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  1. France Independent Psychiatrist Group
    (the name is hidden from fear of revenge, hatred and the label of homophobia).
    They said that homosexuality is a mental disorder that needs to be treated in a clinic.
    Now you know, the administration of former President Obama has banned in the United States psychiatrists from providing medical assistance to people who are asked to cure their homosexuality. Failure to treat a US citizen from a mental disorder of homosexuality violates the US Constitution on the right of citizens to medical care.
    About 36,000 citizens in the United States annually request a cure for homosexuality, but doctors refuse to fear being lose get a license. Since Obama has already "cured" everyone and told them that they are all so "normal" to get sponsorship for the election of Hillary Clinton from millionaires and billionaires of homosexuals.

    Independent doctors also said that Joe Biden is already old and cannot run for president, so the election campaign may die from great excitement.

  2. NO to the kid's app. Children should not become dependent on a device to take the place of their parents, doctors and actual Registered Dietitians educating them on proper eating habits, as well as ensuring lack of access to junk food in the first place. They don't need to grow up being so brainless on their own two feet that they'd need some wacko chip installed in their brains just so they could think at all. That's the direction that generation is headed in, people. It's just messed up. I'd go so far as to say that this device dependency thing in kids is tantamount to mental child abuse/neglect.

  3. So parents are up in arms because someone came up with an app to help kids stay healthy?    No good deed goes unpunished.  By the way, if your kid is morbidly obese, you belong in prison for child abuse.

  4. Yeah…the 'Millionaire with tons of 'Aces' up his sleeve' hanged himself with remorse and fear…just like he did before, when he was doing some 'Fed Resort' time ( So if several 'steroid boys' mob you, and one uses a garrote of some kind to choke you to death because "You know too much about others with far more power than you have" it counts as 'Suicide' now…just so I'm clear on 'what's real because we say so' reality )

  5. The hundreds of thousands of innocent people that law enforcement have killed since the beginning of time 95% of those murdering pigs have had no consequences. Now pigs are getting slaughtered which if one doesn’t mind getting killed or sent to prison should continue. I have had my civil rights and life violated so many times and I’ve been psychologically damaged to the point where all pigs need to die and be slaughtered until there is a massive change through federal and state legislation now it is going to be this war between the citizens and law-enforcement that law-enforcement has created since the beginning of time if law-enforcement!

  6. "Israel Unfair!  ( That's equivalent to the 'SS' at Auschwitz complaining "These Jews are not cooperating properly in forming lines! Don't they appreciate how difficult this is for us trying to run an efficient system? They're blaming us because they're Jews and it's really unfair and demoralizing…why can't they simply do as they're told?" )

  7. "Fat kids = Fat adults! What gifted insight and powers of deduction!  ( STRESS is the real cause of over-eating…not hunger…the 'Proof is in the Pudding' of steadily-increasing societal-pressures since the 1950's

  8. So wait…first the coroner said that the broken neck bones were indicative of a homicide and not suicide. Now its suicide? This country is about to crash.

  9. Will you journalists please stop using the word "invite" as a noun? Invite is a VERB! We expect a higher standard.

  10. I once went to the er in the VA in San Diego. I wasn't registered there and spent 6 hours with a broken ancle before I was seen by a doctor. The VA does not care about anything anyone is going through. You are a number and a job that is it.

  11. Trump is a little b*tch. He's too much a cowardly small man to take them on so he called to get Israeli buddyballs.

  12. EPSTEIN did not take his own life 500million dollars anybody can DISSAPEAR but either he's in Israel or deep underground guarded by military because he can finger lots world wide

  13. WTH is that small plane crash in which no one was injured making news for the second night in a row? At least tonight it wasn't the lead story.


  15. Literally the only reason I see to care about Epstein's death is if he was about to squeal on fellow scum. Otherwise, my only question is why other child rapists can't get similar treatments and free up space in jail for lesser criminals who could actually be rehabilitated someday.

  16. Trump's Whitehouse is creating a 3rd world America. Nothing for the people everything for the 1% of the richest Americans. Not fair. Impeach 45!

  17. Customs hacked by ..Russia, China, who..? Don't believe the DOJ. Barr is corrupt.
    White supremacists now on the public radar .

  18. pressure cookers are very dangerous because when i was small my mom was making some beans and rice for dinner, all i could remember is the pressure cooker exploded inside our home causing the beans to hit the walls, sink and windows on impact. none of us were hurt but we stopped using the pressure cooker years later after the incident. we have never used one after our pressure cooker exploded.

  19. Get outraged, NIP this in the bud….you are the FATTEST country on the planet , I have seen 12 year olds FATTER than grown adults……Today's parents live in constant OUTRAGE…bo booo hooooo hoooo YOU are the reason your children are FAT, RUDE and ILL MANNERED!

  20. "How they do it"

    When I worked in Miami and the company was a machine shop and they hired people from other countries so they could fill out paperwork to pay the workers.
    The company paid 1/2 of their pay and our government paid the other half. My boss bought a huge house with a pool on credit cards and filled out more cards
    to pay the first cards. When he got caught he just filed bankruptcy and kept the house. Life is so unfair to the people who play by the rules. America is being
    exploited by so many people who sneak into the country that no one can keep up. That is the real truth of how they do it and WHY they want open borders.
    This keeps our legal system swamped and gives them the chance to steal social security numbers and start the scam over and over. POTUS knows this and is trying
    to stop it and that is the scam Dems are running. More undocumented people to vote for their crooked way of life. Soon America will just be an empty hamburger wrapper
    and they will go home to the money they have stolen and sent back to their family in another country.
    When I lived in Denver…
    The Left and Democrats (NWO) wanted World War III to hide their crimes and Trump stopped that. Now PROGRESSIVES (NWO) want a Civil war to divide us and hide there crimes. All
    these people do is stay home and fill out paper work to file for money. They exploit our system to pay their bills and stay home and live off our taxes. They love to tax us and file
    paperwork for this money while we work for them. They go to martini bars at night and eat out every day. When I lived in Denver and seen it all. All they do is smoke pot
    and ride around on bicycles. They file papers to get the government to pay their rent. All they do is consume and consume. No contributions to society comes from these people.
    They teach each other how to exploit the system so they can sleep in and go out at night. Drinks, Pills, smoking pot and party at the bar. That is all they care about.
    They are parasites on America. Fat Ticks on a dying hound dog. Iv'e seen it first hand and this is how they do it. That is why they are so mad and hate POTUS because he is stopping this.
    They are killing America and teach each other how to do it at hidden meeting where they fill out paperwork together. That is why there are so many information breaches. They
    hack the computers to get our social security numbers and sell it to each other and leave you with bad credit. We have to put our foot down. Build a wall and manufacture our own
    products in AMERICA. United WE stand and divided WE fall.
    They are so evil!!!
    Thank you for listening,
    American Patriot Gazoo.

  21. What did I say about the coming events🤷🏽‍♀️? I’ve told them about the earthquakes and storms! Calamities to come, keep denying his people. Wounds have to be addressed throughout this country. Sexual assault victims,veterans,law suits dismissed and thrown out, justice miscarried in our system.

  22. VA taking veteran's homes and not covering medical bills??? FAKE NEWS. Just vote for Trump again. 4 more years of homeless vets. Trump2020! You shot your own foot, with your own gun! 💥😆😂🤣😭

  23. If my grandmother was alive today and living in Israel, and the country had put conditions on my visitation, I would swallow my pride just to have those precious last moments with my grandmother. I would never regret my actions.

  24. "If the fence had wrapped itself around that door, it would have been much harder to escape". Stupid. Might as well have said if something extremely unlikely happened happened, the whole world would die

  25. Hello there!
    Is Dale Earnhardt Jr the pilot of the airplane?
    If Dale Earnhardt Jr is the pilot of the airplane that crush, please remind him that a plane is not a
    Nascar race and there are people on board.
    You can drive a plane like you drive a car in Nascar.
    Passengers will determine how the vehicles move at high velocity,
    If you sneeze or cough you can crash and die during high velocity travel.

  26. I thought Trump said he was going to help Veterans and the VA? Another campaign promise down the toilet. Didn't trump say police violence was on the rise because Obama was dividing the country and supporting the black lies matter movement ? What now Trump? Why are officers being shot? A crazy white guy who looks like Butt-head planting fake bombs how typical.

  27. Who is going to want to serve the military anymore when our country treats them like this? It is appalling the way they have to struggle so much for medical coverage that they deserve.

  28. Hello there!
    If we want to make America Great Again,
    Please look at the old maps of the United States of America and borders,
    More than half of the United States is part of Mexico!
    Please make America Great Again by extending the borders of Mexico in accordance to the old maps and we don't need to deport any Mexicans because they are here legally according to the old maps!

  29. Anyone that believes Epstein is dead needs their head check and needs to stop listening to the fake news. Its amazing the crowds of trumps rallies…..These stations are run by globalist criminals who are feeding lies of Trump. Wake up America.

  30. These Muslim law makers hate America and many of them have defrauded the government of millions….Trump loves America and has done everything to build it up and make it safe.Democrats hate A,merica and trying to make it like Venezuela. Democrat run cities are dying …..Many examples LA,Baltimore,Chicago ,San Francisco etc.

  31. God put trump in office….nobody could have survived the lies the media and the Democrats have put out on trump's. The media is on Satans frequency.

  32. Why aren't these 2 shootings in Phily and So Cal considered mass shootings?…Several people were shot and killed by a gunman but they only called the Dayton,El Paso and garlic festival shootings "mass shootings"

  33. The remedy for our armed forces is simple: their mistaken bills should be fully paid for by the Government, their credit reports should be cleared, and they should have full medical coverage as an amenity for protecting this nation which they love, WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY A DIME! Each servicemen is why America has the largest and most powerful military force in the world, who protects the WEALTHIEST nation in the world, so what's the problem? I mean, they do it all for America, EVERYDAY, therefore, they shouldn't be taken for granted by America, ANY DAY! God Bless Our Troops for being a blessing to us, and God bless America. Love you Guys.🇺🇸

  34. Omen resign or we need to get her out of Congress she obtained immigration status illegally she needs to go

  35. Smart to turn off the chat and comments on that "far right extremist clash" theres no violence not even sound for most of it i voted demacrat but ppl getting together makes them extremist calling reps racist they look alot more normal than antifa and i have plenty of republican friends none are racist i cant take this any more your gonna make vote trump this time i cant believe im sayin it

  36. How does a Medical Examiner tell the difference between someone hanging themselves, and someone doing it for them? Does anyone really believe this crap. Talk about Fake News!

  37. God Bless this El Paso husband who lost his wife. He is not only heart broken, but also scared to be so alone in the world. Deep down I think we can all relate.

  38. So Barr had Jeffy killed to avenge his dads name.

  39. As Bernie Sanders says. if you send them to war, take care of them when they come back. This Country is a disgrace!

  40. How can they say Epstein was not LYNCHED ? His hanging was not on video. Unbelievable…like Dr. James Humes autopsy on JFK.

  41. Not Trumps fault! Once
    again!!! It is the actions of 2 haters with big mouths.If she cared about her grandmother she would go see her. Yet Omar thinks it great. She is 👿

  42. There was a young man in jail who died by suicide. He hung himself with his own belt. He also was on suicide watch and they had taken his belt and put it in evidence. He died his vary first night in jail. He was an accused of being a serial killer he never had an opportunity to say a word either way. So no one knows. It was also ruled a suicide by the coroner.

  43. Since when is trying to get kids to be healthy bad? Parents are just being pathetic about health, weight, and body preservation all due to the idea of body shaming… what's your opinion about this?

  44. This customs systems outage sounds like RUSSIA is trying to get someone in or trying to get someone out. Remember when 2 Russians and poisoned a father and daughter in London. Drump is a Russian asset and I don't see why we have to wait till he gets out of office. The government wants to replace all voting machines in Georgia but do you know that Ivanka Trump has a license for voting machines from China. And you can bet that the voting machines will be invanka trump's and that they will be rigged or bugged. The federal government is corrupt. So we can't look to them for help.

  45. People don't understand I said Trump wanted for the veteran he is a realistic person he's a businessman he's going to take all their homes go ahead vote for him

  46. The VA hospital should pay the medical BILL for those who served there country do you want people sick or well this is getting out of hand

  47. I'am so glad the precious doggy survived that horrific plane crash, a true miracle!! 💓 And what a lovely story about the widow of the lady killed in the el paso shooting, bless them all ❤

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