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  1. The state doesn’t care about school shootings, they love them. They want your guns!!! OKC the World Trade Center and other events crafted by the state for their agenda tells you all you need to know

  2. Why won’t he give up his call log dose tht mean he was out meeting someone because he was hungry for D and not food so he didn’t want to give up his call log 🤔

  3. Credit card topic , and not one word about school loan debt , housing crisis , car loan default , medical bankruptcy , it's a joke folks , good luck losers

  4. Jussie should do some jail time for lying to cops and causing division.. and then he should buy a couple people a new Trump hat

  5. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER STATES DECLARE AN EMERGENCY ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER. We will arm ourself and defend the Southern US Border from Invasion by Illegal Foreign Nationals. As Patriots we are Obligated to Defend our Southern States. Congress is inept at looking after our Security and has FAILED its Constitutional Obligations. The Patriots will FIGHT, there is NO LAW that says we can’t. We will proceed with trial of Democrats Treason Policy after this Emergency is over. You're either For America or Against America. You cant sit on the Fence. We Declare our own Emergency, the rest of the USA can do what it wants.

  6. Diversity is our strength!
    If your trying to build a good commUNITY, you don't want unity you want diversity divorce and division.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  7. How about that new Mueller report? Trump is "stunned"…..he going to jail now boy. We got him this time! Woo hoo! I knew he colluded with Putin. He lucky they don't hang him for treason!…..yowza!

  8. Donny boy is a terrorist. He sold out to Russia and Mueller just nailed him! Pence is probably in on it. He lies. Both are going to prison! then nancy can be potus….madam president has a nice ring!….woo hoo!

  9. First it was Trump and Russia; now a former US intelligence agent who's betrayed our nation? "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree."😄Lol!

  10. She's the fake Melania!😨 She's hiding in the WH.😨😨 The phone call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE😵😳😲😱

  11. We don't care who pays for the wall it was just Hype. If you really thought Mexico was going to pay for it you need to go back to school.

  12. “These are dark times indeed”. What will trump and GOP do? Release iran’s sanctions. Ya know like they rewarded russia for attacking 🇺🇸 and Saudi prince for murdering a journalist.

  13. Well that shows you right there that a minimum of $1.1 Trillion dollars is b.s. about growth, not including when huge corporations pump billions of dollars at times into there own stocks to make there company look stable, even better.. growths and the false sense of stability in certain stocks gets people to invest in a fiat market

  14. So how many more of these military rogue spies do we have here? Scary stuff folks we should be more worried about this kind of problem

  15. Pass on the new drug for depression. We're supposed to believe the FDA about addiction risks AND it's a club drug cousin? Not to mention the FDA approved Dsuvia that's stronger than fentanyl knowing how opioids are running through people. I'm not going to be able to put my trust on something they're ALREADY admitting could be addictive. They just want to cut out the middle men by having you go to the doctor's office for the hit & big pharmaceutical companies are the supplier. Same dope game just legitimized. I'm cool on being an addict in the streets OR a doctor's office. You'll NOT get me with the okie doke.

  16. Ironically the military save these position only for a "certain people", and some of these "certain people" who get these positions turns out to be traitors to this country. She's not the first American to do this, as a matter of fact if you Google American traitors, you would see that a lot of these "certain people" who got these jobs in a certain area did not have a wall to keep them out.

  17. Countries Invaded/Attacked Since 1948:
    🇮🇷Iran 0
    hasn’t invaded anyone or, indeed, started a war in more than 200 years
    🇮🇱Israel 5

    Countries Occupied Since 1948:
    🇮🇷Iran 0
    🇮🇱Israel 4

    Countries Currently Occupying :
    🇮🇷Iran 0
    🇮🇱Israel 2 (+ incursions into Lebanon)

    Nuclear Weapons:
    🇮🇷Iran No
    🇮🇱Israel Yes

    Signed the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty:
    🇮🇷Iran Yes
    🇮🇱Israel No–refuses to even admit to its nuclear programme

    Voting Rights:
    🇮🇷Iran–All the people ruled over by Iran can vote in national elections and even Iranian Jews have a representative in parliament.
    🇮🇱Israel–not everyone under Israeli rule have voting rights.

  18. If you notice this serial killer drew all the women with basically the same lips. And the same seemingly eyes. I don't know if police should trust that the scetches are accurate


  20. And here we have a wack president who worried about boarder wall and it's our American people within in the country smh

  21. Wait Wait Wait Wait-Wait-Wait, WAIT!
    Regarding this Air-Force Defector Iran Spy Chick, which is a confusing series to begin with.

    She's a member of the military, a VOLUNTEER t be willing to put her life down for the country and all that Jazz. Whome was, TRAINED against THIS very type of thing is in the Air force for 10 years, attends 2 conferences in Iran and turns traitor Just for a house and computers? Really?! Is housing market in US soooo bad, was the training that ineffective? She's Leaving her family behind ALL her friends? Really?! This is TOO FRIGGING STOOOPID to believe on ALL fraking levels. Who the frack are the recruiters, the firings should start with them and then the people that recruited them. Just 100000% pure ineptitude All around.

  22. sad if true re: the spy mentioned but: if, as the report says, it's only believed that she's in and/or still in Iran, how did they get that photo (?) of her in full on, kind of grandma-ames-style, iranian/muslim-lady 'regalia?' it's weird, if there is, officially, uncertainty of her whereabouts, that they'd have a photo if her like that one..anybody who knows, please explain. 😯

    & re: the Israeli gov't tweet : since when can a Twitter tweet be edited?? because they didn't say it was simply deleted or a retweet. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. Everyone has heard the orange puppet talk .. but mike pence is like the ventriloquist puppet silent… vote for Dru for prez 2020!

  24. Sad, that she had to betray former countrymen and country, to gain acceptance to another. Weird everyone spies on each other, Homeland and internationally.

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