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  1. Giving Nazi salutes, at a water polo meeting, am I missing something, like why? Is there a super race of water polo people, or something? Didn't see that one coming.

  2. The White Is The Terrioist And Threat We Need Banned All White Men. We Need To Put White Men In A Conversion Therapy And Tell That White Men Are Evil And We Are The Fault Of The Earth. White Men Should Be Treated Worse Than Hispanics Blacks And Muslims. White Men Is An Evil Violent Beast Hispanics Blacks And Muslims Are Good God Holy Choosen People White Men Is The God Choosen People He Is The Choosen Of Satan

  3. Eight years of teaching high schoolers..
    Mostly soy boys hating rap culture and wanting to be tough.
    They mostly not tough and aint gonna meet a nazi party toughness test.
    They just glamorize active shooter games and never seen real blood and guts.
    USA headed toward the handmaidens tale? 🤪🤪🤪

  4. The mom said it herself, "It just a video game!!!" Rember that you do not have the right to open your mouth, Son. We must all walk on eggshells together in the Kingdom of fear.

  5. I have a solution to those nazi ahole kids. Send them over to a German concentration camp and treat them like the Germans treated the Jews. Sit back and watch how they return to the U.S. after being beaten and starved. The concentration camps are memorials now but I'm guessing the Germans can open one of them up for a month!

  6. It seems to me like the girl who posted the gun on sale at Walmart and saying don't go to school tomorrow was probably trying to make a political statement about guns going back on sale at Walmart I can't help but notice that they never said anything about her buying a gun. How many mass shooters are female? Very very low if at all. The boy just seemed to be saying stupid stuff to get attention. Did the kids dad actually own a gun? We need to pursue creditable threats, and the main focus should be on mental health

  7. Hungry Bear had the munchies so he broke into someone's house to get a bite to eat. 😂🤣😅😆😀😥

  8. whitey mom said i know.. i know… means i dont know.. i dont know.. opps.. i did it again… he is a good kid.. he just killed 7 people.. not 700..get a grip.. 😁

  9. Whoa 500 billion a year and African Americans are having issues with reparations 50k a peace for descendants of slaves? So don't tell me we can't cut the checks

  10. I have mixed feelings about taking phones out of schools.
    Pro: get them kids off their devices!
    Con: what if? What if something happens & well… You get where I'm going with this I'm sure.

  11. so it's ok for the fake news to say – trump is a horrible president but our president can't say don't vote for a democrat? SO STUPID !! I hate the news — TRUMP 2020

  12. I knew California was pretty liberal but kids flashing white hate group and Nazi salute is unbelievable do they really realize what they are doing its not a joke its not funny and there all smiling like they're the kewl kids. Maybe the school needs to teach that part of history and all the millions of people who died in those camps and were tortured. It's not a fake history this is serious what those kids did on that ride its not fun and games to do such a thing. Do the parents even know what their kids are up to? Sounds like they dont. Appalling!!

  13. Ya i dont find post planning on showing young caucasian boys acting on being bullied or pushed into something when they probably already have nothing to do or maybe nothing at all give them outlet's or put them in boot camp stop useing activists groups ridicule them

  14. I grew up thinking racism was something older generations did. Clearly that's not the case. I guess the passing of time can't rid us of this evil.

  15. shhhh Nazi salute lets not resurrect Hitler from the grave please we all know what happened there why are people so eager to run to hatred when all it causes is pain and destruction 🇺🇸💜

  16. European here! Thanks for uploading full episodes, it allows us to see what's happening in the US from an American perspective, something we don't get here.

  17. Take him to JAIL!!…Yeah lady they all were good little boys and then turn into American Terrorist!! He’s a Terrorist lock him up!!

  18. Happy our police department are taking these guns threats seriously. This also help to keep police safe as well.

  19. I have stood in retail stores ( 2 auto parts stores and 3 hardware) waiting for the cashier to finish on their cell phone so I can make a purchase. Their managers tell me that "corporate" hires and fires, and he can't send them home or cut their hours because he is under staffed.

  20. Did that dumb white ignorant white trailer hoe say “he’s just a little kid playing a video game”? And we wonder why our terrorist are young white stupid males, look who’s raising them!!

  21. If you are atheist that is your choice.. If a Christian decides to glorify Jesus that is also our choice.. The sad thing is ppl are so miserable that instead of living your life the way you choose and accepting someone else’s beliefs, you choose to be angry and insulting but that shows the incredibly vulnerable side of someone’s insecurities… God love us all!! My comment comes on the heels of reading comments from those who have hopped under the comments of others and chose to attack them for acknowledging God and that is shameful..I will not argue with anyone or attack anyone about what you do or do not believe nor will I defend what and how I believe.. You all need to learn to be more respectful of each other.. Hate and lack of knowledge along with ignorance is the reason the world looks like it does right now and has for a long time now due to ppl and their inability to love and cover each other as human beings.. God bless🙏🏽

  22. 6Delta6 is out there now looking just for mass shooters one of best licensed public safety contractor's in the game there no joke.

  23. He is not a little boy. Parents have to pay attention to their kids behavior. My mother would believe my brother and make excuses for him. Now he is serving two life sentences for murder.

  24. Trump is a total MORON his followers believe everything that comes out of his mouth. We need a leader not a child in the Whitehouse, his wife is an immigrant same as is in-laws yet he is waging a war on immigrants from South America of the darker shade. This country was made from immigrants 99% could not support themselves most were indentured servants or slaves. Ask the Italians or Irish and Germans that came over. Trumps forefathers were criminals and expelled and were illegal they finally got permission to immigrate from Germany to the US

  25. ..define little boy..ages 1 thru 5…NOT 15…this mom is probably this LITTLE BOYS problem..this country covers free speech but not this kind of freedom…poor stupid mommy…🐩🤕🐩🤕🐩🐇🐇🐇

  26. (@9:14) Re: Pacifica H.S. in California,… simply horrifying that students would use a nazi salute. Maybe the schools need to amp up their history class content to let them know just what they are doing.

  27. Great idea banning phones in school; students need to focus on their studies. Let's hope parents don't complain. The 15 year old who made the threat should be arrested and his mother should stop treating him like a kid.

  28. @10:17 that your trying to push and promote and push i dont think we need your help identifying racial behavior and so your point is?

  29. 1:54 That threat was too descriptive not to take seriously. Maybe his mother should pay attention to what he's doing.

  30. who cares if the kid was making threats its just a little kid…. either way you cant just arrest him …. its not a crime… its a violation of the law.. therefore he must first be detained, questioned, then allowed to be put on bail, then have a trial, then the court will decide

  31. Put Peter Alexander on the air as lead anker. He is an excellent journalist and super easy on the eyes. Time for change.

  32. If everyone in the history of mankind that made threats carried through with them society would already be living in a nation that we're headed for one with no constitution. OMG we are having a snow storm of epic proportion.

  33. What do the peoples leaders of the world want for the people? The end of humanity? Really? Time for real change people. It's no longer popular to live in fear of the few.

  34. Our lungs are made for breathing in fresh oxygenized air…which is, in turn, transported into our blood stream to all of our body's cells for breathing…Not smoky gases…which clog up and damage your lungs…😜

  35. These blk kids meed to pay close attention to ths… 15 year old white boys threatening harm to people in their own Society violent harm… White teenagers who are actually Nazis showing themselves not even hiding and of course their president don't let them tell you that slavery and all that came with it should be ignored when they haven't forgot that they want to rule the world. By your weapons learn to shoot.

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