to looking out for its citizens. And yet the ignorant will say we are the greatest country in the world. But, you can't fix stupid!

  30. "Should of never had access to any firearm'…he was a felon, he cant legally own firearms and criminal dgaf about law.

  31. Time for that family to invest in a secure RV! WOW! My parents switched from a tent to a metal pull-behind camper after a bear had made an appearance at their small overnight campsite many years ago while during their traveling and stops seeing a lot of different National parks. My parents didn't get hurt, but it scared them. You just never know when a wild animal (or a bad human) might attack.

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