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  1. They gave the election to the Republicans as soon as they all raised their hands for free healthcare for illegals. 🤦‍♂️

  2. I find it insane how bad the news are. They seriously just ask random people about the debates. No data, polls, experts or anything. Reminds me of a nyt article about the chinese moon project in which the had "a lady in a cafe in beijing" as only source about how chinese people felt about it. How is this even considered news?


  4. Oh, McKenzie, why were you allured to this psycho? Poor baby, teach your children to be safe!! Do not go and meet with strangers……………………!

  5. I'm absolutely for totally free healthcare for all illegal invaders in our prisons. Quarantine, diagnosis, treatment, serve 10 years, and go back where they came from.
    Free healthcare, room and board for every illegal immigrant, invader, terrorist, undocumented slave laborer and their "employers" for a minimum of ten years, before being forcibly repatriated or executed.

  6. Can't we have more diversity. Not enough raping, murdering, cannibalistic "immigrants" to vote for baby-killing, raping, murdering pedophillic Democrats.
    Bring in more, preferably with AIDS and Ebola. Syphilis, malaria, schistosomiasis, cholera, etc. that's "depth and diversity".

  7. Chuck and miss calalu ,already got there choice, only two ,the rest ,are standing by,all together Trump will sweep, U.S. , dress of red

  8. How many times has Biden tried and FAILED to win the Presidency? We don't need another Hillary Clinton. Fall back sir, and let someone new try (where he's going to fail again).


  10. Why didn’t Biden attack Harris back on her jailing parents and black people while he was making legislation to help them? Harris had a bad record as prosecutor, easy to attack.

  11. Yeah trump how about taking care of Americans first flint Michigan is still waiting been 3 years yet you didnt do anything while they was getting poisoned and vets always broke and homeless first responders to world train center 9/11 still ain't got paid

  12. aw c'mon, sure blame a guy for something that happened 50 years ago, I was bussed too, and segregation is smart, all those angry parents with rocks at our school bus, girl please…I could see if she asked for an apology for the touchin some lady, but this made him look alil like Trump and we dont have to ask MAGA hat wearers why they want to re elect im. You helped Biden look like Trump and that's exactly how Trump got a following after cheating to get in.
    dont be an angry Black woman on the podium, dont freakin play the race card either,..If Biden goes soft, you might just be strong enough to win whites. Be cool, and be for ALL PEOPLE!!
    we may need you.


  14. Just a seemingly overlooked detail from the 70’s in LA: if you’re not aware, the schools kids were being bused to were neither “Hollywood Hills White Upper Class” or clean modern free from gangland violence! Even after the famous strike in the 80’s (which was about teachers demanding more control, and a minuscule raise, later negated) LA Unified remains one of the largest and (although arguably wealthiest, the overcrowded classrooms students and teachers don’t see that) fundamentally flawed districts in the nation, and it has nothing to do with the ethnicity or income or address of the students. These candidates should be talking about the state of our public educational system, not blaming anyone for the past failed “remedies.” But the questions weren’t really pointing at realistic issues. My point: busing was a bandaid, but miraculously, the kids survived and thrived, so to speak.

  15. I've said it many of times, if, Kamala Harris was more in the center with her views she would be the front runner, but sadly she stuck way out in the left field and will never be a serious contender.

  16. Karmala Harris lied. She went to school in Montreal. No Equal Rights Act as it will hurt women in sports as it allows Trans female (who are really MEN) compete w bio women. Why are we pandering to such a small part of pop. They are pushing this crap in grammar schools which will cause a backlash. And no healthcare for illegals, please! Someone should tell Rep Castro that Trans Female can't have babies and don't need abortions. What a bunch of clowns, speaking Spanish as a presidential is un-American. It's the Dems fault that people are risking their lives bc the dems off free everything. what can a 13 yr old do in the US.

  17. What would republicans do with undocumented people? Leave them to die on the hospital floor? Oh wait, they do that with citizens as well.

  18. I don't get the bussing thing – why couldn't they just make black schools better? I remember being worried I would be bussed. It's a nuts solution.

  19. Biggest BSer Kamala Harris. If black folks had figured out desegregation and busing were worst things that happened to blacks. As I recall not all parents black or white was happy about their children being bused so far from home.

  20. How low does the USA want to go? Even the reporting on this – is outrageous. 13 year old migrant? what about 13 year old girl or boy? It may as well say – 13 year old pesky migrant. Imagine there's no countries.

  21. Im a liberal but i can't understand why i should pay for the health care of an illegal alien.. We can't afford it!!!!!Democrats always have to screw up a great idea… Republicans are going to jump on this all day

  22. Why should anyone see Biden’s face? He’s a prop hole /perverts no news station should show these type of msm on the news or talk about them. Harris is ahead of the game.

  23. Harris atacking Biden was totally out of line. She proved to me she is more about her ego than a true leader, which is what we need. Pathhetic.

  24. Everyone wants to run to the U.S the problem is there are barely enough resources as it is for the people who are already here. We can't take care of others when we aren't even taking care of ourselves

  25. Joe Biden will be the next president after Trump. It's already set up for them to win anyways so why even vote!

  26. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA emotional plea that has nothing to do with anything just to gain empathy votes I sHouLD be PreSidEnt BeCaUse I mAde A FAke StOrY abOUt WHEn I wAs A KId. I hope you guys see how pandering and ridiculous they are and that is what you look like. Cheers.

  27. 5:20 "attack from Harris"???? Such loaded language! When black women are competitive and compete will it is perceived as aggressive and described in negative ways. There are a ton of neutral phrases that could have described her rather than ATTACK.

  28. democrats are nothing more than a modern Hitler regime take from us and spread it between you and your party how disgusting can you be, fyi my family is Austrian and escaped Hitler's rath, you f'n pigs

  29. Please be aware that The interest on the money that the United States owes around the world is one million dollars a minute. We help people all over the world yet many here in the United States are living in poverty and distress. We don't need to make America great again. The international corporations and the big money guys stick their money in offshore banks were we receive no investment benefits. At the same time, the working classes have to work two or three jobs to provide a decent standard of living for their family. In addition, The working classes pay into social security to provide welfare for the aged and It is unbelievable that the super rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. Furthermore the Congress keeps taking money from Social Security and military funds to reward their campaign contributors in order to get reelected because of the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. We cannot continue on this path of self destruction. #WakeUpAmerica Working classes! We are being robbed of our economic freedom. We need a level playing field in American politics. #Together We can turn this horrible situation around. We must have a government accountable to the people it represents Not Wall Street and the international super rich bosses. This is why I am supporting Bernie Sanders for president. Our Revolution Must continue or we will remain slaves to the international super rich. #Together we can change America for ALL the people again not just the super rich.

  30. Nothing worse than a Hypocrite! Why didn’t Harris as a Prosecutor, go after Priest when they were being accused of molesting children, because they were white’s making the plea to her.

  31. Kamala Harris refuses to call herself what she is; a biracial woman. Her dishonesty should cost her something. Is it any more dishonest to deny her 1/2 white blood than it would be to deny the black 1/2? She's NOT a proud African American woman. She's not PROUD of her true race AT ALL. How PHONY can a person be?

  32. How dumb down many Americans have become. One question… Just one and you would vote for whom because of busing….? Seriously….?!?! Wow…. If one opponent wanted to take away Any one of our constitutional rights would you vote for that person or the other that stood strong Never to infringe on Our Constitutional Rights….? That's a real question.,. Everytime I'd stick by the Man or Woman whom would No matter what… Stand strong on Never Infringe on the Constitutional Rights of All Americans.

  33. Wow! Trump has the audacity to tweet, about taking care of Americans first. There are millions of Americans who need health care but he and his Republican colleagues have done everything to undermine their access to health care. In addition, there are many many homeless families and individuals who are also Americans who need to be taken care of. Trump has not done this. He chose to take care of the rich Americans not the Americans who need it most.

  34. if you cant swiw .. why would you try with out any thing to float on .. it was a way to make a red flag abd up or down steam come across becuase there busy with the dead body in river.. he wad all ready dead… 👈

  35. What would happen in a real life situation when women get all emotional would that emotion lead us into another War

  36. America #LETHARRISPROSECUTETHECASE – Let her put Trump on defense and be forced to come up with the goods. Harris is used to tough opponents in the courtroom and can battle toe to toe with Trump and outsmart and has way more stamina than him

  37. This is nothing but entertainment. They don't work for us.they work for lobbyists and donors. Harris s about herself. She's running for president and crying to the Sheep. About taking a bus.
    She comes from a family who's very well educated. This is all bull crap. Librals telling all Librals you don't have to pay for anything its Free.

  38. biden? the 'front runner'?
    why is biden even running?

    here is biden against bussing

  39. biden? the 'front runner'?
    why is biden even running?

    here is biden against bussing

  40. Give it up, Biden. Most Americans loathe you. You will never, ever win the POTUS race. Ain't gonna happen, dummy!

  41. lester halt.. stirring the pot.. it was not an attack on biden my Harris, it was Harris pointing out and inconsistency of biden's This si what you should have said.. be honest and stop being misleading! I thought you had an education, good enough to know the difference between an attack and pointing out an inconsistency .

  42. we should start questioning trumps kids & where they were born since im pretty sure their mother isnt AMERICAN!they have balls questioning anyone about birther rights!

  43. 10:25 meanwhile the real criminals and drug smugglers are getting into the country. Stop Cageing Human Beings Mr. BoneSpurs!

  44. I’m gonna be honest. Biden is right. Harris won’t be the one to get the nomination because she always will take it to a racial place. In short, she too is unfortunately a racist. Anyone can be racist. ANYONE!!!

  45. PRESIDENT Trump, You can't Help the Dumb As ! of the World or help them, make them-self look any more dumb ! & you see them over & over again on TV – News Media "Making a Dumb As ! of them-self"

  46. TO All U.S Citizens: Watch how those IDIOTS Bicker and Fight to advance their Political Agendas; And learn the mistakes you made for Voting IDIOTS to work in Government as Servants Of The People… Instead of working for the People; All the IDIOTS do is continue bickering and fighting long after the Election and during working hours wasting the Tax Payers Money being paid to the IDIOT'S Salaries… They are Guilty of Dereliction of Duty…TO ALL You Politicians involved in the above kind of scenarios; If there is still even just a little bit of Human Decency left in you; Please do the U.S. Citizens Tax Payers a Great Favor; RESIGN OR DON'T RUN FOR OFFICE ; YOU IDIOTS AND A 1/2 !!!

  47. TO LGBT'S: Your Father's have over Thousand Sperm Cells on the day you were Conceived; QUESTIONS ? Why did you chose to use the wrong Sperm Cell that will produce the wrong Gender and to compete with the others to Fertilize the Egg in the upper river like the Salmon? Have you ever realized that if you only had step aside and let the others Fertilize that Egg; Your Parents could have had a better child and Earth will have the rightful Gender Humans in Society?? Is Confucius term for LGBT Confucians who are Confused with their own Genders ??? NO OFFENCE; Just asking RIGHTFUL QUESTIONS that needs RIGHTFUL ANSWERS…

  48. Bernie is seriously their best shot. Same as 4 years ago. Why they keep to the same script. It's your turn. It certainly wasn't Trumps turn and he whooped em all. think long and hard Democrats. Run Bernie or bust.

  49. Health care is REAL big among most people but Trump said he would replace the ACA with a much better and cheaper plan for any one who wished to participate. WAIT FOR IT> WAIT FOR IT. yea, never even tried to happen. I won't fall for that lie again.

  50. Doca, I would like to know how many of those people actually went to college and or got jobs and how many are in jail and what for.

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