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  1. Pack your bags Mueller f*** !!! Your days as special counsel are numbered….time is running out for your circus show. Time to start looking for someone else to bully !!! By the way, Mr. Mueller, try to think about all those man hours spent prosecuting Paul Manafort, then realize that all of that effort will soon be COMPLETELY WASTED, once Manafort is PARDONED !!! You won't have to worry about Trump firing you, because Barr is coming for you. Barr even slipped, during his confirmation hearing today, when he said "if Mueller is fired…" !!! Also, be ready to defend yourself for prosecutorial misconduct !!

  2. While I very much agree the phrases the congressman said in regard to while supremacy is a outdated and racist ideology and has no place in modern America, I do also find the phrase “these words have no place in America” very troubling. Do we have freedom of Speach or not? There is no Constitutional amendment concerning NOT having the right to say something, there is however one concerning FREEDOM of Speach. In order to live in a free society each person in that society must be willing to take the good with the bad. So I will pose the question again. Do we live in a free society with freedom of Speach or NOT?

  3. Napalitano said. Barr and Mueller have been good friends for over 30yrs and trump did not find that out until after he nominated him.

  4. England you need to stay in the EU. What are you afraid of ? Your already an island . BS Great Britain , BS make America Great again. Please remove the word Great . It's England as it's America . Stop with the term Great !

  5. Jesús how many Nazi's are in office and are running our country. Soon we will find more republicans are Russian and Assad sympathizers!

  6. Who can your trust, the President, the Main Stream Media, everyone wants to slant the news but not tell the full story? We have a President and a Congress that do not seem to understand the constitution. Civics taught me, it was the Congress that writes the bills to send to the President. If the President vetos, then back to the Congress for a veto override vote. We have a Senate Leader that refuses to allow a vote on the bill. Using his power, instead of doing his duty. Now we force citizens to work and refuse to pay. Is that not a form of slavery, at least the slave owner provided a meal. What happened to a citizens dignity, what happened to a government working to raise the quality of life of the citizens. What happened to the news of the Yellow Vest in France, and Brexit in the UK, those that control the media in the USA do not want to educate you, how populist movements question the whole legitimacy of the Plutocrats that have all the citizens in debt, scared about Health Care, and begging for just a few more dollars to educate the future leaders of a great nation.

  7. east fix for airports. the airlines pay for tsa and controlers . pass the cost on to flyers . new york to l.a. $4000
    can't clean up the swamp so clean up the skys. nyc to boston $900 do it.

  8. News or Entertainment? . They never mention the place, town, neighborhood or where the Gas Attendant Hit and Run story occurred. So If I'm someone who knows the criminal, or saw something like the car speed by and turn somewhere, because of the place the murder occurred at, my attention is never captured for the significance of that fact.

  9. WTF ! .. The reporter says "Gillette is taking heat over the commercial", but until the last one, it uses supportive encouraging tweets in the story to visually say that?
    What a confusing story, IT SAYS NOTHING IN THE END. It starts by saying the people are upset about their masculinity being challenged, but it never says Why or How are they saying that ? What is their point? What a total collage of nonsense time filler

  10. Yeah Gillette totally influnces my behavior bahaha 😂😂 never buying their products specifically for the commercial and Gillette stadium, not a Patriots fan boom

  11. it only took the republican party 20 years to criticize the rascist steve king. what's the hurry when the gutless party won't call out trump for MUCH worse?

  12. as a person over 50 yrs old, I do not ever remember the president and/or issues about the president ever taking up the first ten minutes of the news, every single day…so sick of it…

  13. Life is more important than 22 or 35 dollars. Four lives, 2- dead, 2- will go to jail. A total of 57- dollars… Material things, a manicure, and gas… Smh

  14. PATHETIC PELOSI is too intoxicated with power that she is unable to see that she is destroying this country. Fund border security NOW Pathetic Pelosi and people will get back to work!

  15. Why isn't Mitch McConnell catching some of the blame here? It's within the congress' rules that if their bill is vetoed, then they vote to override the veto. This is McConnell's job, not to help the President enforce his unreasonable demands. Mitch do your job!

  16. Surprise surprise I didn't know anything about the hotel massacre but as soon as I heard about it I said I bet they are Islamists, how did I figure that out? Islam is a religion of peace, yep.

  17. Good pick Mr President.go trump go . please open a investigation on the uranium one progect.their is where there is where the Russian collusion is with the Clintons and Obama.this is a side show of wats really going on

  18. Why are people moving in front of moving vehicles? This happened last week with the nail salon lady and now the gas station man. $30 or $22 dollars is not worth your life!!!!!!

  19. Where is that little lying/ racist/punk-a/ smurf sessions? The way trump humiliated & degraded him- he should not want to show his face. trump is nothing but a punk himself- but can make these "breath of air- in a pair of pants"…. slither.

  20. You keep saying “I’m from United States” nd u r Not. You deserve to b locked away nd throw away the key. Certainly you r a terrorist and ain’t afraid of showin it.

  21. PG&E thinks they're going to pass the costs of their screw ups onto the customer. If they do, it's only going to encourage more people to install solar systems on their houses. $10k to $20k and other than replacing the battery bank every 10 years, you have free power. We did it a few years ago, just installed a new lithium battery bank, doubled power output. PG&E who?

  22. Does that really mean that the American middle class doesn’t have enough savings to make it only 3 weeks without payment??
    THAT would be much more shocking than the shutdown itself.

  23. What next? An Internet of Things Sophist Refrigerator? Too many cultural preening of superiority nutbars in the World including Gillette. Last time I buy their blades. Thanks for letting me know NBC and as usual, you rock Lester.

  24. Stop being big brother America. We need to protect our own borders. Let them fend for themselves. Bring our troops home now.

  25. I think he's a plant! Barr together with Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller are all supposed to be friends. I think they cooked up the idea of having Barr write that Op-Ed to look like he was really leaning toward Trump's way of thinking knowing that Stupid Head would latch onto that and hire him for AG. I think that big, fat piece of "huge mistake" in the White House is in for quite a ride. Cross your fingers!

  26. I bet these folks had the thought I wish I had a gun!! And I think its time to the great people in the Military and Coast Guard before they don't show up for work IDIOTS!

  27. Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia shut up mr. Trump won get over it and he is doing a great job he could do a lot more if the hard-headed Democrats would get out of the way

  28. It was in 2009 that I met a doctor from Syria studying in Los Angeles. I told him I'd always been fascinated with Mid East cities like Beirut and Damascus, but that I was uncertain for my safety. I will never forget what he told me "Damascus is perfectly safe. You'll have a great time." I think about his words every time I see the war in Syria.

  29. America America God shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. A call to unity my fellow Americans. It’s time for America to get back to work. Love you all!

  30. Re: Terrorist Attack in Kenya, Why is it that U.S. reporters always mention the fear that Americans may have been among the victims? In a tragedy, why is one life more noteworthy than another? 14 lives were lost. That’s the tragedy. I don’t care how each of their passports identified their nationality.

  31. That is the 2nd person run over by a car driven by a thief of late! WTF is wrong with people? What is it with young men? I think we need to fund for all young males to go skydiving b/c that will fulfill their urges for adrenaline and MAYBE just not be so destructive. I think the Gillette ad was great and it's a conversation that needs to happen in this country. It's our young men who are doing damage around the world, to people and the planet, when they join the military. It's no wonder that veterans are committing suicide after what they've been made to do, when all MOST wanted was an education! A lot of young men who want to be in the military, and then fail for some reason, often go on to commit crimes. One such young male just was arrested in N. Wisconsin after kidnapping Jayme Closs. It's these rural religious guys who think they are entitled to women, or a wife, b/c that's what religion tell them! These guys also join law enforcement in greater numbers.

  32. I'm not so sure I buy that the mom didn't realize a car door was open while driving. You would hear that, unless the stereo was up very loud.

  33. If two FBI agents who personally didn't like Trump, but could remain impartial, were fired for some texts; then this guy who has publicly criticized the investigation is also biased and cannot be confirmed. Same standards here Congress! It's not just about Mueller, it's about a lot more than that!

  34. Imagine all the people, of the USA, who work, not going to work, school, etc. for three days of each week, in protest of the shutdown, health care, gun control policies, campaign lobbyists, consumer bank policies, education, and climate change, until government realizes that The People, have spoken, and not this elected government that does not care about American citizens, rather, there own pockets.

    I still don't understand why, if trump is such a bad president, putting American people's lives at risk and breaking the oath of office of the Presidency of the United States, which he affirmed that he will, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, has not been removed from office!

    If there is this 'collective strike', that would be for removing the entire trump administration, this would be one of the best things in history!

  35. Loan companies all over the country have offered no interest loans, only 10 k fed workers have applied for unemployment? More sad news stories then facts

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