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  1. I don’t see no big deal he was just having a little fun back in the days He’s a Christian man now MoveOn get over it !!!

  2. build a wall around Alaska and arrest Sarah Palin the Russians have greenhouses they're producing cocaine and heroin the Chinese have methamphetamine closest route is Alaska and while you're at it build a wall around Florida so the Cubans and Colombians don't bring any drugs or do you like Portugal make all drugs legal crime will drop

  3. Have no idea if it really happened or not, but from a Legal/Law Enforcement perspective in the Smolett Case. If he is making such an explosive claim without evidence, even refusing to provide such evidence, 'He Is a Victim would' not apply, because there is an equal chance (more than equal if he refuses to provide existing evidence of timing of the phone call) chance he may be a perpetrator. Police ALWAYS suspect such things in all but the most obvious cases.

  4. If Northam was a Republican NBC would be calling for his death. Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot… doesn't it?

  5. Russia and the United States are the same country they're both controlled by global corporations are the closest allies you can have

  6. This is why nobody pays attention to the news anymore because the media is the mouthpiece for the global corporations did you ever think of a fair and level playing Field for all Americans if the media is talking they're lying and brainwashing

  7. Its funny how ppl say 30 plus years ,way back then but the thing is picture or not it shows his true thoughts plus racism is still very much around if it was 30 years to 400 its show who is in power an how they hide themselves to get to where they are if they all show themselves do you think they would get voted in

  8. Sorry don’t care it is over 30 years ago .. probably just a prank . Love him to resign but not for this
    If he was republican he would have been gone

  9. Every time they say isis threat it’s always an inside job by the government I wouldn’t be surprised if they if it was a false flag at the super bowl

  10. Today everything seems racist except when a white person claims that they've been discriminated against. And no I don't agree with this yearbook picture… I'm just speaking in general.

  11. See this is even more reason why people in government need to reflect all the minorities of this country. Even good white democrats are not educated and WOKE enough to realize that hello racism and those kind of costumes are bad. I believe once he got out of his most likely white community he understood and now is a democrat.

  12. This photo was out there for 35 years. Northam ran and was elected to several offices. It just comes out now? No one cared to look.

  13. Blackface is the alpha white supremacists expression of utter contempt and disregard of black humanity. In 1984, such a display, contemporary with the scourge of AIDS in Africa and the U.S., and as apartheid was finally a consequential issue for S.A., could have only one message. 'LET'S SHOW THE COLOR FOLK THEIR PLACE'. Not to mention the governors racist sanctimonious litany of 'good things' he's done for black folks. Finally, that this photo should appear in a respected medical school yearbook is all the evidence you need of your shameful, disgraceful current 'State of The Union'. Fortunately you have a President who could lower the bar and relieve the tension.

  14. A Republican got mad about that remark he made on abortion and exposed his racist act. I guess they let him know if you say something we don't like be aware we will be coming for you.

  15. His yearbook??? If EVERYONE had to hand over their yearbook and photo albums and class notes from decades ago, even more would be in trouble!! Black faces had been a costume for non Black's, like non Natives dressing as Natives. (Robert Downey Jr. made a roll of it) But that KKK thing touches a nerve like Swastikas do. That is a whole different kind of twisted!

  16. People got mad about what he said about abortion they didn't really care that he made racist remarks that were an excuse because of what he said about abortions Trump is still in office with his racist comments no one says anything about that how laughable.

  17. Y’all can listen to me and my mother talk in our native tongue. Heads up. The conversation is very much her asking me 1. Where are you now? 2. Did you get home ok? 3. Are you eating your vegetables? 4. Did you take your vitamins? 5. Did you go to church. 6. Make sure you pray before you leave the apartment.

    Y’all get the idea. Lol!
    Listen in.

  18. He's racist in government seat what's new? Aren't most of them racist pigs anyways, just because he's revealed. There are many kkk's or shares same views at work that we deal with everyday

  19. Not political. But when Judge Kavanuagh had his yearbook torn apart there was an uproar. This dude is either wearing a black face or a KKK costume. WHY IS NO ONE IN A UPROAR ABOUT THIS.

  20. They breaking out year books from 35 years ago???smh. He needs to resign and apologize?? Are you serious. People did things back then they would never do now!

  21. On another news station it said the governor denied even being the guy in the picture. How far does “fake” news go?

  22. 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹gringos

  23. How hateful of that police officer…just do your job. The extra's not necessary. Why take pleasure in the pain of others…mental illness is real!!!!!

  24. I guess that CrackHead is looking for a Civil War ( Race War ) and it will be the Great opportunity for Russia and China to seize United States under their controls

  25. I'm less concerned with whether or not he put black paint on his face 40+ years ago than I am with his support of mudering infants just after birth.

  26. LOL The Demorats are always falsely accusing Trump of being racist. So it is really funny when it is revealed that a Demorat governor is a real racist.

  27. Let's pull the mask off this Democrat party and see who they really are. Oh… KKK and black face… Yeah Democrats invented both of those I'm not shocked at all

  28. the best thing trump and obama did was proving any one could run for president ,shady past , no problem just tell them what they want hear now, pump em up, get elected and we will deal with scandals later

  29. TULSI GABBURD Can win back our military ,i trust her with all my heart ,they are what stands between us and the true enemy they stopped defending the people and constitution ,and the rest of humanity , we dont always have to fight to win, the wars of offensive hypocrisy must end

  30. for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE

  31. There is plenty room for as many candidates who state they will run for President. Welcome. I can hardly wait to vote.

  32. Michael Jackson spent Millions with multiple surgical operations trying to become white. His Doctor even overdosed and killed him in a procedure.. What's the difference..Putting makeup on your face was a fun thing to do at the time.. Look at those Broadway shows.. Normal stuff..

  33. It is not just a woman's body if she is carrying another life that has the right to live!
    If babies can choose their "gender", they can't fight for their own right to life?!

  34. Wow, what a let down for all those Africa Americans that overwhelming voted for this guy!
    When are you Trump supporters going to figure out , you got suckered?

  35. The media doesn't need to cover any race issue. It just adds fuel to the fire. So the goal is equality right, where we are all treated equal and there is a level playing field? The brothers who did the movie white chicks, and dave chapelle having whiteface, everyone knows it was just for fun. A white person can't do a blackface just for fun whatsoever? if that is the case then NOBODY should be painting their face any other color, even if it is for a fictional movie or some comedy. If it's not ok for one then it shouldn't be ok for the other.

  36. NBC news – this broadcast is pathetic and insulting. 200 people missing and over a hundred dead in Brazil and you dedicate 10 seconds??? But let’s give 2 minutes to an ignorant Detroit cop’s social media…

  37. I am not sure making the governor of Virginia resign will automatically make his racism go away. Why is no one questioning Eastern Virginia Medical School? How did they allow the governor's photo in blackface in their yearbook? Who was in charge of the yearbook in 1984? More racists?! The school was established for 11 years by then, so it shouldn't be hard to find the other folks in charge of making this very stupid decision. I also want to know who else is in that photo with the governor. That person needs to be brought to the front of the congregation too!

  38. He can’t remember!blahaha.
    I would also add, acts such as these, have been considered taboo since the 60’s. Don’t use 1984 as an excuse for his actions.

  39. If I was this crook I would of brushed this off as a Halloween Skit about the evils of the KKK. But because it's a defenseless act he started back peddling. Throw this creepy guy out on his pointy head along with black face.

  40. i don't like the guy because he's a Marxist and a baby killer but I don't have a problem with the blackface crap. so what if he did it? he wants to slaughter innocent children and everyone's upset about this blackface crap. I've done the same thing for Halloween parties and I'll probably go as aunt Jemima this year. get over it snowflakes.

  41. Yeah that's me…, wait a minute, no that's not me. But, I did dress up like Michael Jackson when I was 25 years old. In black face.

  42. Proves the point that we have no real allies on either side of the aisle (Dem/Republican) all racist. (Steve King (Republican) / Northam (Democrat), same thing ..both sides.

  43. So sorry about the attack that took place against the Empire Star. So Sad that people are still practicing racism. We need to love one another.

  44. Blackface is nothing compared to the slimy Clinton Cartel + the Corporate Fatcats who were "All In" with Hillary. The Fatcats now
    need to be paid back. Smug Hillary was Guaranteed to Win, thankfully not. They own the FDA, and through the Big Pharma kills thousands of seniors by pushing prescription drugs. The Cartel is still alive and well. Schiff and the Demon crats are trying to recapture the lost
    investment on Hillary.

  45. Corey Booker and Kamala Harris are opportunist who have nothing to.prove has done nothing and accomplished nothing gender and race can only get you far but not further in life just saying

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